5 Best Elliptical Machines in 2021 – Covering All Price Point

Elliptical machines are the perfect way to get into shape. They don’t require too much manpower to set up, and you can put one in any room. There are a lot of different machines that have a lot of different features. They are easy on the legs, and work perfectly for joint pain. If you’re thinking about getting an elliptical machine, but don’t know what to get, this review will give you an idea.

Top 5 Elliptical Machines Comparison

  • Diamondback 1260Ef Elliptical Trainer
  • Weight: 245 pounds
  • Dimensions: 69.5 inches long by 27.5 inches
  • 325-pound weight capacity
  • Extra wide EVA foam cushion foot pads
  • program buttons with LED indicators
  • Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine
  • Weight: 250 pounds
  • Dimensions: 56" x 23.7" x 64.5" inches
  • Max weight 275lbs
  • foot print is 54"
  • large LCD window
  • NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical
  • Weight: 220 pounds
  • dimensions: 7" wide and 5" in height
  • Max weight 325 lbs
  • Adjustable stride foot pads
  • One touch controls
  • Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine
  • Weight: 215 pounds
  • Dimensions: Measures 27 by 58 by 83 inches (W x H x D)
  • 375-pound weight limit
  • Adjustable pedals
  • LCD console
  • Precor AMT 835 Adaptive Motion Trainer
  • Weight: 422 lbs
  • dimensions: L-80 inches, W-35 inches, H-73 inches
  • Maximum user weight 514 lbs
  • footprint is actually smaller
  • monitor for control

Things to Consider for Buying – Best Elliptical Machines


You want to make sure you set yourself up with some fitness goals. No matter if you’re trying to lose weight or tone up, you want to have an idea of what you want to accomplish. If you want to get in shape to start running, having a low-impact machine is a great way to get started.

If you have a lot of joint pain, an elliptical machine can provide a comfortable and easy motion for you. If you have an idea of how you’re going to use the machine, you will be more successful.


The brand and designs of an elliptical machine vary, so you want to consider the design of it. If you’re limited on space, you may want to look for a compact machine, or one that folds up. The way the flywheel is designed can allow you to move the machine around without too much effort.

If the flywheel is set up on the sides or the back, you may not be able to move it around too much. You won’t have to worry too much about maximum capacity, though it is something to consider. If you have a lot of space, or a room dedicated for exercising, the size and design of the machine isn’t as important.


The brake and resistance systems play a crucial role to an elliptical machine. The flywheel is important as well. These systems allow the machine to be durable and allow the machine to run smoothly. They also prevent a lot of sound come out of the machine when it’s in motion.

For a brake system, you want a machine that has a current brake system that uses magnets. Electronic magnetic resistance systems are smooth and easy to operate. You can control the resistance with a push of a button.


The console controls all the features you need to customize your workouts. There are consoles that allow you to hook up an Apple or Android device, which is ideal for those who want complete control over their exercises. You can find consoles that have internet connectivity and built-in speakers.

If you’re not about all the fancy gadgets and options, a traditional console will work. Most of them have an LCD screen, or back lights to let you see in the dark. Cup holders, reading racks, and an accessory tray. You want to consider what you need on the console to make the right decision.


You can change the machine to make it more useful for working different muscle groups. You can adjust the stride, pivoting pedals, or the incline. Changing different parts on the machine allows you to train different muscles. Different brands and prices allow you to change the settings on the machine to help you with your goals.

The adjustable pedals are ideal for anyone. Adjustable pedals prevent you from lifting your foot to meet your motion. It prevents strain on your lower body. Adjustable pedals pivot with the natural motion of your movements to keep you exercising longer.

Benefits of Using an Elliptical Cross Trainer. Credit: LifeFitnessExercise

5 Best Elliptical Machines Review in 2021

1. Diamondback Fitness 1260Ef Elliptical Trainer

Diamondback Fitness 1260Ef Elliptical Trainer

This elliptical machine is solid and stable. The machine does have a smaller footprint than other elliptical machines. It has a compact design that is ideal for saving space, and keeping it in your apartment.

You can adjust the incline to expand your exercises for different types of workouts. You can expand your exercise regimen for all the main muscle groups.


Ergonomic Pedals are Easy on the Joints

The ergonomic pedals are spaced closer together for the perfect ergonomic design. It takes the stress off your knees, ankles, and joints. The low-impact design was designed to make every exercise effortless. It was designed to be an asset to your joint health.

Steel Frame Provides Support

The elliptical is welded with a heavy-duty steel gauge frame. The bearings are enclosed to give the machine durability. It is one of the premier machines in its class. The soft polymer rollers allow you to glide on the steel rails when you’re exercising.

It is Easy to Setup

The small footprints don’t take up too much space. The machine can hold up people up to 325 pounds. You can put the machine in a designated exercise room, along with other exercise equipment.

Added Resistance for Exercising

The incline settings allow you to make any workout challenging. There are 20 resistance levels to choose from. You can set the machine to gradually increase the resistance while you’re exercising. You can set your own fitness goals at your own pace.

Monitor Your Heart Rate

The heart rate chest strap connects to your chest. You can monitor your heart rate to focus on cardiovascular goals. The panel is backlit brightly, making it easy to see in low-lighted areas. You can adjust your workout with the touch of a button while you’re exercising.

Highlighted Features:

  • Electromagnetic brake20 levels of resistance
  • Alphanumeric message display
  • Heart rate bar graph display
  • Built-in reading rack
  • Three cross-training programs
  • Warm up and cool down modes
  • Customized programs
  • Pause mode
  • Console feedback information
  • Enhances total body workouts
  • Workout summary shows all your information


  • The machine is comfortable while exercising
  • Incline feature is one of the best
  • There isn’t a lot of noise coming from the machine
  • Ability to mix workout regiment
  • Ideal for people with joint pain
  • Varied programs keep you challenged


  • The arms may be too far away for some people
  • It is heavy and not easy to move
  • Assembly can take a long time
  • The instructions are difficult to understand


This elliptical machine works smoothly for anyone. No matter what type of joint pain you suffer from, this machine will assist you. It has Krayton rubber comfort grips that make it easy to grab onto the handles. Though it is big and difficult to assemble, this is an excellent machine. It doesn’t make a lot of noise. It’s a good machine that will work for anyone with the patience to put it together.

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2. Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

If you’ve ever heard of Schwinn, you know how popular and how well their bikes are built. They have gotten into the exercise game. This elliptical has a heart rate monitor and built-in speakers.

There are several workout programs to choose from. The magnetic resistance makes it one of the smoothest machines to operate.


Large LCD Window is Easy to Read

The large LCD window shows everything you need to know when you’re exercising. You can track your distance, speed, calories, and other information. The window is easy to read, and displays the information in an organized manner.

7 Workout Programs for You

There are 7 workout programs you can choose from. You will be able to stay challenged and motivated. You can get the program you need to get into shape. No matter what your exercise goals are, you can accomplish them with this machine.

Magnetic Resistance for Smooth Exercises

Magnetic resistance has become a standard for elliptical machines. The magnetic resistance is smooth and easy to operate. There are 8 levels of resistance on the machine, which allows you to change your workouts.

Heart Rate Monitor for Cardio Goals

There is a heart rate monitor that’s located on the grips. When you grab the handles of the arms on the elliptical, you can see how your rate is. If you’re trying to lose weight, monitoring your heart rate is important to your health.

Built-In Speakers Let You Listen to Music

Music can improve your performance when you’re exercising. The built-in speakers allow you to set your workout playlist. You can keep up with the beats of your music to pace yourself. You can use music to help you stay in rhythm to help you get into shape.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in speakers
  • Cup holdersLedge for MP3 players
  • Large LCD screen
  • Track steps, speed, distance, and calories
  • 7 workout programs
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Heart rate monitor on the grip
  • Runs on batteries or AC outlets


  • The machine is quiet on the carpet
  • It doesn’t wobble when you’re on it
  • The elliptical is lightweight when it’s assembled
  • The built-in speakers allow you to listen to music
  • The operation is smooth
  • It is easy on your joints
  • Auxiliary cord attaches smartphones


  • The strides may be too short for some people
  • Not as good as some expensive machines
  • It can be difficult to put together
  • There isn’t an AC adapter included


Schwinn is known for their bikes, and this elliptical machine does provide an excellent workout. After it is assembled, it is still lightweight enough to move from room to room. Though the steps may be too small for some people, it is still a good machine. If you’re on a budget, this is the type of elliptical you want to get.

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3. NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical

NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical

This elliptical from NordicTrack allows you to customize your fitness experience. You can adjust the stride length and incline to give yourself a challenging exercise.

There are daily workout programs included with the machine to keep track of your progress. All your stats are recorded every time you use the machine.


26 Workout Apps for You

You can customize your workout routine with any of the 26 apps available. The apps were designed by a certified personal trainer to inform you of workout routines. You can use the apps to check out your calories, intensity, and performance with any of the apps.

Heavy Flywheel is Effective

The 20-pound flywheel provides a smooth transition while you’re exercising. It uses inertia to keep the flywheel even. It provides a natural motion, as if you’re walking. It is effective for anyone with any with lower body pain.

22 Resistance Levels for Challenges

The resistance levels are digital to make it easy to select the perfect level. The controls are quick and responsive. You only need to use one touch to adjust the incline and resistance. All the adjustments are quiet and smooth, making each exercise unique from one another.

Adjustable Stride Provides Comfort

The machine uses a front drive mechanism to accommodate customized exercises. You can adjust the stride length and incline without taking up too much space in any room. The design of the machine leaves a small footprint in any room.

Easy Controls for Exercises

Since the console uses one touch controls, you can spend more time focusing on your exercises. You won’t have to scroll through the options to find the right workout. The adjustments are quick, so you don’t feel the machine readjusting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Download Google Maps Training routes
  • 5-inch backlit display
  • Tablet shelf
  • 26 workout apps
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Intermix acoustic sound system
  • Adjustable ramp
  • Adjustable stridesi
  • Fit programming for tracking progress
  • Automatic stats recorded
  • Daily workout programs
  • Displays time, distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burned
  • Incline adjusts automatically with Google Maps


  • Comfortable for people of different sizes
  • The assembly is easy
  • The machine is smooth and quiet
  • It is sturdy when you’re exercising
  • The machine is easy to operate
  • It doesn’t take too much space


  • Some machines may have faulty parts
  • The computer may not work properly
  • The speakers aren’t the best


This elliptical machine is good for those who want to keep track of their progress. It tracks your movements so you can see how well you’re doing. You can download different routes to simulate running in the real world. Though some of the machines may not have everything you need, it does everything an elliptical should do. The adjustable incline is a good feature for an elliptical machine.

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4. Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

This elliptical machine is just like the machines you will find in the gym. The machine has a smooth and fluid operation for perfect exercises. The whisper quiet drive system provides a natural motion when you’re on it.

The handlebars move with your body to keep everything in sync. The foot beds on the pedals provide comfort and increased performance.


Challenging Workout for You

You will get a challenging workout when you use this machine. You can increase your cardio and endurance levels by tracking your progress. It does have a blue, backlit LCD display screen to help you stay on top of your goals. It displays important training data for your knowledge.

Adjust the Pedals for Comfort

The pedals on the machine are adjustable to give you a natural stepping motion. The incline is easy to set with the touch of a button. The pedals expand up to 22” for excellent stride length. There are six programs installed on the machine. You can customize your workout programs, and track your heart rate.

Pulse Grip Monitors Your Heart

The pulse grip and chest strap monitors your heart rate. The LCD console has a 7.5” display that tracks your progress. You can monitor your speed, heart rate, time, distance, and calories burned. It can handle people up to 375 pounds, making it durable.

Front Drive System Provides Durability

The front drive system includes a sound system with built-in speakers for plugging in your iPhone or Android. The built-in fan keeps you cool while you’re stepping. A water bottle holder is provided to keep your water close by while you’re exercising.

Warranties Protect You Against Defective Parts

If you get a machine with defective parts from the manufacturer, they are covered by the warranty. The frame on the machine is protected for life, and parts and electronics are covered for five years. There is a two-year warranty on labor, as well. Instructions and troubleshooting tips are provided in the manual.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable pedals and console
  • Power adjustable stride
  • Six workout programs
  • Two heart rate programs
  • Large LCD screen
  • Heart rate chest strap
  • Front drive system


  • It is comfortable when you’re exercising
  • The machine is quiet when it’s in use
  • The incline has a wide range
  • The handlebar design provides comfort
  • The interface is user friendly
  • The machine is stable when it’s used


  • The speakers aren’t great
  • The fan doesn’t work well
  • The initial box is heavy
  • You should pay for assembly


This is a decent elliptical machine. It has been described as a combination of home use and commercial exercise machines. While the speakers and the fan don’t appear to work too well, this is still a decent elliptical machine.

You would be better off having someone from the company come and put it together for you. The warranty is one of the best for an elliptical machine, and it’s important when you’re spending a lot of money.

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5. Precor AMT 835 Adaptive Motion Trainer

Precor AMT 835 Commercial Series Adaptive Motion Trainer

This elliptical machine has won awards for its performance. The machine allows you to go from short strides to longer strides easily. You can customize the workout programs to have your own workout regimen.

The machine can change the way you exercise. It can change from an elliptical motion into a stepping motion for a range of exercises.


Natural Motion for You

You can adapt the stride length up to 36”. The open stride technology changes the stride height up to 10”. All you need to do is use the stride dial to focus on different muscle groups. You’ll get a thorough workout when you’re using the machine to hit fitness goals.

20 Challenging Resistance Levels

There are 20 resistance levels to keep you challenged while you’re exercising. There are heart rate sensors on the fixed handlebars to check your heart rate. There is a telemetry function with a chest strap to easily track your heart rate.

Dual Action for Ultimate Workouts

The Dual Action of the machine allows you to focus on different muscle groups. You can work out your upper and lower body to get into shape and lose weight. You can adjust the settings for targeting difficult muscles.

Keep Track of Your Progress

The console displays all the crucial information you need for hitting your exercise goals. You can track your heart rate at various stages, such as resting and maximum. It tells you the distance, calories burned, time, and strides. It measures everything you need to know to get a great workout.

Excellent Warranty for Protection

The machine has a 10-year warranty on all the parts. No matter if they’re electronic or mechanical, they’re covered. There is a one-year warranty on the labor. The frame and welds are covered for life with the warranty.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile
  • Exercises upper and lower body
  • Personalized programs
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Stride Dial
  • Details on time, calories burned, distance, and heart rate
  • Commercial sized


  • It has a commercial quality
  • Changes from elliptical into a stair stepper
  • Feels like you’re running underwater
  • Arm handles provide comfort
  • The resistance is excellent
  • Keeps track of your progress


  • The LCD screen has a lack of applications
  • It can start to make noise after using it
  • It may be too expensive for some people+
  • Some machines may have defects


This elliptical machine is ideal for anyone looking for a durable elliptical that can target any part of your body. While it may be too much for some people, it does have everything you want from an elliptical.

It has won awards that make it one of the premier elliptical machines on the market. You can track your progress and monitor your heart rate while you’re exercising.

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Final Verdict

An elliptical machine is a great way to lose weight and get into shape. If you’re not sure about which one is the best on this list, the NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical has some of the best features. You can connect to the internet to track all your progress while you’re exercising. You’ll be able to reach your exercise goals in no time.

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