Abus Bike Lock Review – Mini Round Shackle U Lock For 2021

If you already lost your bikes several times due to faulty locks issues or always concerning about your bike security, then this content is absolute for you.

Now regarding this issues, Abus comes with sophisticated bike lock technology in town, which will assure 100% lock safety for your bike security. So, keep your bike safe by this safety master and stay relaxed!

Surprisingly, ABUS bike lock covers the complete range of bike security tools such as best-quality U-shackle locks, steel-o-flex and linking cables.

Besides, it includes the lock-chain-combinations and also provides the unique frame locks. As a result, ABUS acts as a perfect bike lock for every situation as well.

In this Abus bike lock review, we will demonstrate all of its significant features, few of its demerits and also find out the reasons why every biker should choose this round Shackle Bordo to lock for their bike privacy. Let’s start!!!

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Super Quality and Reliability

In this abus Bordo bike lock review, we will discuss its excellent durability and reliability with its specific characteristics. Please have a look!


First of all, Abus bike lock is produced by German engineer using 14 mm obdurate steel. Besides, it uses special temper steel which contains high grade for its instruments.

For this reason, it can hold its commitment, quality and it has no compromise on its brand value. So, Abus always provides the best quality for its user’s safety!

The noteworthy matter is that it has extreme corrosion resistance. Besides, the resistant coating and the unique shackle technology makes this U-Lock stronger, which can keep your bike more secure than others.

Another unique feature is that it is lightweight because of its shape and compact design. Besides, it is incredibly strong and durable. Due to its mini size, it can comfortably fit with your bike.

For this reason, you can carry it quickly, and you can keep it in your bag pocket.

Meanwhile, Abus folding lock has premium cylinder defence. As a result, it can protect your bike from lock picking.

Besides, whenever your motorcycle is attacked by the thief, they could not steal your bike quickly, because the cylinder protection can protect the lock keyed mechanism as well.

For this reason, your bike is always protected with this safety master.

At the same time, it is containing two bolting shackles. Interestingly, you will get this bolting mechanism at two places, which provides the original level of protection.

Besides, it does not have any weak point in the armour. As a result, the bike thief could not take any advantages. For this reason, you can quickly travel where you need to go without any stress.

Furthermore, the smooth touch coating always ensures the colour guarantee as well.

Extreme Protection and Minimal Size

From this abus bicycle lock review, we already gather few ideas about its protection. Now we will discuss its size and functions.


Most genuinely, you will get set of locks at the same time with this U-Mini 40 model. Besides, due to its small size, it is easy to carry from one place to another place.

For this reason, you can efficiently use this at your university and city campus. Furthermore, it comes with a double locking feature, which is constructed with hardened steel.

For this reason, it proudly approved by the sold secure and spray tested exam. So, it provides guaranteed security for the riders, and at the same time, it ensures their peace of mind as well.

The great matter is that it achieved 11 level safety rating. For this reason, It is a must-have equipment’s for the bike riders in the theft risk regions which suggested by the local police, also makes it pride.

The tempered steel, double bolting feature and cylinder technology give this lock ultra-esteem.

What’s more? This Abus folding lock review also let you know about its double lock features. So, turn your eyes below!

There is no arguing about its high quality. Its 14 mm hardened steel works excellent with the unique shackle technology, which provides more security.

At the same time, it has extreme torsion resistance. As a result, this bike locker is different from other brands, which offers absolute protection.

In this abus bike lock review, we also mentioned its size and security. The most convenient fact is that it is only 5.5 inches wide.

At the same time, it is lightweight, measuring 980 grams. For this reason, this ting lock is fit into your back pocket.

Abus Bike Lock Features and Specifications

  • It provides only 5 mm bars
  • It includes extra-smooth double-component casing to protect damage.
  • Its whole body is built with tempered, hardened steel.
  • Bars are joined with rivets.
  • Esteem level cylinder technology conforms to maximum security against affected manipulation. For instance picking
  • Outstanding security provider, especially for theft risks regions.
  • Ideal for protecting expensive bicycles.
  • It has a longer chain, for this reason, it is easier to lock the cycle with the fixed object as well.
  • The practical case, it is convenient to carry from one place to another place.
  • Provides mounting options.
  • It has Anti-slip Velcro whips and screws binding onto the bottle grasp.
  • It is the most excellent combination of power, containing flexibility, lightweight and compactness.
  • Ultimate durable.
  • 5.5 mm steel with extra 2-components coating, which is responsible for protecting the damage of the bicycle’s paintwork.
  • Offers Color-matching cover, which is made with silicon.
  • For the body lock, it uses soft touch features.
  • Link construction provides compact folding.
  • Protection-Shield delivers high saw security.
  • The whole equipment’s, such as bars, links, and the case is made of special steel.
  • Get two keys with the lock, especially one is LED-lighted.
  • Also get Code Card for further any replacement key.

Customer Reviews and Score

Probably the first positive side for the customers is, it has 11 security levels, which is recommended for medium range risk situations.

At the same time, the sold secure promotes it as the medium level security provider and also gave it prestigious Silver Star.

But you have to remember that, all of the folding locks are not so much reliable as U-locks due to its thinner shackles.

But it is not a big issue, and finally, most of the customers are relying on this extreme level security lock.

Probably the second positive side for the customer is, it comes from the German brand. You may know that they are the world’s famous well-regarded bike lock manufacturer and Abus is the premier folding bike lock in their queue.

Besides, you can also keep it along with your belt and bag. Moreover, it always gives hassle-free fun of mind. Surprisingly, it has the ergonomic shape, which provides easy handling.

Finally, it can protect paintwork damage with the help of soft-touch different housing cover as well. It is also famous for its resist corrosion.

It also designed regarding the effect of temperature and shock. For this reason, it is preferable for the fancy customers for securing their expensive bikes.

However, it has lots of advantages, but this safety master also has some faults. The first issue is about its weight. Few customers argue that it is quite heavy and its pricing range is quite high than others. Otherwise, it seems right for all of its unique features.

How to Use Abus Bike Lock?

Q: How to choose the right bolt and what is it using procedures?

Answer: Of course, the individual reasons are fundamental here. Sometimes, it depends upon your biking price as you how much money you can afford to spend.

If you maintain three procedure then hopefully you can easily find out which bike lock is suitable for you. First of all, choose the best level of security. Secondly, select the best type of lock.

And finally, find out the best lock brands. For this reason, we will recommend you to choose abus bike lock because it has included all of this combinations.

All of the best brands provides user manuals. As a result, you will get the overall procedures about its using method and its maintenance steps as well.

In this case, we again recommend you Abus folding bike lock for its best user manual and its best keys.

Q: How can I know how secure a lock is and how to measure?

Answer: Frankly speaking, all brands bike locks are so much durable and unbreakable. The bike locks only can buy some time from the thieves. But remember, if the thief gets much time and has a perfect tool, they can easily steal your bike.

For this reason, it matters how accurate your lock is and how much time it can survive with the thieves. Please note that the Abus bike lock is hardy and it can withstand more time with the thieves. Besides, it can perform well against the thieves bolt cutter tools.


Finally, you get the pros and cons about this high security folding lock from this Abus bike lock review.

All of its significant features and unique design make this fancy bike lock innovative than other bike safety lock.

So, protect your bike with this high-security provider and stay happy.

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