Best Folding high Chair in 2020 – Top Models Reviewed & Considerations


The convenience of a folding high chair gives new parents many advantages for feeding their infant and helping them adjust to eating solids with utensils, too. Folding high chairs are the first choice of many parents because they are functional while taking up less space with the added advantage of portability for travel or family gatherings.

10 Best Folding high Chair in 2019 - Reviews

1. Peg-Perego Tatamia High Chair, White Latte

Peg-Perego Tatamia High Chair, White Latte

If your first priority is a stable and mobile high chair for your little one, the Tatamia is definitely going to be topping your list. This folding high chair is made of heavy duty plastic with and aluminum frame and plush foam padding in the seat.

The seat reclines fully and adjusts to nine different heights with just the touch of a button, and the wheels and casters of the rolling base make it easy to maneuver whether it is folded or in use.

In terms of adjustability and convenience, this folding high chair definitely gets top marks in both departments, and its included 5 point safety harness and passive restraint T-bar ensure that your infant or toddler is safe and secure at all times.

Moreover, restraints, tray, and T-bar are all removable in the future if you want to make this table seat for your toddler as they grow, guaranteeing that you will see many years of use from this high chair long after your child has outgrown the need for assisted feeding.


  • High durability construction
  • Fully adjustable reclining seat
  • One-touch height adjustment to 9 presets
  • Base uses both wheels and casters for added mobility and maneuverability
  • 5-point safety restraint and T-bar
  • Doubles as a seat at the table for your toddler or young child after the tray is removed


  • Casters and wheels do not lock
  • Assembly is bulky when in use
  • Footprint is smaller than a regular high chair, but bulk of the chair still occupies more space than comparable folding high chair models.

2. Peg Perego Siesta, Ice Grey

Peg Perego Siesta, Ice Grey

The Siesta is all about comfort and utility. The seat can be reclined for your baby’s comfort and and your convenience during feeding time, and there are also nine different height positions to make mealtime easier for even the tallest parents.

Few manufacturers seem to take into account the difficulty taller parents may have when it comes to the extended time they spend leaning down to feed their child.

One of the best features though has to be the mar-resistant casters on the rear base bar, which make maneuvering this highchair while open or to and from its storage space significantly easier. Best of all, this folding high chair has a very minimal storage footprint, taking up just 11.5”in depth and 34 2/3” when folded closed and set to its minimum height.

The Peg Perego Siesta is an ideal folding for those who have limited space and want the added convenience of superior mobility and adjustability that the Siesta provides.


  • Reclining seat with 5 positions
  • 9 adjustable height settings
  • Wheeled base with casters on the rear base bar
  • Tray is removable and dishwasher safe
  • Machine washable seat liner


  • Casters and wheels do not feature a safety locking mechanism
  • Seat padding is not as plush as some parents might prefer

3. Chicco Vinyl Polly High Chair

Chicco Vinyl Polly High Chair

A folding high chair intended to grow with baby, the Polly high chair has numerous features that will allow parents to use this high chair as their child’s primary mealtime seat for many years.

Height and reclining angle are fully adjustable, making feeding time much easier on parents of any height, and for babies and toddlers of any age. The Polly also features an adjustable footrest for baby as well, which provides a greater sense of security when seated for infants and toddlers alike.

Additionally, the extra-large tray easily snaps on from the top down, making it easy to add and remove from the high chair as needed The standout feature for this particular folding high chair though is the fact that it has caster wheels on both the front and rear support bars, making it more mobile and maneuverable than many comparable models.

When folded for storage, the Polly only occupies about 8 inches of floor space, so it takes up very little available storage when not in use. This adjustable high chair provides exceptional value, and will still be useful even when your child is a toddler thanks to its ability to be pushed into a seating space at table height.


  • Grow with baby adaptability
  • Extremely small 8-inch footprint
  • Casters on front and rear base bars
  • Machine washable seat liner
  • Top-down snap on tray
  • Footrest for added support.


  • Casters do not have a safety lock
  • Adjustable height is dependent on locking mechanism as opposed to having preset locking height positions.

4. Summer Infant Bentwood Highchair

Summer Infant Bentwood Highchair, Goose Down Gray

When it comes to simplicity, utility and style, the Bentwood is definitely going to stand out from the crowd. Infant supports are removable, and the liner of the Bentwood is machine washable for convenience.

Moreover, the tray boasts a removable dishwasher safe liner that stores conveniently on the back legs of the high chair itself. The tray can also be removed and double as an up-to-the-table booster for toddlers up to 50 lbs.

There are 3 reclining position settings and 4 height position settings, all of which are one hand adjustable for parent convenience. The folding high chair itself features stunning dark-stained wood as part of the legs, footrest, chair back, and braces, making it an attractive addition to any dining room.

Furthermore, when not in use, it folds up to a compact size to be stored away for later. The beautiful design and easy to use features definitely rate the Bentwood as on of the best values for a folding high chair over time given how easy it is to adapt it for feeding your infant, toddler, and young child.


  • Beautiful dark stained wood design
  • Dishwasher safe tray liner
  • Tray doubles as up to table booster
  • Adjustable height and reclining angle
  • Folds for compact storage


  • No casters or wheels on chair legs/feet
  • Folded footprint is larger than comparable models in the same class

5. Graco Swift Fold LX Highchair

Graco Swift Fold LX Highchair

Nobody makes mobile infant accessories and seating devices like Graco. The Swift Fold LX is a parents dream, with simple one-handed folding that allows you to hold baby while you put the high chair back in storage after mealtimes.

The addition of wheels to the front base bar makes it easy to move this high chair to and from the dining area of your home, and it takes up an extremely minimal 7.5”x32” of storage space when folded.

When unfolded, this high chair also has 9 height adjustments to make feeding a breeze even for very tall or very short parents, making mealtimes easier for everyone.

Like all Graco products, this folding high chair is also designed to grow with your baby into toddlerhood, with settings and adjustments that allow it to function as a reclining infant feeding chair, standard high chair, and even a big kid chair that can be pushed right up to the table. This folding high chair is easy to move, easy to store, and provides excellent long term value.


  • One-handed folding operation
  • Wheeled front base bar for better mobility
  • Machine washable seat liner
  • 9 height adjustment presets
  • Fully reclining seat
  • Dishwasher safe tray liner
  • Removable 5 point restraint
  • Small storage footprint


  • No rear casters for moving the high chair after it is unfolded

6. Graco Swivi Seat, Solar

Graco Swivi Seat, Solar

This the folding high chair with a literal twist: the Swivi Seat is designed to allow the seat to be rotated 360 degrees to make feeding easier regardless of where mom and dad, the table, or the rest of the kitchen are.

Each swivel position locks securely into place to keep your infant safe and stable, and the well-padded seat itself reclines into multiple positions for easier infant feedings.

The storage footprint of this folding high chair is extremely small, and the seat liner is both wipeable and machine washable to make cleanup quick and easy. The swivel action of this high chair is especially useful if you have limited dining room space or prefer to feed baby facing your from the side instead of directly in front.

In terms of ease of use and mobility, it is very hard to find a folding high chair that presents a better value than the Graco Swivi Seat.


  • 4-position swivel feature so baby is always facing the action
  • Multi-position reclining seat for infant feedings
  • One handed folding operation for convenience
  • Small footprint for storage to save space in your kitchen or dining room
  • Machine washable seat liner
  • Dishwasher-safe tray insert


  • Limited height adjustment capability
  • Swivel option only locks into N-E-W-S orientation, no in-between locking
  • No wheels or casters for easier mobility

7. Graco Slim Spaces Highchair

Graco Slim Spaces Highchair

You really have to give Graco credit: they know how to build a fantastic folding high chair. The Slim Spaces model fits into even the smallest of closets and nooks in the kitchen, and it sacrifices nothing in terms of features and utility.

There is no assembly required for this model; everything is ready to use right out of the box.

The wheeled front basebar makes it easy to maneuver one handed between your dining and storage spaces, and the entire folding mechanism is easily operated with just one hand. Moreover, the seat cover is well padded and stain resistant, and it can be removed for quick cleanup in the washing machine. In terms of versatility, the Slim Spaces model features 6 different height positions and a choice of 3 different reclining levels so that mealtime can be comfortable for both parents and baby regardless of height or size.

To keep your infant safe and secure, this model also features a 5-point safety restraint and removable infant padded support. Your little one will always be safe and secure, and this high will see them through their toddler and big kids years with ease thanks to its adjustability and built-in toddler features.


  • Extremely small storage footprint
  • Plush padded seat with included additional infant suppor
  • Machine washable stain-resistant liner
  • Quick-remove tray
  • 6 height settings
  • 3 reclining settings
  • Wheeled front basebar for easy mobility
  • One-handed folding operation


  • No rear casters for additional mobility when in use
  • Footrest is non-adjustable

8. Disney Simple Fold Plus High Chair

Disney Simple Fold Plus High Chair

When you need a basic folding high chair for your infant or toddler, it is hard to find a better value than the Disney Simple Fold Plus high chair. The Simple Fold Plus features a fast folding mechanism that makes it easy to store in almost any space.

The tray has three positions for your little one’s dining comfort, and the seat pad is plush and wipeable for easy cleanup.

The Simple Fold Plus also has a 3-point safety harness that can keep a child up to 50 lbs. secure, and the included tray insert is dishwasher-safe to make mealtime cleanup fast and easy for mom and dad. The Minnie Mouse motif adds a bright splash of color to your dining room, and this folding high chair fits easily into the car or other small storage spaces.

In terms of long term value, this high chair should see your infant through their first few toddler years. Anyone who needs a compact folding high chair for every occasion, the Disney Simple Fold Plus definitely fits the bill.


  • Easy and fast folding mechanism
  • Lightweight design
  • Wipeable seat liner
  • Dishwasher safe tray insert
  • 3-point safety harness
  • Minnie Mouse bright pink motif


  • No wheels on the base bars
  • Very few adjustment options
  • Long term value is limited

9. Evenflo Symmetry High Chair

Evenflo Symmetry High Chair

An excellent value folding high chair that is chock-full of features, the Evenflo Symmetry has everything you need to get the most out of your folding high chair. The front basebar includes two wheels for added mobility when folded, and the seat sports 2 reclining positions and 3 tray positions.

For your baby’s comfort, the high chair also has well padded shoulder covers on the 5-point harness, and the entire seat cover is machine washable to make cleanup easier on mom and dad.

Furthermore, the removable tray has a dishwasher safe liner for even more convenience. The storage footprint is very small by design, and you can easily store this high chair in a hall closet or broom cupboard. Its light weight also makes it useful for family outings to restaurants or family gatherings.

Overall, this is an excellent high chair for your child as they transition from infant to high chair and being to eat on their own.


  • Lightweight design for better portability and versatility
  • Wheeled front base bar for easier maneuverability when folded
  • 2-position reclining seat
  • 3-position adjustable tray
  • 5-point harness with padded shoulder covers
  • Machine washable seat liner
  • Dishwasher-safe tray liner


  • Limited height adjustment options
  • Seat padding is minimal at best

10. Peg Perego Prima Pappa Best High Chair

Peg Perego Prima Pappa Best High Chair

As mid-tier models go, the Prima Pappa definitely makes an attractive option. The tray can easily be removed and stored on the back of the chair in the included cargo netting.

The footrest, which provides additional security and safety for infants and toddlers, has 3 adjustable positions, and the high chair’s height has 7 preset positions.

The seat reclines easily into 5 positions, and the 5 point restraints are removable when they are no longer needed. What makes this folding high chair special though is the built in braking system for the four casters that are mounted to the base bar. Once you have the high chair rolled to where you want it, all you have to do is depress the foot pedal, and your Prima Pappa stays rooted to the spot.

Additionally, this model sports a lengthwise stability bar between the front and rear base bars, adding an additional layer of safety which most folding high chairs do not provide. Overall, this is an exceptional value where versatility and and safety are concerned, and it should last you and your children well past toddlerhood and into their early years.


  • Extremely stable base with locking casters
  • Padded adjustable 5 position reclining seat
  • 5-point safety harness
  • 7 preset height adjustments
  • 3 position adjustable footrest
  • Small folded storage footprint


  • Seat cover is leather and requires special care to prevent peeling
  • Height and reclining are not one-hand adjustable.

Consideration For Best Folding high Chair in 2019

Here are a few points to ponder regarding your purchase of a folding high chair:

A 5-Point Harness

Many children and infants injuries every year involve high chairs, whether they fall when standing up or attempting to get in and out of the highchair themselves. Ensure your child’s safety by purchasing a folding high chair with a 5-point harness, preferably with padding in the shoulders for additional comfort. Buckles should also be easy for your to use, but not easy for your child to unfasten themselves.

Access to Moving Parts

Moving parts and gaps are also a concern when looking at the folding mechanism of the chair. If little limbs, fingers, and toes could easily be trapped or crushed in any moving part of the high chair, whether it is the tray or the folding parts, you may want to look at other high chairs that provide a safer alternative with a better moving parts design.

Overall stability

Make sure that the high chair you select has good stability when unfolded, and if possible try to rock the high chair when unfolded before placing your child in the seat and securing them with the harness. If the high chair doesn’t balance well or doesn’t provide a stable platform while unladen, you may want to consider another model.

Wheel/Castor Locks

If the folding high chair you are considering comes equipped with castor wheels, make certain they have some sort of locking mechanism to keep the high chair still after you have set it up. Non-locking wheels or castors are not safe, and your child’s folding high chair can unexpectedly roll away if pushed or bumped while they are seated. The potential for a fall or other accident is very high if there is no locking mechanism for wheels present, and it should be a dealbreaker feature for any folding high chair purchase.

Fully Adjustable Seat Height and Reclining Angle

When an infant first starts eating from the high chair, they may still struggle with sitting upright for long periods of time. A reclining seat makes it easier for them to stay in the high chair for long periods of time without getting uncomfortable, and it also makes it easier to bottle feed before they are on solids full time.

By the same token, the height of your folding high chair should also be adjustable so you can sit comfortably while feeding your little one. Having to bend or lean at an awkward angle during mealtimes can put a real strain on mom or dad’s back, shoulders, and neck. Make sure you can adjust the height of the chair so it is as comfortable for you as it is for your baby or toddler.

The Final Verdict

Overall, choosing the best folding high chair does not have to be a difficult choice despite the many options available. However, if you still can’t make a decision, we recommend the Graco Swift Fold LX high chair as the best overall value. It has all the safety features a parent could want, makes feeding extra comfortable for you and your child, and folds neatly with one hand to go back into storage.

Definitely give the the Graco Swift Fold LX high chair a closer look when you are shopping for a folding high chair, as it is definitely the best choice for the majority of parents in terms of safety, convenience, and overall long term value.

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