10 Best Camping Hammocks in 2021 – Recommended By Experts

When you’re out camping, how do you sleep? If you answered “in a sleeping bag, on the ground,” then we have to ask, is that comfortable for you? While many campers like sleeping in a tent, the reality is that spending your nights on rough terrain can be terrible for your back and leave you feeling sore in the morning.

Instead, why not try sleeping in a hammock? This way, you are elevated off the ground, and you can sleep far more comfortably. In fact, many campers prefer to sleep this way as it helps them feel more rested and can provide a much better experience overall.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at ten of the best camping hammocks you can find, as well as see what features and benefits you should pay attention to when making a decision. If you’ve never tried camping with a hammock before, now is the perfect time to start.

How to Choose a Best Camping Hammock


The first thing about a camping hammock is that you have to make sure it is durable enough to carry your weight without any problems. For the most part, hammocks are made with either nylon or polyester, or some combination of the two. Both of these materials are super strong and can withstand most environments, and best of all they are breathable and easy to clean.

The other thing to pay attention to concerning material is the stitching. The stronger the stitch, the less likely that it will tear or rip over time.


While most hammocks are not that heavy, where you do have to pay attention to the weight is if you are planning on taking it camping for a multi-day trip. Since space is valuable in your pack, you want to get a hammock that takes up as little room as possible without losing any durability or comfort.

Usually, hammocks will weigh about a pound or less, so find one that fits your needs. If you are planning on setting it up for a day trip or in your backyard, however, then weight won’t make much of a difference in the end.


To help make sure that your hammock experience is as enjoyable as possible, you want to make sure that it is the right size to fit your body type. There are two things to pay attention to here, which are the dimensions of the hammock itself and how much weight it can hold.

The length and width of the design will be hugely important in determining if you can fit comfortably inside, as well as if you can maneuver around and switch positions. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you have to take off about a foot on either end as the points will be too narrow to hold your body adequately. So, for example, if a hammock is nine feet long then it will provide roughly seven feet of usable space.

As for weight retention, you want to get something that is rated for more than your body weight to ensure that it will be extra strong and won’t wear down faster. Some hammocks are even designed to carry two people, meaning that they can hold up to four or six hundred pounds.

If you are getting a double-wide hammock, however, keep in mind that if you use it for yourself, then it will wrap around your body much more than normal, turning it into a cocoon. Thus, if you are a bit claustrophobic, you might want to get a narrower model that won’t envelop you so easily.

Added Features

Although the basic shape and design of a hammock are straightforward and simple, there are plenty of extra bonuses that you can get to make your experience more enjoyable overall. Here are some common features that you can find with camping hammocks if you want to get the most out of your purchase.


If you plan on spending the night in your hammock or want to travel for multiple days, it will be imperative that you get a rainfly. Even if you don’t expect any rain during your travels, having this addition to your hammock will provide some extra shelter and can keep you warmer by blocking out the wind as well. Many models do not include a rainfly, however, so you might have to order it separately.

Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net

Much like a rainfly can help protect you from the elements, a high-quality mosquito net will make sure that you don’t wake up with all kinds of bug bites all over your body. This add-on is especially necessary if you plan on camping out during the summer, as mosquitos love to feast on blood in warmer weather.

Gear pouch

While you can keep your backpack with you in a hammock, it can be nice to have a gear bag handy as well. That way, you can keep your essential items close to you without having to dig through your pack every time you need something. In many cases, though, the stuff sack that comes with the hammock will double as a gear bag. For extra convenience, however, you will want something that stays on the inside of the hammock rather than the outside.

Recommended 10 Best Camping Hammocks Review

1. Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series

While sleeping in a hammock can be so much more comfortable than being on the ground, that does mean that you have to forgo the protection of a tent surrounding you, meaning that you are more exposed to the elements.

Fortunately, with the Expedition Series from Hennessy Hammock, you don’t have to worry about that at all.


Along with the basic design, this particular model comes with a rain cover and a mosquito net to help keep you protected from the weather and the various insects that will try to eat you alive. Whether you’re going on a single or multi-night trip, having these extra components will make your experience much more enjoyable.

As far as durability goes, this model uses 210D Oxford Nylon for the base structure and 70D polyurethane polyester for the rainfly. That allows it to carry upwards of 250 pounds, which is more than enough for one person up to six feet tall.

The other thing we like about this hammock is that it is specifically designed not to tip or roll over, making it much safer and more comfortable than the competition. Also, it comes with everything you need to get set up in the trees, which makes the total package.


  • Two-piece system with rainfly cover
  • Hammock is made with 210D Oxford nylon
  • Rainfly is made with 70D polyurethane coated polyester
  • Total package weighs just over two pounds
  • Ten-foot suspension ropes tested at 1600 pounds
  • Can hold up to 250 pounds
  • Ideal for anyone up to six feet tall
  • Asymmetrical side zipper for convenience
  • Webbing straps protect tree bark
  • “Never-tip” center balanced design
  • Mosquito netting included
  • Stuff sack provided for easy transportation
  • Mesh gear pocket on the inside


  • Rainfly might not cover the entire hammock
  • Can be tricky to get in and out for some users
  • In rare cases, it might not arrive with all components

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2. Grand Trunk Double Parachute Hammock

Grand Trunk Double Parachute Hammock

When looking at different hammocks, you will see that some of them are designed to carry either one person or two.

In this case, the Double Parachute Hammock by Grand Trunk works either way, as the durable nylon material is built to carry upwards of four hundred pounds.


What we like about this hammock is that it is extra long and wide, making it ideal for larger users and couples alike. While it can be too wide for one person when sleeping, it is perfect for relaxing and sitting under the sun.

With 100% parachute nylon and triple stitching, this hammock is guaranteed to stay strong and will last far longer than most other models. While it is a bit bulkier than other models, weighing in at 28 ounces, it shouldn’t be too much to be a deal breaker, unless you are going on a weeklong excursion and need to be as space-saving as possible.

The other thing that we appreciate is that this hammock comes with everything you need, including rope and harnesses to get hung up in a few minutes time.


  • Durable 100% parachute nylon material
  • Two person capacity
  • Can hold up to four hundred pounds
  • Lightweight pack weighs 28 ounces
  • 10.5 feet long and 6.5 feet wide
  • Stuff sack included for easy transport
  • Triple stitching for better durability
  • Comes with all parts needed to get hanging in minutes


  • Might be cramped for two people
  • Setup might be tricky for some users
  • Larger than other models

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3. Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock

Eagles Nest Outfitters - DoubleNest Hammock

As far as hammock makers go, Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) is one of the most respected and well-known brands out there. While these models are a bit pricier than the competition, you’re getting the highest quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Overall, ENO hammocks are perfect for the great outdoors, whether you plan on a day, weekend, or multi-day excursion.


When it comes to durability, this model is made with high tensile 70D nylon and uses triple interlock stitching to ensure that it stays in shape for as long as possible. Also, because it’s a double-wide model, it is rated to hold up to four hundred pounds.

As far as dimensions go, this hammock is nine feet long and six feet wide, which means that taller users (over 6.5 feet) may feel a bit cramped, but everyone else should be perfectly okay. This hammock comes with nautical grade lines to help you tie to the tree, but doesn’t include suspension straps, which means you have to buy them separately.


  • Durable 70D high-strength nylon
  • Triple interlock stitching for durability
  • Holds up to four hundred pounds
  • Stuff sack included for easy transportation
  • Nautical-grade lines for added stability
  • Lightweight hammock is only 19 ounces
  • Nine feet long and six feet wide


  • Suspension straps are sold separately
  • In rare cases, the hammock may arrive with damage
  • Not ideal for larger people

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4. Eagles Nest Outfitters – SingleNest Hammock

Eagles Nest Outfitters - SingleNest Hammock

We’ve already seen the DoubleNest version from ENO, but here we have the single unit for those who like to sleep alone.

As we mentioned above, this brand is one of the best in the business, so you know that you’re getting high-quality construction and long-lasting performance.


Although this is a SingleNest Hammock, it can hold up to four hundred pounds, meaning that you can have two people on it at once. However, at only 4.5 feet wide, we don’t recommend having to people sleep side by side in this hammock, unless you want to get real cozy with each other. As for length, this unit is just over nine feet tall, which makes it ideal for most users, unless you’re pushing past 6’ 5”.

To help you get started, this hammock comes with carabiners and tie lines, although support ropes are sold separately. Best of all, once you’ve packed the hammock into the stuff sack, the whole thing weighs sixteen ounces, meaning that it shouldn’t take up much room in your bag.


  • Durable 70D heavy-duty nylon construction
  • Triple-stitched seams for extra strength
  • Holds up to four hundred pounds
  • Ideal for one or two people
  • Carabiners and tie lines included
  • Weighs only sixteen ounces
  • 9.3 feet long and 4.5 feet wide
  • Stuff sack included for easy transport


  • Suspension straps are sold separately
  • Can be tricky to get in and out
  • Might be a bit claustrophobic for some users
  • Not ideal for taller users

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5. Hammock Bliss Double – Extra Large Parachute Camping Hammock

Hammock Bliss Double - Extra Large Parachute Camping Hammock

Next, we have another double-wide hammock model that is perfect for one or two people to use at a time.

The size and material of this particular model make it ideal for any situation and the fact that it’s easy to clean and maintain means that you can use this product for years to come.


The Hammock Bliss Double is made with 100% parachute nylon material and can hold up to 350 pounds. While not as strong as other double hammocks, it still should be big enough to carry a couple as long as you don’t push or cross that threshold. As for dimensions, this hammock measures over nine feet long and almost seven feet wide, which means that if you do wind up using it for yourself, it can get a little claustrophobic as the fabric will wrap around your whole body.

What we like about this particular model is that it is machine washable and dryable, making it super easy to maintain. Most other hammocks require you to clean them by hand, which means that it can be a pain to take care of on a regular basis. We also like that this hammock conforms to your body so as to reduce pressure points and give you a more comfortable night’s sleep.


  • Durable 100% parachute nylon material
  • Soft and breathable
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Lightweight design is only 21 ounces
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Extra wide and extra long for better comfort
  • Stuff sack included for easier transport
  • Gear bag attached
  • Holds up to 350 pounds
  • Over nine feet long and almost seven feet wide
  • Conforms to your body to avoid pressure points


  • Might be uncomfortable for larger users
  • Ropes are not as long as other models and can be limiting
  • Can be claustrophobic for some people

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6. Hammock Bliss Ultralight

Hammock Bliss Ultralight

Next, we have the Ultralight model from Hammock Bliss. As far as compact hammocks go, this is one of our favorite because it is so easy to maintain and is much stronger than most of the competition.

The hammock is made with high-quality parachute nylon that is soft, breathable, and mildew-resistant. Best of all, it is machine washable and dryable, meaning that it is relatively low maintenance.


Along with the hammock itself, you get carabiners and tying rope to get set up quickly and easily, and it comes with a stuff sack that can be used for gear when opened. As far as dimensions go, this model is almost eight feet long and 4.5 feet wide, meaning that it’s more for shorter users than tall ones. Also, it can hold up to 350 pounds, meaning you can have up to two people sitting on it at once.


  • Durable parachute nylon material
  • Soft and breathable
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • 80 inches of tying rope included
  • Stuff sack for easy transportation
  • Can be used for gear when hanging
  • Weighs only thirteen ounces
  • Measures almost eight feet long by 4.5 feet wide
  • Holds up to 350 pounds


  • Rope is limited in size
  • Not long enough for tall users
  • In rare cases, it might rip in half

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7. Byer The Traveller Lite Hammock

Byer The Traveller Lite Hammock

Next, we have another lightweight hammock that is built for quick trips and relaxation more than heavy duty camping.

At ten ounces, the size of this unit is impressive, but we only wish that there were more features included with it.


The Traveller Lite is made with parachute polyester and can hold up to 250 pounds, making it a durable and viable option for single campers everywhere. Also, at 8.8 feet long by 4.5 feet wide, it is ideal for most users up to about six feet. Overall, this is a light and easy to maintain hammock that is perfect for your backyard or the woods.


  • Durable parachute polyester construction
  • Weighs only ten ounces
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • 8.8 feet long and 4.5 feet wide
  • Stuff sack included for easy transport


  • Not ideal for larger users
  • No ropes provided
  • Can be difficult to balance on it

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8. Grand Trunk Nano Hammock

Grand Trunk Nano Hammock

While not as well-known as ENO, Grand Trunk is another respected hammock brand that makes some incredible products for campers.

Best of all, the price point for these models is much more affordable, and you don’t get much reduction in quality, meaning that these can be a cost-effective solution for many campers out there.


When it comes to durability, this Nano Hammock uses ripstop nylon and triple stitched seams to provide as much strength as possible. What’s even more incredible about this hammock, though, is that even with such high-grade materials the whole things weighs just under seven ounces, making it the lightest model on the market.

And, to top it all off, the Nano can hold up to 300 pounds, which is impressive given the weight of the material. Finally, the measurements of this hammock are nine feet by four feet, making it ideal for a single user, unless you’re exceptionally tall.


  • Durable ripstop nylon construction
  • Measures nine feet by four feet
  • Includes carabiners
  • Stuff sack provided for easy transport
  • Use bag as a gear pocket when opened
  • Triple-stitched seams for added strength
  • Lightweight design weighs only seven ounces
  • Holds up to three hundred pounds


  • Not ideal for larger users
  • No ropes provided
  • In rare cases, the hammock might rip in half suddenly

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9. Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

While the Nano is certainly the lightest hammock we’ve seen, Grand Trunk is well known for making products that defy expectations.

Ironically, however, the Ultralight Hammock is still not as compact as the Nano, meaning that it’s a bit of a misnomer, but we can let that slide.


What we like about this hammock is that it comes with high-grade polyester and triple stitched seams and that the material is machine washable and dryable. Cleaning hammocks is always such a pain, so it’s nice to know that we can simply throw this in the wash after our latest excursion.

The only major issue we have with the Ultralight is that it can only carry two hundred pounds, which is not quite enough in our book. Assuming that you will be sleeping in this thing with gear by your side, you have to be rather small to avoid crossing that threshold. Nonetheless, if you are light enough, then you will get a lot out of this hammock.


  • Durable polyester material
  • Triple-stitched seams for added strength
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Stainless steel S-hooks included
  • Lightweight design weighs twelve ounces
  • Holds up to two hundred pounds
  • Stuff sack included for easy transport
  • Quick-dry design


  • Not ideal for large users
  • No ropes provided
  • In rare cases, the hammock may split in half

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10. Double Camping Hammock

Double Camping Hammock

Last, but certainly not least, we come to the ultimate double hammock you can find.

While other models usually hold up to four hundred pounds, this particular unit can support up to 660 lbs, making it one of the most robust and reliable hammocks on the market.


One of the best things we like about this model is that it will conform to your bodies, making your sleep much more comfortable, and it comes with ropes and carabiners to get you set up in no time. As far as measurements go, this hammock is almost ten feet long and nearly seven feet wide, which is more than enough room for most users, even for the big and tall.


  • Durable parachute nylon construction
  • Heavy duty ropes and carabiners included
  • Holds up to 660 pounds
  • Ideal for one or two people
  • Conforms to your body for added comfort
  • Measures 9.7 feet long and 6.8 feet wide
  • Stuff sack included for easy transport


  • Can be claustrophobic for some users
  • In rare cases, the material may start to rip
  • Can be a pain to clean

Final Verdict

After comparing these best camping hammock models, we have to say that our top two picks would easily be the Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series and the ENO Single Nest models. We like that the Hennessy version comes with a rainfly and mosquito net and is perfectly balanced, and we love the durability and reliability of the ENO Single Nest. Each of these hammocks will work in various situations, but most of them are designed for day trips or lounging around the backyard. These two, on the other hand, will last for multi-day camping trips and beyond.

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