10 Best Camping Table For 2021 To Make Camping Comfy!

If you’re the type of person that does a lot of camping, then you’re going to want to make sure that you have all of the accessories you need, including one of the better camping tables to fit all of your needs. Below, you’ll find out exactly what you need in order to pick out the best camping table and you can follow the product recommendation to pick out the best one to fit your needs!

10 Best Camping Table Comparisons


Product Name

Material Type


Check Price

Camp Chef Sherpa Table Camp Chef Sherpa Table Aluminum Brick Check Latest Price
ALPS Mountaineering Table ALPS Mountaineering Table Aluminium Silver Check Latest Price
KingCamp Folding KingCamp Folding  Steel Silver Black
GCI Outdoor Slim Fold GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Aluminum Silver and Black Check Latest Price
Camp Time, Roll-a-Table Camp Time, Roll-a-Table Wood Blue Check Latest Price
Kamp-Rite Kwik Set Table Kamp-Rite Kwik Set Table Aluminum Silver Check Latest Price
Camco 57293 Deluxe Camco 57293 Deluxe  Steel Silver Check Latest Price
Tailgating Collapsible Folding Tailgating Collapsible Folding  Tensions straps Black Check Latest Price
GSI Outdoors Micro Table GSI Outdoors Micro Table Aluminium Silver
Coleman Outdoor Compact Coleman Outdoor Compact Metal Silver Check Latest Price

Things To Consider for Best Camping Table


When it comes to just about anything having to do with camping, hiking or any other outdoor activity, you want to strongly consider the weight of the product because it can determine how easy it is to carry the product with you on your own.

If you try and find something that is too heavy, you’re going to have a very difficult time bringing it with you to all of your places. Try to find something that is heavy enough to be sturdy but is light enough so you can easily carry it with you.


Similar to the weight of the table, you want to make sure that you are picking a table that is the right size for a couple different reasons. First of all, you want to make sure that you can easily carry the table with you because if it is too big, you will have a tough time carrying it. Additionally, you need to make sure that size of the table itself is okay and gives you enough room to do what you need to do on the table without running out of room.


The previous two points have a lot to do with the portability of the table and when you combine the two together, you’ll find out just how portable the table actually is. If you can do so, try and find a table that is both lightweight and compact because it can make it simple for you to carry it around with you everywhere you go without straining yourself.

Extra Storage

Some of the tables that you are going to find on the market have some kind of extra storage pockets on the side or underneath that makes it easy for you to keep all of the important belongings that you have easily accessible.

If this is going to be important for you, then make sure that you buy a table with these storage pockets. This can be a couple pockets on the side of the table or even a whole shelf underneath the table, it just depends on the table you’re looking at.


There’s no point in buying something if it is going to break on your or not hold up against all of the different uses you want to put it through. As a result, you want to make sure that the table you are going to buy will be strong enough to handle anything you throw at it.

In a perfect world, I would recommend staying away from some of the lighter plastics because they can cause problems when it comes to the durability. Aluminum is always a solid choice to go with as it is both durable and lightweight.

Set-up Efficiency

While this isn’t going to be a make or break feature, you want to make sure that you pick out a table that is pretty easy for you to set up and pack up so that you don’t have to spend a ton of time with the table when you are setting up or taking down the campsite. Most of the tables that you find are going to fold with ease but be sure to check on that before you purchase.


There are a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to the material of the table and it is really going to come down to personal preference and determining what you want to do with the table. Some of the materials are a cloth or fabric type material which can be a great choice if you just want a table to set some stuff down on and hold your drinks but it is a bad option if you want a table to cut food and cook on.

If you plan on cooking or doing something similar on the table, make sure that you are buying a table with an aluminum or hard plastic top that allows for cutting and other activities like a regular table would.


When you go to buy a table, it’s important to pay attention to a lot of different things with the table including the accessories that come with your purchase because chances are good that you’ll be able to use them to your benefit. Some accessories you are going to find include pockets, shelves and even cup holders that make it easy to hold everything you have with you. If you think this is going to be beneficial to you, then make sure you pay attention to this.

Recommended Best Camping Tables Reviews

1. Camp Chef Sherpa Table

Camp Chef Sherpa Table

If you want to find a table that is more than just a table and allows you to do plenty of other things with is such as storing your belongs underneath it, then this is going to be the best option for you.

This particular table comes with a roll top top to it and there is a zippered compartment that allows you to store just about anything you think you might need to bring with you when you head out on your trip!

Additionally, there is a side pouch for transportation and the padded handles for carrying make it easy to bring with you no matter where you go!

In addition to everything that was outlined above, you’re going to find that this is going to be the perfect table for just about anybody thanks in large part to the telescoping legs so that you can adjust them to any height you want. If you want to use the table for cooking, you might need it a little higher and you can easily adjust that thanks to this table! Last but not least, the table folds nice and compact when it is time to pack it up and head out!


  • Aluminum roll-top table
  • Plenty of storage
  • Strong and compact
  • Portable
  • Height adjustable legs


  • Can tear at the seams occasionally

Check Latest Price

2. ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

If you’re looking for something simple and straightforward because you don’t need all the bells and whistles that some of these tables offer, then this is going to be one of the better tables that you are going to find.

It is a simply folding table and you have your option of choose between several different sizes so that you can find whichever one is going to be the best for you and your needs.

It is made from aluminum and comes with a square design as well as a tubing X-frame for superior results and performance when you use the table.

Additionally, the design of the table is special in the fact that it is designed with the user in mind and it allows for chairs to easily slide all the way under the table so that you don’t have to worry about chairs sticking out because of a bar under the tables. As I mentioned, you’re going to have your choice of size which means the weight is going to vary from table to table but the lightweight design makes it easy for you to carry what you wanna carry when you go.


  • Aluminum material
  • Easily folds up
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Multiple sizes
  • Lightweight


  • Table can be pretty wobbly

Check Latest Price

3. KingCamp Steel Frame Folding Roll up Table

KingCamp Steel Frame Folding Roll up Table

If you want to find a way to get a lot of people around one table or you want a bigger table that allows you to put a lot of different items on it, then you won’t find a table that offers more space than this particular table.

It measures in at an impressive 42” x 28” x 28” and it is designed to seat around four to six people whenever you use the table. The top of the table is made from an aluminum alloy while the frame is a durable steel.

The table can easily fold into the included carrying case and the structure design helps to make it easy to stabilize and support the table at all times. Thanks to the split design of the board and the bracket, setup is a breeze and you won’t have to worry about using any tools or anything like that. The folded size of the table is just 43” x 9” x 4” and it weighs just 15 pounds.


  • Large size for four to six people
  • Steel frame and aluminum alloy top
  • Stabilizing frame structure
  • Easy set up
  • Weighs just 15 pounds


  • Could hold more weight

4. GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Cook Station

GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Cook Station

If you want more than just a simple table and you’re hoping to get a table that is going to offer you the option of working as both a table and provide you with some shelves and sotrage areas, this might be one of the best options that you are going to find.

In addition to some of the great features that it offers, you’re going to love the fact that it can easily fold flat for storage making it the perfect option to bring it with you on just about any camping trip you are going on.

It comes with a powder-coated steel frame that makes it simple for you to get a strong and durable frame at all times when you use the table.

Furthermore, the aluminum counter top is the perfect option for those that want to use this table just like they would a regular table. The storage rack underneath is great for holding a multitude of different items or ingredients that you might use when you have the table out. Last but not least, the four fold out side tables make for the perfect option to hold utensils, plates and napkin, glasses and even a garbage bag so you have everything with you when you need it.


  • Folds flat for storage
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Aluminum top
  • Storage rack
  • Four side tables


  • Tough to level

Check Latest Price

5. Camp Time, Roll-a-Table, Fold Up Roll Out Table Top

Fold Up Roll Out Table Top

If you’re looking for the ultimate in terms of portability and you want to make sure that you can quickly and easily fold up your table and keep it compact, then this is going to be one of the best tables that you are going to find.

It is great for a lot of different reasons but one of the best things about it is there are no braces running across the middle of the table underneath which means that you will have no problem hitting your knees on those painful braces!

Additionally, when it comes to storing this particular table, you are going to love the fact that it is able to take up less than 4% of the space when it is set up meaning that it is the best and most compact option you are going to find. It it made from some of the highest quality materials in the United State that you are going to find. The set up size is a 32” square on all sides and when it is folded up, it is only 32” long with a 5.5” diameter which is next to nothing.


  • No braces under the table
  • Small and compact
  • Easily rolls up when not in use
  • High quality
  • Made in the USA


  • Little pricy
  • Could be more sturdy

Check Latest Price

6. Kamp-Rite Kwik Set Table

Kamp-Rite Kwik Set Table

If you’re looking for something that is going to work for both inside and outside, then this might be one of the perfect options for you because it can easily work for both of those things while still maintaining a small, compact and portable shape that you can take it with you wherever you go.

The compact table has a roll top that is designed for easy setup and takedown. This has a heavy-gauge aluminum tube frame along with a water-resistant aluminum so that you know it is going to last for a long time.

Additionally, you’re going to love when it comes to the portability of this product because it can be rolled up in just seconds and it comes with a strong and sturdy carry bag that has a shoulder strap on it for easy carrying. Whether you are going to bring this particular table with you for a long trip or you’re just going to throw it into your car, this will be one of the better options that you can find.


  • Roll-top table
  • Heavy gauge aluminum frame
  • Water resistant
  • Folds and stores in seconds


  • Weight limit is pretty low

Check Latest Price

7. Camco 57293 Deluxe Grilling Table

Camco 57293 Deluxe Grilling Table

If you want to find one of the best tables on the market that allows for you to have the chance to use a table, storage area and separate side tables, then this is going to be one of the better ones that you are going to find and it comes at a great price for a great value as well.

This table also comes with a durable carrying case that allows you to bring it with you no matter where you go and the measurements of the unit as whole comes in at 57.75” x 19” x 32”.

The material on the table is a high strength lightweight steel frame and it is a quick and easy table to set up so you won’t have to struggle with it a all. Lastly, thanks to the under the table storage area and the tables on the side, you’re going to have plenty of options when it comes to storage or holding items while you cook or grill.


  • Durable carrying case
  • High strength lightweight steel
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Everything stays in one place


  • Not great when it gets wet
  • Very unsteady

Check Latest Price

8. Tailgating Table- Collapsible Folding Camping Table

Tailgating Table- Collapsible Folding Camping Table

If you want to have one of the more tricked-out tables that you are going to find on this post and you want one that is going to offer you the option to do just about anything you want to do with a table, this is the one you want to go with.

It is not going to be a traditional table so if you want something like that, this is not going to be a great choice for you. It comes with four different cup holders on each corner of the table and has the ability to add a bowl for chips or another snack in the middle.

On the bottom of the table, there is an extra shelf that has a cooler built-in to it so that you can easily keep as many drinks as you need cold at all times. When t comes time to transporting the table, there is a travel bag for a simple and easy way to move it, which makes it the perfect accessory for tailgating. Lastly, it folds easily and quickly so you have no problem getting everything set up quickly.


  • Best for tailgating and camping
  • Built-in cooler
  • Four cup holders
  • Food basket
  • Collapsible and light


  • Not a regular table for use

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9. GSI Outdoors Micro Table

GSI Outdoors Micro Table

If you’re looking for something that is a little bit different than all of the tables reviewed so far, then this is going to be one of the better options that you are going to find.

Unlike a lot of the other tables that you have seen so far, it isn’t going to offer the same kind of height but it will still offer plenty of space in order to accomplish what you need to.

The top on this table is a little bit smaller but that is to be expected when it comes to a table known as a micro table. It is made of a flame and heat resistant anodized aluminum that will keep the table strong and sturdy at all times.

The dual height legs are going to give you the option to stand at around 4 inches or 6 inches so you can pick whichever height you think is going to be best for what you need. This table also rolls up easily and can fit right into the carrying bag, which makes it the ideal option to bring with you anywhere. Lastly, the table has a total support weight of around 20 pounds, which should be more than enough to hold anything you want to put on the table.


  • 20 pound weight limit
  • Compact and micro
  • Flame and heat resistant aluminum
  • Dual height legs
  • Rolls up for transport


  • Low to the ground

10. Coleman Outdoor Compact Table

Coleman Outdoor Compact Table

If you know anything about camping or outdoor gear, then I’m sure you know all about Coleman and how it is one of the leading brand when it comes to that type of gear.

This particular table is one of their better offerings and it comes at the right price with the right amount of features to help deliver an excellent product at a great value.

This table is perfect for families that go camping together since it can seat up to four people and it has plenty of space for each person to eat. In addition, you’ll enjoy the easy folding feature that helps keep this table portable, lightweight and compact.

Continuing on, you’re going to find this table is built to last and stand up to a lot of use thanks to the sturdy design of the product with a steel frame and an aluminum top. The carry case included with your purchase is designed to fit into most car trunks so no matter what vehicle you have, it will accommodate this table. Last but not least, the unit measures 27.5 inches all around and comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Family size
  • Portable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy assembly


  • Tough to sit with a chair thanks to the supports underneath

Check Latest Price

Final Verdict

As you can see, there is a surprising number of different things that you need to keep in mind when you go to by a camping table and each particular thing is important and critical to the success and performance of the table. By following all of the different advice provided above or by selecting one of the products recommended, you’ll have no problem getting the best camping table to match all of your needs.

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