Top 10 Most Beautiful Fish in The World

It has been calculated that almost 3rd part of the earth surface’s is covered by oceans. There are millions of species in the oceans and fish is always been one of the most interesting and charming species among of them. They are stirring because of their colorful patterns and charming appearances. Here we will discuss the top 10 most beautiful fish on the earth.


Mandarin fish are the most beautiful fish among all the species of fish. It is very colorful and charming in every aspect. It dwells on the Indian and Pacific region. Their body is a mixture of blue-green color and their beautiful tail is the reddish type. Their body comprised of light reflecting cells. Mandarin fish also called Mandarin Dragonet. They generally belong to dragonet family. They usually dwell on inshore reefs and shallow protected lagoons.

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Apart from its charm, Mandarin fish is also one of the most peaceful and active swimming fishes for the aquarium. They eat creatures like small worms, protozoans for their survival. They are a very shy type and always try to avoid heavy light. Their normal lifespan is about 10 to 15 years. Mandarin fish are saltwater fish and very popular aquarium fish.

Ocellaris Clownfish

The ocellaris clownfish is one of the most attractive and sumptuous fishes in the world. It is also known as common clownfish. It is a marine fish and it belongs to Pomacentridae family. They can found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They can rarely be seen in Southeast Asia and Japan too. They found generally on coral reefs. They look alike butterfly. Their whole body covered with orange colors and there are different white bars in it.

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They can grow up to 11cm highest. All clownfish generally born as a male, but they convert to female after reaching maturity stage. Clownfish are an infamous fish due to its popular culture presence. Hollywood blockbuster ‘’Finding Nemo’’ is based on this multicolored, beautiful, charming fish.

Banggai Cardinalfish

The Banggai cardinalfish is a small tropical fish and it is very popular for aquarium trade due to its extraordinary attractiveness. This fish has an exceedingly limited fish and it is branded as one of the endangered fish species in the world. Banggai cardinalfish is an endemic fish of the Banggai islands of Indonesia. They dwell in the shallow water of that island.They are very peaceful and charming, and that’s why they are much popular among fishkeepers for their aquarium.

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They are very small in size. They can grow 8cm highest in length. Their body consists of a beautiful pattern of black colors and white bars. They usually eat small planktons and copepods for their survival.

Blueface Angel Fish

The adult blue-face fish is generally called as Blue-face Angelfish. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and enchanting fish in the globe. With its sparkling color and impressive appearance, it can be easily a fascinating addition to the tank. The whole body is consorting with yellow colors with a beautiful blue cover. They inhabit in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They can grow highest at 14 inches in length.

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The blue-face angelfish is a robust fish. It feeds on a variety of foods like encrusting animals, shrimps, squids to survive. Their general lifespan is approximately 10 years.

French Angel Fish

The French angelfish is one of the most handsome, gentle and charming fish with an attractive personality. The juvenile version of this fish is much entrancing than its full grown version. It can be found in Caribbean seas, western Atlantic from New York City, USA and also in the Gulf of Mexico. It can be grown 41cm highest in length. They have an attractive mouth with the blackish body. There are also yellow bars around their body.

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They usually dwell in reef systems and rock bottoms of the oceans. They mainly eat sponges to survive.


Triggerfish is one of the brightly colored and handsome fish around the world. They dwell in tropical and sub-tropical oceans of Indian and Pacific regions. They possess an oval-shaped body and they can reach up to 3.3 feet long. They have very strong teeth in front of their mouth, which is helpful to catch its victims so easy. They have different types of colors in their different types of body parts.

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Most of the triggerfish is generally found in coral reefs, shallow waters.

Moorish Idol

Moorish idol is one of the smallest marine fish species in the earth. They usually dwell in tropical and sub-tropical reefs and lagoons. It can be found in the Indian and Pacific oceans. This fish is the indweller of shallow waters. These species has black, yellow and white ribbons in their body parts. They usually spend lots of their time in surfacing around the ocean. They mainly eat sponges, coral polyps, tunicates for their survival.

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Symphysodon Discus 

Symphysodon fish is one of the interesting types of freshwater aquarium fish around the globe. They are infamous for their interesting behavior. They generally show their distinctive behavior in different moods. Sometimes they called pompadour fish. This species generally inhabits in the Amazon river basin in South America. They can be found in different colors such as blue, green, reddish and golden colors. They usually travel in groups.

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Pterois, also known as Lionfish, is one of the most attractive fish in the world. They usually dwell in the Indian and Pacific oceans. They are also known as turkey-fish and firefish. They can grow 5 to 45cm in length. They are infamous not only for their flamboyant beauty but also for their voracious and poisonous spine. 

They possess different types of stripes, which helps them to defend themselves against potential enemy attack. They hugely used aquarium display in many countries.

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Lyretail Anthias  

Lyretail Anthias is one of the enchanting marine fish in the world. They can be found in the Indo-Pacific regions. They have an interesting matter. They all born as female and converts in male after reaching maturity stage. They found in gold, pink and blue colors. They usually survive by eating coral and planktons.Fish are one of the most beautiful and interesting species.

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We can eat them and we can also keep them in our aquariums for pleasure. Fish is such a unique species given by God.

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