About Ultralight Backpacking Tent For 2021

Want to carry your camping kit on your own? Then try to save the weight of the must taking stuff for camping. In your backpack, you have to carry shelter, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag.

So you have to reduce the weight of the things that you will carry on your back. To help you in there is some ultralight backpacking tent in the market.

This tent comes with special design, light in weight and easy to carry. Now the question is which one to pick?

In this article, the information will help you to pick the best backpacking tent in the town. Let’s check them out.

Why Choose an Ultralight Tent

Every camper likes to have a light backpack and if you have one than it is a great achievement. When you are going camping with heavy things on your back, it gets tough sometimes.

If you can shed some weight, you will feel the difference in your walking, your energy level and the distance you can cover.

The best way to shred the weight of your backpack is to have the ultralight backpacking tent.


How to Choose The Light Backpacking Tent

The tent has to meet all the requirements to make your camping adventure interesting and stress-free. Moreover, a light tent makes your camping adventure light and fast. The features that a light tent have:


As you go for a tent, you have to check the weight; it is the number one priority. Because it will be on your back. The happy news is, nowadays all the backpacking tents are coming in ultralight weight.

Because everybody knows that how hard it is to carry a heavy bag with large staffs. But not all of them maintains the quality. A tent has to be strong and durable.

Yes, there are three types of weight- trail weight, packed weight and flyweight. You have to know the differences.

Trail weight is checked in the body, fly and pole weight. This doesn’t include the stuff sack, guy lines, and stakes. The packed weight is the weight of the full tent weight. Flyweight is included in footprint, fly, and poles.


Another main thing you have to check out is the material of the tent. This makes the tent protective and weather resistant.

The things about the material you have to check are:

  • Denier: this is the measurement of fiber thickness. The higher the denier gets, the material is that much strong.
  • Types of Material: Among all the materials, nylon is the lightest one. Most of the tents come with nylon material. There is also one material that is Dyneema which makes the tent strongest, thinnest and lightest. But the material is expensive.
  • Waterproof and Coating:  The millimeter specification of the tent indicates coating type. This helps to understand the waterproof ability of the tent fabric.

   Freestanding vs. Non-Freestanding

You will not need guy lines or stakes to set up a freestanding tent. This tent is for the solid rock ground. It is best because the tent doesn’t blow away and waterproof.

   Doors and Entrances

In a single tent if you have two people to sleep than take two doors tent. You can use vestibules because they can be used whenever you need to. It will be more comfortable to if there is two vestibules and two doors.

Having separate entrances is plus point. All these features help your tent mates to go out without out disturbing others.

You can also have enough space to keep your things in the tent. For this benefits, many campers like tents with two doors and two vestibules.

Camping tips

   Inner Height

It is required because you have to stand in the tent for many reasons. You can get in and out easily if the interior height is spacious. You can easily stand in the tent if the height is tall.

If you have group than take a taller tent. This will keep you gangs well fit in the tent. You can dance in the tent if storm is happening out there and you can’t go out.

   Inner Space

Light backpacking tent tries to keep the weightless by keeping the inner space in a limit. This happens by using less material.

The 2 person tent has space for 2 persons who can sleep together and can keep gears, staffs, and backpacks easily in the vestibules.

If you need more space in the tent to use the space for comfort than you have to pick the 3 person tent. But you have to remember the more spacious is the tent; the weight gets heavy.

If you go frequently hiking where you have to walk for miles, then stay with 2 person tent. If you can carry the weight than you can choose any tent that will comfort you.


Light tents don’t need tent poles. But some tents have trekking poles. The poles makes the tent heavy and hard to carry. If you can take the weight than you can take tent with pole.



When you are on a campsite, you will be recognized by your tent. It is the tent that you will use in the camp most.

As tent comes in different design and color, you can pick any color that will work as your identity so that your friends can pick you from any distance.


You don’t have to think that you have to pay a good amount to get a backpacking tent. When you will go to purchase a tent, check out the price list.

If you go camping or hiking a lot, it is better to take a good quality tent, be it a little pricey but it is worth it. If you have a low budget, then you can get a good tent, but they will be a little heavy.


Why are the ultralight tents so popular? Because of their thin and high-quality material. The material may look thin, but they provide a great shelter. If you take care of this tent properly, believe me, you can use this for longer period of time.


Though most of the tents don’t come with a footprint as they consider as unnecessary features. But a footprint is required for its benefit feature.

For this feature, your tent floor will stay durable. The tent that has a footprint keeps a tent protected from any kind of abrasion.

Your tent will last longer and needs less repair. If you really want a long lasting tent than pick a tent with the footprint feature.


A backpacking tent has to protect from all kind of environment situations. That tent that doesn’t do than that tent is worthless and dangerous. So you have to pick the tent that will help you and keep you protected from the warm, dry and wet environment.


For solo hikers who love to travel with light bag fast, a 1 person tent is a great option. But 2 person tent is highly recommended for its interior space and balanced weight. The design of the tent is not lavish but high in quality.

   Season Rating

Among the backpacking tents, the 3-season shelters are the popular one that every hiker like. This tent comes in style and good in quality.

As they are perfect for summer, autumn and spring, you can use it properly. The tent comes with proper ventilation and makes your camping comfortable. Remember they are not made for winter time.

   Buying online

When you are thinking to buy the backpacking tent from online, make sure to check the return policy of the sellers. Check the rules.

Try to return the tent if it has a problem with the time returning condition that is given by the sellers. Pick the one you like, check it, test it and exchange or return if it requires.

There are many campers who picks tents from online. Most of the sellers are trustworthy.

Every pound counts! This is really true about the backpack you will carry. Camping with ultralight backpacking tent is easy and worthy.

In camping tour, we have to carry different things, but this only makes the backpack heavy. If you use a lightweight tent, then all of your heavy stress will go away.

Try to pick a quality and durable tent, trust me you will have your best camping experience ever.

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