Best Combat Knife in The World For 2021

Knife – is a sharp object that can be used for many purposes.  There are many kinds of knives to use but here I will talk about one type, and that is combat knife.

In life sometimes you have to face some unwanted situation when you have to use this fighting knife.

Most of the time this knife is carried by soldiers, sometimes people who have problem carry this knife for safety. You will know the knife as combat knife also.

This combat knife is now considered as the most excellent tool to use while hiking in the wood. You can cut your way through the bush and limbs in the jungle and to clean fish, cut ropes and the list goes on.

You can say a combat knife is a must-have knife for security reasons and adventure lovers.

Types of Combat Knives

There are types combat knives, so if you want to own one you have to know about them and pick the one that will meet your requirement.  How will you know that you have the best one?

Follow the guideline that I have given below:


• Tang

This part of the knife is the extended one that goes down the handle. If you look closely, you will see the blade and the tang is steel made one piece.

When you have a knife with this kind of one piece steel then you have the best combat knife for sure. Why the full tang is recommended? It makes the knife strong. Most of the knife is designed to connect to up to the handle. For this the knife gets broken.

• Handle

Maximum combat knife comes with a wide handle. The handle comes with polymer and rubber material. Whatever the material is don’t go for a hollow handle that is half blade knife with empty handle.

This type of knife is very risky to use because while working the handle may get broken then the blade will cause harm.

Pick the handle that has a lanyard hole that helps to attach the lanyard which allows you to wrap around your wrist when you are working. This keeps the knife in place.

• Metal

Combat knives comes in two types of materials, they are carbon and stainless steel.  You also find variations in steel.

You cannot make any difference between them but if you ask me I will recommend steel made blade. Because the cut with this blade is fast and don’t get rusted easily. On the other hand carbon steel knife gets rusted easily.

• Design of the blade

There are three types of blade design – straight, serrated, clip point or drop point and tanto. Now select from them is confusing.

I will help you by telling which design is for what need. This will help to select the one you will need for your task.

The straight blade is best for chopping wood, and you can get this blade sharpening fast. You will not need extra tool sharp; you can use a smooth stone to get the blade sharpen.

A serrated knife needs no to so much sharpening. But it requires a unique sharpening tool to get sharpen.

You will get good control with the clip or drop point blade. The drop point blade is highly recommended for hunting task.

A tanto knife works well in angle options but not fit for hunting use.

• Blade thickness and length

 knife length is essential to consider. You may find a small knife sharper and easy to carry but it is not for heavy duty. A large knife is for heavy duty, but you need extra gear to take the large knife.

Maximum combat knife comes in 6 to 12 inch. This is a standard size for a fighter knife.


The thickness of a blade has to be considered for strong able to chopping wood. The standard thickness of the blade is 3/16- 11/4.

This thickness makes your prying, batoning and chopping perfect.

• Cover

cover of a knife is essential though this point is negligible. When you are in woods, you have to carry the knife. You can’t bring an open knife, for that you have to take a comfortable and sturdy sheath.

Five Best Combat Knife

I think I have given enough information about choosing a perfect combat knife for your tasks. Below I have given my preferable top 5 combat knives. When I go to outdoor hunting, I pick knives from this list. Check them; I think you will love them:

KA-BAR full size US marine Corps Best Fighting Knife

This knife comes in the top list for the high quality and self-defense feature.  The knife comes in 11.8 inches and perfect for sharp cutting edge, strength, corrosion resistance and edge holding ability.

The blade of this knife is carbon steel made and the thickness is 0.165 inch. This blade is smooth to sharp and stays sharp for a long time.


The handle of this knife is leather made that ensures comfortable and firm hold. The sheath of the knife is long-lasting and sturdy. You will feel good when you have this knife with you in the wood.

SOG Seal Team Elite Fixed Blade SE37-N Best Combat Knife

This knife is favorite among security and military forces for the unique design and high-quality features. The knife blade is 7 inch longer and stainless steel made.

The blade is unique because it is made from cryogenic heat and coated with black TiNi finish.

So you can tell the knife is rough and tough and works with long resistant. The edge of the blade is serrated and the thickness of the blade is .24 inch.

So your cutting and sharping will be smooth with this knife. The handle of the knife nylon made that makes the knife handle durable and rugged.


You will have a controlled hold of the knife for this handle. The knife is full tang knife and suitable for any work in the wood and fighting purposes.

Kar-Bar KA 1214 – BRK USA Best Military Knife

This knife has same feature as the US Marine knife. The blade comes with stainless steel and it is full tang knife.

This knife is 7 inch and the thickness is 0.165 inch. The edge of the blade is razor shape serrated.

With this knife, you can cut any animal skin and flesh smoothly and you can consider it also a fighting knife.

The coat of the knife makes the blade rust and scratch resistant. The handle of the knife is synthetic made that makes the knife easy to control and hold.


The cover of the knife is plastic made and hard. Your outdoor hunting activity will be neat when you take this knife with you. Hunting, cutting and chopping will be top class for the knife.

ESEE 6P-B Plain Edge Good Fighting Knife

I like this knife for its high quality and stable performance. Best knife to use for military and security force. The blade of the knife is cutting edge, so cutting with this blade is smooth.

This blade comes from carbon steel and the coating is black powder that makes the blade durable.


Your hunting, fighting will be fresh with this knife. You will find the handle made from Grey Micarta material. The curve and the scales of the handle make your hold strong and hold.

The cover of the knife polymer made and it has holes to make it easy wrap when you are working.

Columbia River Knife and Tools

Lastly, this knife is for them who love a stylish sharp knife. The quality of the knife is just excellent. The sharpness and thickness of the blade makes the knife a must have combat knife for any outdoor activities.

The handle of this knife is unique for the patented design. The handle is long and comfortable; your task will be fast and adjustable for the design.



As I have given the review of my top 5 preferences, but you have to go through the review carefully. What is best for me might be worst for you.

As there are many types of combat knives in the market, pick the one that has strong handle a sharp blade. There is confusion between tactical and the combat knife. A tactical knife is a folding pocket knife which is not at all a fighting knife.

So you can guess you have to consider many things when you are there to get a combat knife. All the best.

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