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Best Fish Tanks To Buy in 2020 – Guideline From Aquarium Adviser


Fish tanks remain the most reliable shot to harbor your favorite pets in the most comfortable and healthier environment to your convenience. This is why it is very vital to ensure you buy a fish tank that brings the most for your fish with less of the shortcomings.

This will further assist you to maintain and sustain the health of the fish for a long time in a durable model. An even better modern designed fish tank would provide an incredible view, easy of feeding the pets as you bring the whole experience much closer home.

Best fish tanks come in various types ranging from those of fresh water, normally easy to clean and maintain. You also have the options for cold water, marine and even brackish designs among others.

But it is imperative to opt for a choice that suits your needs and preferences. Settling on the right fish tank can be disorientating and time-consuming, but not anymore. This household brand fish tanks will serve to your expectations for a memorable experience.

6 Best Fish Tanks To Buy in 2019 - Reviews

1. Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light

Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light

Are you a fanatic of cool, stylish, trendy and breathtaking aquarium designs? Then the Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light is the right choice you can count on. It comes in a striking 3D cube design and an eye catching finish that stands out remarkably in your set up.

You will be thrilled by the convenience of being able to enjoy a clear and virtually unobstructed aerial view of the interior at any given time.

Depend on this fish tank LED lighting to achieve the best illumination courtesy of a small cover positioned at its top that houses the lighting. This is complimented by the ability to turn its 42 LED bulbs, 39 white and three blue bulbs for full illumination and the feel of a nighttime moonlight effect.

Thanks to its spectacular clear glass, the aquarium prides itself in ease of cleaning, helping you monitor and maintain clean water for your fish. This makes the aquarium one of the healthiest environments for your pets.

Its body construction houses a filter and an electrical wiring for reliable water cleaning and power supply.

When filling the aquarium, you can do it effortlessly thanks to its cover that is well-sealed not to allow water overflow to its surrounding.

Wondering about water handling capacity? This model can handle 6 to 12 gallons. Find this companion a comfortable choice to position on your countertops, desks and even tabletops.


  • Has a striking, vibrant lighting system
  • Efficient filtration system
  • Quite
  • Powerful, easy to use Edge filter with Cycleguard.
  • 3-position switch lighting


  • Can't be set up horizontally

2. Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit

Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

This is a fine finish 5-gallon curved glass aquarium, measuring 16.8 Inches high x 11.8 Inches long x 11.8 Inches Wide. The fish tank has contoured glass corners and solid glass that make it look so nice for your final outlook expectations. Cleaning too is easy.

The Marine land aquarium is not only a household brand that tops with the best filtration but also has the most impressive illumination for your aquaria plants and fish.

Embracing a 3-stage filtration system, it comes accompanied by a Rite-Size Z Cartridge and an adjustable flow rate filter pump. This enhances water cleaning process for a healthier aquarium life support.

You will find its illumination a bright white, and blue energy-efficient LED that brings to its surrounding an impressive ambiance. For those who love taking care of the fish in durable designs, this boasts in sturdiness with sheer weight saving you replacement costs in the long run. Be thrilled to find it portable enough to move it around to any position of your choice within the room.

The fish tank outclasses regular models with its spacious inside that enables you to put your plants in it and remain with extra space for other additional preferences. Enjoy its silence at the comfort of its set up round the clock.


  • Adjustable lighting system
  • Easy access through glass for effortless feeding and water care dosing
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to maintain


  • LED lights are too bright

3. Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit

Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6-Gallon

The Fluval spec boasts as a 2.6 gallon Nano aquarium made of a superbly etched glass tank with an aluminum trim. It is a durable and an elegant look to compliment your set-up and outlook.

With a powerful 31 LED lighting system, you have a reliable source of light for your plants and fish round the clock.

Are you interested with a small-sized aquarium for your small space in your office? Then this is the perfect choice for you. It will bring you style and the best functionality at your convenience.

Find its features incredibly user-friendly. It comes with a sleekly crafted overhanging lighting system that can suitably arch above the aquarium providing your aquarium and surroundings with the most amazing illumination and for your aquaria plants while creating the touch on the final room décor.

Keen on aquarium air circulation? It has a powerful circulation pump that is adjustable on its output nozzle. Count on its large 3-stage filtration system to provide you with sufficient filtration for ultra clean and clear water.


  • Comes with filter media
  • Easy to maintain
  • Effective filtration system
  • Effortless to use
  • It is safe


  • Doesn't come with air pump

4. API Panaview Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting

API Panaview Aquarium Kit

Everything you need in a stylish 14.2 x 10 x 11.5-inch aquarium, this fish tank brings you an elegant, stylish look that will compliment perfectly your set up.

It one fine finish and flat-backed 5-gallon fish tank with a rounded front, a body construction able to last you for long term use.

Find it also more energy efficient saving energy bills in the long run. For the best ambient lighting, it brings you a 7-color LED lighting on blue, green, purple, red, white, aqua and amber color options. The lighting efficiently illuminates the aquarium plants and surrounding, leaving you with a feel of liveliness and touch of nature at a closer look.


  • Has ten internal power filter for reliable water cleaning
  • Seamless construction for crystal clear view
  • Resistant to impact and user-friendly
  • Quite in use


  • Not an excellent choice for 220v

5. Tetra 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit

Tetra 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit, 3-Gallon

Find this fish tank one of the excellent choices for your kitchen, office, classrooms, and hotel set up, thanks to its elegant fine finish that is eye-catching. It can handle up to 3 gallons and expect it to fit almost everywhere.

It boasts unique sleekness and a seamless tank that is transparent enough for a panoramic view on your personalized underwater view.

Take care of your fish using this aquarium since its filter is not only efficient and effective but also will keep your water clean for more enjoyment of fish harboring.

Find its LED lighting impressive providing the convenient illumination for your plants, fish and even surroundings in the room. In case you need to feed your pets, it comes with a well-designed feeding hole you can count on.


  • Safe and reliable body construction
  • Durable, sturdy design
  • Resists cracking and shattering
  • Comes with low voltage adapter and set up guide
  • Suitable for small tropical fish, betta, and goldfish


  • Doesn't come with a heater

6. Whisper In-Tank Filter 3i 1-3 gallon aquariums

Whisper In-Tank Filter

Opting to for a smaller aquarium in your locality? Then this fish tank will serve you more suitably. It comes with the ability to provide you a 3-gallon water holding capacity for your fish on small whisper bio-bag cartridges.

For those keen on fish tank filtration systems, this comes with a 3-stage filtration process emphasized for the most reliable water cleaning for your fish.

It is intelligently designed to use air bubbles to move water up to its airlift tube and through the filtering cartridge for better filtration efficiency.

Its filter is crafted for easy mounting on the inside of the aquarium instead of hanging from the outside like regular models, thanks to its accompanied mounting clamps. This also makes adjustment effortless depending on the water levels in the aquarium. This improves regular filtration round the clock.

You will find fish tank a better option for those who want to keep small fish and more suited for breeding fish in the long term. Find this fish tank quieter.


  • Quieter
  • Adjustable filter mounting
  • Comes with air pump, bio-bag filter, 2-feet airline tubing and filter
  • Suited for small fish and breeding


  • Has a slower flow rate

How To Choose The Best Fish Tank in 2019

Ending up with a more satisfying and reliable fish tank isn't an easy task, but it isn't as hard either. All you need to take into account in your fish tank is to ensure your pets comfortable, grow healthier and brings you the right vibrancy and features you need. Keep in mind these factors when buying your fish tank.


Depending on how many fish you would want to keep, the size of your aquarium is a decisive aspect to take into account. If you don't want to hold in more fish, a smaller sized design will serve you better.

Small fish tanks also come with the convenience of cleaning using the right chemicals for a healthy fish environment. But is imperative to ensure whichever size you go for, the aquarium is durable and strong enough to serve you best for a long time. Check whether the size of your fish tank is able to fit into your available space to avoid associated inconveniences.


Depending on the type of fish tank type you intend to settle for, suit your budget to the best option you need. Ensure the ultimate long-run maintenance costs are minimal too. The cost will also depend on the accompanying features your aquarium comes with for the best handling of your pets.

Type Of Fish Tank

There are different types available to serve you better in your choice from those suited for freshwater, cold water, marine and much more crafts. Regardless of your taste, let your fish tank be safe for your fish and more convenient to use.

Also, consider the type of fish tank that is more suited to the type of fish you wish to hold in your aquarium.

Filtration Capability

Let you fish tank come with smooth functioning filters for the best water cleaning in minimal time. Most come with in-built filtration systems, but you will find the need to buy separately filters, depending on the type you opt for.

Different filters are also available suited to specific types of fish tanks. Choose the right filter that will deliver the most reliable cleaning of your fish water.

Lighting Convenience

If you opt to settle for a fish tank that comes with plants as food for the fish or a better aquaria ambiance, this will necessitate the need for a reliable lighting system. Controlled lighting will enable you to have more flexibility of amount of light you require in your aquarium for the best growth of the plants and survival of your fish.

Design Of Fish Tank

The body construction of your fish tank is a vital aspect to its durability. There are most long lasting materials used to craft various types of fish tanks that bring you the sturdiness you would need.

You can opt also to choose the design that compliments your taste and preference, especially to where you are going to position it for a lively touch.

Other Factors To Consider

Air circulation of fish tank

Reliability of power supply


These top-class performance-based aquariums will provide you not only the right safety you need for your fish but also keep your favorite pets healthier.

They are affordable budgets likely to last you long with better convenience and maintenance. Opt to go for a reliable seller and check for the best fish tank that comes with the extra guarantee, just in case your aquarium needs extra care.

As a passionate and ardent of your fish, step ahead of the pack with these models for incredible results, as you bring a livelier environment closer to you. They are bound to re-ignite your passion for fish to the next level.

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