Best Pocket Knife in 2021 – Your Smart Emergency Kit!

A pocket knife is a great tool. However, it can be difficult to make a selection from all of the models in the market. Here are some of the best to narrow down your choice.

Looking for the Best Pocket Knife? Take a Look at These Reviews

A pocket knife is something anyone can use in their daily life. This is the essential tool for a lot of purposes. Nothing can beat it as a cutting tool or for use in first aid during emergencies.

However, it can be hard to determine what is the best pocket knife for you. People have different ideas of what makes a good pocket knife. This is why there are a lot of variations of it on the market.

Things To Consider For Best Pocket Knife in 2021

Whether you’re on the look out for a simple folding knife or for something fancier, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here’s a brief overview of what to look for.

Blade length

A pocket knife’s blade can be a few inches long to a long four inches. This can determine how well it carries and what you can use it for.


A pocket knife is for easy carrying. You either slip it into your pocket or fold it up into a simple carrying case. The key thing here is that you need to be able to comfortably carry it around.

Blade purpose

A simple blade shape is good for cutting. However, other shapes can also allow for better usage when it comes to alternate purposes like unscrewing screws.

Additional features

Some pocket knives have value-adding features like assisted opening. This allows you to unfold the knife with just a single hand. Take note of these if you want better value from your knife.

Best Pocket Knife in 2021 – Reviews

Here are some short reviews of popular pocket knives out there to help you make your selection.

1. Benchmade Griptilian 551

Benchmade Griptilian 551

The first impression that the Benchmade Griptilian 551 makes is that it is large. For a pocket knife, that can be a bit of downside. You’re going to have to fit it into your pocket after all.

However, the Griptilian is a really effective knife. The blade itself is very good.


Most blades need regular sharpening before they can get that nice edge that slices cleanly. The Griptilian has that out of the box. The bulky handle is actually very good for gripping so this knife won’t slip from your hand randomly.

The 3.45 inch blade is also pretty great for most campsite purposes. This is a fine outdoorsman knife. You should consider picking it up as your pocket knife if you hunt or camp regularly.


  • Solid Reputation. The Benchmade brand makes good knives and this is a good example of that.
  • Fits in your Hand. Some knives have problems fitting into your hand. This one won’t have that problem.
  • Partial serration. The blade can handle cutting any item with its serrated and straight edges


  • Big. It can be pretty big to fit in your pocket.

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2. SOG Trident Elite

SOG Trident Elite Assisted Folding Knife

“Tactical” knives are a pretty popular type of knife nowadays. Intended for military use, these knives often find their way into daily life.

The military standards placed on these knives become very useful when you need them to do heavy-duty work.


The Trident Elite SOG knife is an excellent example of a tactical knife that slots right in to the pocket knife category. This knife is intended for heavy use and it shows in its solid construction. The blade length is also quite right, allowing you to use it for most cutting purposes.

It even has an innovative slot cutter feature set in its handle. This allows you to still cut cords and other thin objects without deploying the blade. With its assisted opening feature and its locking system, the Trident Elite blade is a good choice for your outdoor blade.


  • Solid. This is a big advantage of the model. This knife will go through a lot before it breaks.
  • Easy grip. When using knives, a solid grip is necessary. Thanks to its design, you can hold the Trident in any position.
  • Lightweight. This knife is surprising lightweight. You can carry it around with ease.


  • Bulky. This knife won’t easily fit into your pocket.

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3. Kershaw Leek Knife

Kershaw Leek knife

The Kershaw Leek Knife looks pretty sleek in its full metallic glory. A lot of people will buy this knife on looks alone. However, this particular knife is more than just looks.

The blade is around 3 inches long. Pretty short, but the design for it makes it pretty serviceable. The blade design is straight and has a drop point.


This makes it ideal for cutting, though the tip tends to bend if you use it too much. The knife’s overall design is actually pretty good for a pocket knife. The slim profile lets it slip into your pockets easily, without leaving an unsightly bulge.

Its also pretty useful with its assisted opening feature, letting you unfold the blade with just one hand. Overall, you’ll love the Leek if you’re looking for a knife that looks good and cuts just as well.


  • Sharp blade. A sharp knife is always useful and the Leek is pretty sharp.
  • Looks nice. Pull this out of your pocket and impress everyone with its sleek look.
  • Opens Easily. A quick flick in either hand and you’re ready to go.


  • Short handle. You need leverage when cutting and the handle is a bit short to put a lot of pressure on the blade.

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4. Buck 110 Folding Hunter

Buck 110 Folding Hunter

The Buck 110 Folding Hunter is another throwback to classic designs. The difference is that this is no modern variation.

This is the same model the company sold for decades. This is a literal classic of pocket knives and has stood the test of time.


Despite its old design, the Folding Hunter is still relevant today. In contrast to other designs on the market, this knife is pretty large. Its blade length pretty much beats any of the others. However, the design is a classic for a reason.

This knife is durable and strong. The blade is just right for cutting or slicing anything you might need to, whether indoors or outdoors. It also looks pretty good with its varnished wood and metal. If you want a dependable knife option, you can do worse than this.


  • Proven Design. The Folding Hunter design remains as one of the best knife designs out there.
  • Long Blade Length. The blade is longer than others on the market.
  • Classic Look. The varnished wood handle looks great and the blade is well-designed.


  • Dated. The design does not use the latest in modern knife developments.

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5. Opinel Slim No. 8

Opinel Slim No. 8

The Opinel brand is well-known in France. This is the knife brand that you bring to a restaurant to cut your steaks and cheese with.

This is noticeable from the Opinel Slim No. 8 design. From its slim profile to the wooden handle, you will come to love its simple elegance.


The blade length is around 3.25 inches. That is good enough for simple everyday tasks. The blade quality is also pretty good, with a good flex to it for most functions. Take note though that you won’t be using this for heavy-duty functions though.

If you want an everyday knife, then an Opinel should be enough to meet your needs. However, you may want something heavier if you like camping or roughing it.


  • Look Good. These knives are great to show off.
  • Sharp Blade. Use this knife for everything from eating to opening envelopes.
  • Easy to use. Just fold it open to use.


  • Light Use Only. This knife not for the great outdoors. Just use it for daily life and you should be okay.

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6. Gerber STL 2.0 Fine Edge

Gerber STL 2.0 Fine Edge

The Gerber STL 2.0 Fine Edge is a simple and portable knife that fits anywhere. There’s nothing fancy about this knife’s construction.

It has the blade and two frame pieces, that’s all. The result is something similar to classic designs, but with a modern edge to them.


The blade itself is around two inches. Fully opened, the knife measures five inches from tip to tip. The locking mechanism is a bit fiddly though. You may also struggle with opening it up.

However, the blade is sharp. It will cut what you need it to cut thanks to its Gerber quality. The knife also has a small fingerprint. It only weighs an ounce and fits well into your pocket.


  • Thin. This will fit easily into any pocket.
  • Decent Blade. This knife has a sharp enough blade for any of your purposes.
  • Simple. This is just a knife with no additional complicated features.


  • Handling. It can be hard to hold and fold in when done.

7. Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army

Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army

The Victorinox brand should be familiar with anyone who has ever bought a Swiss Army knife. The venerable Swiss knife maker has been making them for years.

Their classic SD Swiss Army knife is the typical Swiss Army knife.This is a very good tool for daily use. With a small footprint, this knife will fit right into your pocket.


This is a very good tool for daily use. With a small footprint, this knife will fit right into your pocket. Plus this is a personal groomer’s complete tool: you get scissors, a nail file, and even a tooth pick in the bargain.

The main problem is that the knife portion is not exactly for heavy usage. It can cut most things, but you may have to struggle a bit. Also, you’ll need to hands to open this up with its fingernail opening mechanism for the blades and the other tools.


  • .Well-known brand. Swiss Army knives carry a great reputation that has lasted for a century.
  • Portable. This model is pretty small and fits well in your pocket.
  • Multiple uses. This is not just a knife. It has other tools that come with it.


  • Not for heavy work. This is more of a general tool than a good knife.

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8. Old Timer 180T Mighty Mite

Old Timer 180T Mighty Mite

Sometimes, you just want something simple. The Oldtimer Mighty Mite is what you need. This knife is a throwback to the knife designs of the 1900s.

No complicated tricks or added features here. This is just a knife, pure and simple.


This knife is actually pretty small. A little bigger than your Swiss Army Knife, it is pretty thin. This is the ideal tool for opening letter or sharpening pencils. The only modern feature is the locking mechanism for added safety.

This is the knife you’d buy for your kid to teach about how to use knife and how to keep it safe. The small size is a bit awkward in adult hands, but ideal for smaller hands. This is an ideal beginner’s knife for those who are looking for one.


  • Small. The size makes it ideal as a pocket knife.
  • Updated. Unlike traditional pocket knives, this has a locking mechanism for safety.
  • Easy to Use. It is ideal for beginners and children.


  • Basic. This does not have many fancy features.

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9. Benchmade Mini-Barrage

Benchmade Mini-Barrage

The Benchmade Mini Barrage 585 comes from Benchmade’s popular Mini Barrage line. The “mini” is no misnaming.

The blade of the knife only measures around 2.91 inches. That is noticeably shorter than the other pocket knives in the market.


With the blade out, the knife measures nearly seven inches long. This is a good length that fits well in your hand. The handle is pretty ergonomic, ensuring that you have a comfortable grip while cutting with this knife.

The 585 has a couple of features that make it interesting. The axis lock keeps the blade in position, whether it is out or closed up. This lock also help with the assisted opening feature that can open up the knife without assistance. Finally, this knife is available for both left- and right-hand usage.

Overall, this knife is not world-shaking, but it is definitely a good one.


  • Great blade. This blade will cut most things that you need to cut.
  • Assisted opening. No need to fumble around opening this knife.
  • Compact. This will fit right into your pocket.


  • Learning Curve. This knife will take some time to be familiar with. Learn its quirks before getting fancy.

10. Neokut Black Kryptonite

Neokut Black Kryptonite

Another tactical knife that catches the eye is the Neokut Black Kryptonite. With a name like that, it has a lot to live up to. No worries on that score though, as the blade delivers on all fronts.

As a tactical tool, this tool has a built-in glass breaker and a slotted cord cutter.


This makes it ideal as a rescue knife. Buy this to wear during outdoor excursions, so that when an emergency pops up, you’ll have the tools for the job.

As a knife, Neokut’s product is pretty solid and tough. The black blade’s design is for heavy use, with a sharp edge that will cut through most what you’d need it to. It can be a bit big in your hand and pocket though. Fortunately, there’s a pocket clip to keep it in place.


  • Tactical usage. With a slotted cord cutter and a glass breaker, this is more than a knife.
  • Sharp blade. With a blade this sharp, you can face any challenge.
  • Durable. Like all tactical knives, this knife can handle most situations.


  • Large. This knife is not an easy fir into a pocket. Fortunately, there is a pocket clip to keep it secure.

You can check some more pocket knife below:

1. Zero Tolerance 0456

Zero Tolerance 0456 Sinkevich

Made in collaboration with Dmitri Sinkevich, the Zero Tolerance 0456 is great-looking pocket knife.

The blade is full-on titanium and aluminum, giving it an impressive look. Zero Tolerance contributed by making it a solid piece.


The blade itself is pretty unique. It is longer than 4 inches, which should make it a bit of a legal problem in some places. However, it is thick and solid. This makes it useful for more than cutting and slicing. The tip though makes it ideal for that purpose.

The handle is pretty solid. Once you get a grip on it, you’ll be sure to not let it go. As a folding knife, the lock is solid so you won’t worry about it folding back. Buy this if you want a unique and solid knife for your everyday use.


  • Unique Look. If you want an attention-grabbing knife, then this is it.
  • Solid Construction. The knife is made of titanium and aluminum, making it a tough to break.
  • Great Ergonomics. The design allows for a solid grip with your hand.


  • Hard to Open. When you first get it, there maybe a bit of stiffness when opening. Break it in with regular use.

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2. Spyderco Military Titanium C36TI

Spyderco Military Titanium

The Spyderco Military Titanium C36TI is actually pretty old. First released in 1996, the knife became legendary for its solid features and great construction.

Back in 2010, the company released a full titanium version, which is this one.


That was a big change. Let’s be clear, titanium is a game changer for a pocket knife. It’s light and super-strong. These are ideal qualities for a knife that you’re using a lot and plan to carry around.

The basic design is still the same though. The SpyderCo blade is long and thin, the right type that you want for cutting or slicing. It also has the trademark thumb hole for easy deployment. Overall, this is a great update to a classic.


  • Titanium. The reissue uses solid titanium for a more solid construction.
  • Light. Pocket knives are for portable use and the lightness of the knife is a big bonus.
  • Flexible Blade Design. The blade can cut or slice depending on your grip.


  • Difficulty Opening. The solid construction has a downside though. It can be tough to open this the first time.

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3. Benchmade APB Assist Family

Benchmade APB Assist Family

The Benchmade APB Assist is actually a family of knives from Benchmade. They all have one thing in common – they feature a solid locking feature that stops a blade from folding in at the most uncomfortable times.

This is is pretty important for those who use folding pocket knives so it attracts quite a bit of attention.


Does it live up to the hype? Yes, it does. Benchmade already has the Axis Lock system that stops over a 1000 pounds of force on a blade. The APB system looks to be even stronger. Combined with the assisted opening and closing features, these pocket knives are the safest that you can buy.


  • Solid Lock. The new locking system is pretty good and works perfectly.
  • Sharp Blade. Benchmade knives can get pretty sharp and these knives are no exception.
  • Ambidextrous. It does not matter whether you’re right- or left-handed. You can use this knife with no problems.


  • Break-in Period. The lock can be initially stiff. You’ll need to put some oil and use to break it in.

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4. Guardian Tactical HELIX DELTRIX

Guardian Tactical HELIX DELTRIX

The tactical knife branding is a simple shorthand to say that the knife is tough. This is because soldiers and police officers put their equipment through a lot of punishment.

The Guardian Tactical HELIX DELTRIX is one of the best examples around. This means it is one of the toughest of the bunch.


Designed with help from the US Protective Service, this knife is a beast on the field. It’s got a carbon fiber handle that is both light and durable. With solid grips and finger grooves, the handle has excellent ergonomics.

This is important when you need to hold it in various positions. The 4 inch blade is solid stainless steel and cuts clean. You’ll want this in your pocket if you live an active outdoor life.


  • Titanium. The reissue uses solid titanium for a more solid construction
  • Light. Pocket knives are for portable use and the lightness of the knife is a big bonus.
  • Flexible Blade Design. The blade can cut or slice depending on your grip.


  • Difficult to Open. The solid construction has a downside though. It can be tough to open this the first time

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5. Gerber Edict Knife

Gerber Edict Knife

A tactical folding knife from Gerber, the Gerber Edict Knife has a blade length of around 3.6 inches. That is a solid length for most tasks. The tanto shape makes it useful for a variety of purposes.

Combined with the solid blade quality of Gerber, this will cut anything that you need to cut in your daily life.


Thanks to the corrosion resistant coating, this knife will last you a long time. With the sturdy grip, this knife locks solidly. You will be safe from any accidents while using this knife. Overall, the Gerber Edict is an excellent small knife that can handle any heavy-duty jobs that you throw at it.


  • Sharpness. This knife’s sharpness is solid and it will cut most things.
  • Solid Weight. This knife won’t feel flimsy in your hand like most knives.
  • Easy Open. For a pocket knife, it is important that it opens easily.


  • Complicated Lock. Locking it in place can be complicated.

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6. CRKT M16-03S Classic

CRKT M16-03S Classic

The CRKT M16-03S Classic is actually a reissue. A classic design from Kit Carson, a Cutlery Hall of Famer, the M16 design was a great knife for many purposes. CRKT brings it back with this latest reissue.

The original M16s were before the rise of tactical knives. This latest reissue takes the classic M16 and gives them a tactical makeover.


It features a spear point blade made of stainless steel and uses the Carson flipper for quick blade deployment. Additional safety features like the locking liner ensures you don’t get cut by your own knife. With its all-black look and proven design, this is a knife you’ll want to bring along many times.


  • Easy Blade Release. It takes a second to get the blade deployed.
  • Added Safety Features. The classic needed an update in the safety features and it got it.
  • Durable Design. Tactical knives are tougher than your normal pocket knives and this update just made that change to the M16


  • Complicated Lock Mechanism. The added safety does make it harder to lock down the knife.

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7. SOG Aegis Mini

SOG Aegis Mini

The SOG Aegis Mini is a standard offering from SOG. The SOG brand delivers what its buyers want and they want tactical knives. The Aegis Mini just takes the original Aegis and cuts it down in size.

This is a good thing because the Aegis was a pretty good mass-market knife, but its size kept getting in the way.


With the Aegis Mini, buyers get a blade just 3 inches long. This is the ideal length for everyday use. Plus, the Aegis Mini features a very good blade design that makes it ideal for cutting. If you need a knife for everyday slicing and cutting, buy the SOG Aegis Mini to meet that need easily.


  • Size. The Mini Size is great for a pocket tactical knife.
  • Excellent Blade Design. For a three-inch blade, it delivers a lot of uses.
  • Good Ergonomics. The Mini fits perfectly in most hands.


  • Plastic Handle. The handle feels cheap compared to other knives in the market. However, it does not affect performance.

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8. Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 Patriotic

Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 Patriotic

The Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 Patriotic should be instantly recognizable. With its fancy black tassel marking it, you know that you’re looking at quality.

Chris Reeve started designing his Sebenza series way back in the 1980s. All his knives are a perfectionist’s dream.


For the ordinary user, this is probably a bit of overkill. This knife is great ergonomically and will cut nearly everything. The trouble is that a lot of other knives can do that.

Still, if you really want to hold a piece of perfection in your hands, the Sebenza 21 is a good choice to make. Handcrafted from blue titanium, it is worth every penny that you pay for it.


  • Well-designed. Chris Reeve’s designs are always great and the improvements in them are very noticeable.
  • Solid Grip. One of these design features is the ergonomic grip, so the knife won’t slip from your hand.
  • Durable. This is a knife that you own for life.


  • Loose Lock. You may have problems with the locking mechanism because of the blade’s shape.

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9. Kershaw Launch

Kershaw Launch 3

The Launch series from Kershaw is a pretty good option for those looking for automatic pocket knives.

This is for those who want more than an assisted opening feature. Just press a button and the knife pops out.


It may sound unsafe, but the Kershaw Launch 3 and its brothers ensure that you don’t pop this open accidentally. The button is set in a deep recess to stop any accidental pushing. When you do push it, the action is quick.

As for the knife itself, it is a pretty good product. The blade is sharp and the handle fits well in your hand. Overall, this is one of the better automatic pocket knives out there.


  • Fits Well In the Pocket. This knife is small and portable.
  • Looks Great. For those who appreciate looks as much as functionality, the Launch 3 hits the sweet spot.
  • Excellent Action. The blade pops out with a single button press.


  • Difficult Lock. The lock does not properly work sometimes. You may need to fiddle with it a bit.

10. Rockstead Higo X

Rockstead Higo X

Originating from Japan, the Rockstead Higo X is a pretty impressive pocket knife. Made by some of the best knife makers in the world, this knife looks good and performs just as well.

You’ll fall in love with the ironwood handle and the simple blade design.


This is the sort of knife that you like to pull out to show off. It never disappoints in its performance. The 3.5 inch blade is the result of repeated heat-treating and sharpening so that you get a physically impressive final product. It even comes with a custom leather case for you to carry it in.

If you’ve got the budget for it, the Higo X is definitely a must-buy in terms of both performance and design.


  • Great Brand. Rockstead is a brand that people respect in the knife world.
  • Sharp Blade. The blade of this knife is one of the sharpest and toughest out there.
  • Looks Good. This knife turns people’s heads with its great look.


  • Designer Model. This model can be difficult to find since it is a high-end model.

11. Rockstead TEI-DLC

Rockstead TEI-DLC

Rockstead excels at producing solid knives and blades. This may be because they’re based in Japan. Maybe they’re just that good.

Their TEI-S DLC is pretty much one of the best knives out there and it is all down to its blade.


When you see it, it’s like miniature katana with its double-convex shape. The company used high speed tool steel to make the blade and the quality shows. This knife can cut through bamboo cleanly and easily.

It is not just the blade that shows good quality. The handle is a work of art. Made of aluminum. It has wave patterns to improve the grip. It also has stingray leather inlays. This is a definite purchase for any blade lover.


  • Lovely Blade Shape. The blade is similar to the Japanese katana, giving it a traditional look
  • Great Quality. Rockstead makes some of the best blades out there. This is no exception
  • Looks Good. This is a knife that will get a lot of people’s attention when you pull it out.


  • Difficult to Find. This is a model that is in high demand. It can be hard to find one for sale.

12. Microtech Socom Delta Aluminum

Microtech Socom Delta Aluminum

The Microtech Socom Delta Aluminum is a Special Forces knife to buy. Designed for work in military field operations, you know that this blade is going to be tough.

If it can keep up with Navy Seals, it can keep up with you. The blade is a clip point shape with half-serration.


This makes it easy for cutting or slicing, depending on your choice. The black blade is sharp and minimizes reflections with its black color.

It also uses a smooth ceramic bearing system to allow for quick fold-out action. You’ll find no difficulty opening this knife up when necessary. If you’re looking for tactical knife to beat all tactical knives, this one is it.


  • Solid Blade. The blade on this knife is very sharp and is in black so it has no reflection.
  • Ceramic Bearing. The knife folds out thanks to the internal ceramic ball bearings inside the handle.
  • Great Grip. Ergonomic design ensures that you won’t lose your grip on this knife.


  • Handle. These have a tendency to get scratched easily. Be careful if you want it look pristine.

13. William Henry Monarch “Sawtelle”

William Henry Monarch

Sometimes, you just want to buy a knife to impress people. This is what you get the William Henry Monarch “Sawtelle” for. Pull it out and you will have people paying attention.

First, there’s the artistic design on the ironwood handle. That’s actual 24k gold in the inlay of the handle and citrine gems studding it. Plus, when you open it up, the Damascus blade has intricate patterns on them.


You’ll probably regret opening this knife to actually use it. However, it is still perfectly functional. It can still cut as good as any blade. You’ll have to be careful though when sharpening it to not lose the distinct patterns on the steel.


  • Jeweled Design. The gems are a nice touch.
  • Impressive Blade Pattern. The unique patterns on the blade are great for collectors who want to impress.
  • Limited Run. Owning one of these is definitely something to be proud of.


  • Decorative. This one is not for use anywhere. You buy it to show off to other people.

14. STRIDER KNIVES Multi-function folding knife

STRIDER KNIVES Multi-function folding knife

The STRIDER KNIVES Multi-function folding knife is like looking at a piece of the future. It looks a bit blocky and metallic at first. However, you’ll find that this is all engineered to a purpose.

This is a daily carry knife intended for regular use. First of all the blade is a short 2.75 inches.


This is ideal for most purposes: cutting ropes and cords, opening letters, and more. The drop point blade is adaptable to all of these situations. The real star of the show is the handle and the features. It folds up well and has solid ergonomics for a great firm grip. The result is a knife that you can depend on in any situation.


  • Drop Point Blade. The flexible blade shape is useful for a variety of purposes.
  • Nice Folding Action. The blade folds up and out easily and quickly.
  • Great Ergonomics. This knife fits well into your grip.


  • Short Blade. The knife’s blade is shorter than most others on the market.

15. Boker Classic Mokume Damascus

Boker Classic Mokume Damascus

There are some knives that are just meant for a collection and the Boker Classic Mokume Damascus is one of those. You’ll notice it immediately by how good it looks.

The Imbuia wood handle, commonly found in high-end furniture is sure to catch your attention.


When you fold it out though, you get to see the beauty of the blade. Forged using a delicate process, the Damascus blade has a unique typhoon pattern. This result is entrancing to look at. Combined with the boker bolsters, this is a piece of art you’d want to have as an heirloom.

It even comes in a solid wooden box with a certificate of authenticity. Buy this if you’re an avid blade collector.


  • Great Materials. This blade has some of the best materials out there. Good steel and wood go together to create a lovely knife.
  • Unique Blade Pattern. The typhoon pattern on the blade is great to look at.
  • Collector’s Edition. You will get this knife with a letter of authenticity.


  • For Collection’s Only. You won’t be taking this out to cut anything anytime soon.

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16. Spyderco Rubicon Folding Knife

Spyderco Rubicon Folding Knife

The Spyderco Rubicon Folding Knife is another designer model. Developed from Peter Carey’s original Rubicon design, it combines great form with excellent function. The small form factor hides a pretty good knife.

First, the carbon fiber handle is one of the best out there. When you get your hands on it, you’ll be happy with the smooth grip that it gives you.


The titanium liners finish off the handle to give it a solid look. The blade itself is pretty good. It has the Rubicon shape of the original design and measures around 3 inches. It is pretty sharp and cuts through paper and cardboard easily.

You’ll want something tougher if you’re dealing with heavier work though. Buy this knife if you want a simple knife for everyday use.


  • Solid Grip. Carbon fiber allows you to hold this knife with a tight grip.
  • Well-shaped Blade. The blade can slice or cut depending on use.
  • Small. The knife first well into your pocket.


  • Handle Shape. The handle does not let you apply the knife with full force.

Final Verdict

The question of the best pocket knife is dependent on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something to put on a display case, you may want some of the designer models. However, if you want something for daily work, look at the more functional pieces and consider what you usually face in your workday.

Remember the old saying that the best knife is often the knife that you carry. Keep that in mind, the next time you’re blade shopping.

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