Best Push Up Bras In The Market in 2021 – Guideline By Fitness Expert

You’ve probably heard that almost 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. It seems impossible that so many people would purchase such a fundamental garment in a size that doesn’t fit them, but it’s true!

As all women know, bra shopping is frustrating and confusing. Band sizes, cup sizes and styles all cause different fits. Poking underwires and rubbing shoulder straps are common problems and can make the process even more unpleasant.

But hopefully, with some research, the whole experience can be made easier. Read on for information on the 10 best push up bras of 2018.

10 Best Push Up Bras Comparison


Product Name

Primary Material Size Check Price
La Perla Souple Push Up Bra La Perla Souple Push Up Bra Cotton/Elastane/Nylon 32 to 40 Check Latest Price
b.tempt'd Women's'd b.tempt’d Women’s’d Nylon/Spandex 30 to 38 Check Latest Price
Calvin Klein Women's Icon Calvin Klein Women’s Icon Nylon/Elastane 32 to 38 Check Latest Price
Lily of France Women's Gel Touch Lily of France Women’s Gel Touch Polyester/Spandex 32 to 38 Check Latest Price
Betsey Johnson Women's Perfectly Betsey Johnson Women’s Perfectly Nylon/Spandex 30 to 36 Check Latest Price
Maidenform Women's Love The Lift Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift Nylon/Spandex 32 to 38 Check Latest Price
Lily of France Women's Sensational Lace Lily of France Women’s Sensational Lace Nylon/Spandex 32 to 38 Check Latest Price
Vassarette Women's Add A Size Vassarette Women’s “Add A Size” Nylon/Spandex 34 to 38 Check Latest Price
Komene Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Komene Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Natural Silicone 32 to 38
OnGossamer Women's Mesh Bump It Up OnGossamer Women’s Mesh Bump It Up Nylon 30 to 34 Check Latest Price

10 Best Push Up Bras in 2018 – Reviews

1. La Perla Souple Push Up Bra with Lace Sides

La Perla Souple Push Up Bra with Lace Sides (906531)

This elegant bra features demi cups and see-through lace sides and back, making it a sexy and lightweight option for a push up bra. It has a seamless construction, which helps with a smooth appearance under clothes.

An underwire adds support and structure. An added bonus is that the push up padding is removable.


Simply slip the pads in or out of the pouches inside of the cups to customize how much lift the bra gives. The cups themselves are covered with a soft jersey knit, which makes this a good option for wearing under t-shirts! One downside of this bra is that it is not convertible–but some may prefer that, since it typically means better support than a strapless style with detachable straps.


  • Removable padding allows you to customize the lift
  • Cotton jersey cups for comfort
  • Underwire for support
  • Lace sides and back for breathability and a feminine look
  • Adjustable straps
  • Seamless cups fit smoothly


  • Some may dislike the lace or find it itchy
  • Some may dislike the removable padding or find it too thick
  • Not a convertible bra, only wearable as standard style
  • Narrow back and only two hook-and-eye closure may be uncomfortable or inadequate for larger cup sizes

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2. b.tempt’d Women’s’d Push-Up Bra

b.tempt'd Women's'd Push-Up Bra

This sleek and elegant bra is designed with scalloped plunge-neckline demi cups. Contrast satin trim gives a fun twist to the style, making it a little cheeky. This bra has a seamless cup style, which can help make it appear smooth under clothing, and an underwire for support.

However, it is very lightly padded, so if you need more padding or desire more padding for cleavage enhancement this may not be the best solution for you.


Detachable, adjustable and convertible straps are included, but they are not invisible. Due to the design of the cups, there is not as much support as is found in some other strapless styles, so women with larger chests may not be able to wear it as a strapless. Overall, it seems to be a solid bra for women with smaller chests or who do not need a sturdy strapless, or someone who does not want a great deal of padding.


  • Seamless construction makes it smooth under clothes
  • Elegant scalloped demi cups
  • Convertible straps allow you to wear this bra multiple ways
  • Contrast satin trim
  • Plunge neckline
  • Underwire provides support


  • Insufficient support to wear as a strapless bra
  • Sizing may be tricky, as it seems to run small
  • Little padding, so will not enhance cleavage significantly
  • Contrast trim may show through sheer or light colored clothing
  • Push up is provided by a bump of padding lower in the cups, which may be uncomfortable or insufficient

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3. Calvin Klein Women’s Icon Push-Up Convertible Bra

Calvin Klein Women's Icon Push-Up Convertible Bra

This underwire bra has padded cups and a scalloped band and criss-cross strap in the center front. It is padded with soft gel and adds about one cup size of lift.

The seamless style makes it a great option for wearing under t-shirts or fitted clothing. Convertible straps allow you to wear it in a standard style or criss-cross in the back.


The cups are soft and lightly padded but providing good everyday lift. It certainly won’t give extreme cleavage, but it’s comfortable and good for if you just want a little extra boost. It’s comfortable for an all-day wear, though, so if that’s what you need, it’s a very good option!


  • Soft cups make for a comfortable fit
  • Lightly padded for everyday wear
  • Seamless, smooth style
  • Convertible straps offer versatility
  • Natural shape and lift
  • Soft details (scalloped band, criss-cross in front) add a nice touch
  • Adjustable straps for a good fit


  • Check sizing, as bra brands can differ, and this one may require a different band size than you typically wear
  • Not extreme push-up cleavage effect
  • Larger (not demi) cups means fuller coverage, less cleavage
  • Straps cannot be converted to halter or strapless styles

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4. Lily of France Women’s Gel Touch Push Up Bra

Lily of France Women's Gel Touch Strapless Push Up Bra 2111121

This bra boasts silicone lining along the sides and underwire to prevent it from falling down. It comes with clear, invisible straps that can be used in a regular, criss-cross or halter configuration.

The gel touch pads help to create a natural silhouette, keeping the push-up aspect from looking lopsided or lumpy under a shirt. Boning in the side seams lends extra support to the underwire bra.


In terms of prettiness, this bra has narrow scalloped lace detail along the top of the cups and lace overlay on the side panels. This adds a feminine touch without you having to worry about it showing through your clothing.


  • Underwire bra gives good support
  • Boning in side seams reinforces
  • Gel touch pads lend bra a natural silhouette
  • Silicone strips along sides, underwire and back help bra stay in place
  • Clear detachable straps allow for versatility and usage with different styles of clothes
  • Graduated padding to enhance and boost cleavage


  • Silicone bands can irritate sensitive skin
  • Inconsistent sizing causes problems–strapless bras can fit differently than a standard bra
  • Padding in cups is not removable
  • Strapless bras (even with convertible straps) can be tougher to find for larger bra sizes and less comfortable for larger cup sizes

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5. Betsey Johnson Women’s Perfectly Sexy Push up Bra

Betsey Johnson Women's Perfectly Sexy Double Trouble Push up Bra

This sleek and modern bra comes in shiny microfiber material that gives it a unique appeal. It has detailing like decorative stitching on the front of the straps and sparkly rhinestone bling in the front center between the cups. One of the biggest perks, however, is the fact that this bra adds not one, but two cup sizes!

Between the soft, luxurious material and the va-va-voom cleavage it gives, this is a great option for a push up bra.


It’s comfortable and perfect for special occasions.

This is a fuller coverage bra, so perhaps not a good option for wearing under very low-cut tops. However, the microfiber material will lay smoothly under clothing and the bra gives a natural, enhanced look.


  • Good fit (seems true to size)Adds two cup sizes
  • Soft, shiny material
  • Decorative details give it a nice appeal
  • Comfortable band
  • Thicker padded cups for extra cleavage and lift
  • Molded cups with no bumps or removable pads
  • Natural look
  • Good for special occasions or to increase breast size to fill out a top


  • Shiny material may show through sheer clothes or t-shirts
  • Heavily padded, so perhaps not good for everyday wear
  • Cups are molded with no removable padding

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6. Maidenform Women’s Love The Lift Push-Up Bra

Maidenform Women's Love The Lift Push-Up Bra

Criss-cross bands at the center front and see-through lace panels on the side and back make this an elegant and feminine option for a push up bra. Demi cups provide good coverage, but also allow you to wear low-cut tops and show off the cleavage this bra creates!

An underwire provides support, with smoothing side wings to prevent any rolls or bumps under clothing.


The padding provides push up and lift without being suffocating or itchy, though it does add a full cup size and may not be comfortable for daily wear.


  • Elegant lace for a feminine appeal
  • Smoothing side panels
  • Machine washable
  • Plunge neckline allows you to wear it under low-cut styles
  • Adjustable straps
  • Underwire for support
  • Adds a full cup size to two cup sizes


  • The band may come up high under the arm, making it not a good option for some sleeveless styles
  • Some varieties may have convertible straps, but not all–be sure you know what type you are purchasing
  • Sizing may vary, make sure you are measuring properly and according to the brand’s instruction
  • Cups may be more full coverage than photos make it appear

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7. Lily of France Women’s Sensational Lace Push Up Bra

Lily of France Women's Sensational Lace Push Up Bra 2175220

This bra has comfort as one of its main selling points. Soft, graduated padding provides the lift and “oomph,” while the back is made from 2-ply material to prevent any bumps or lumps. The cups are foam and buttery soft and silky.

It fits well, crafted from elegant fabric with a nice sheen, accented by lace. Seamless sides and smooth cups create a natural and clean look under clothes.


There is an underwire in this bra, which some women with smaller chests may find uncomfortable. But if you are larger chested, it provides additional support and lift you may like. This is a good push up bra option for even everyday use, due to the comfort of the fabric!


  • Lace accents make this a very pretty bra
  • Underwire for support
  • Seamless sides2-ply smoothing back
  • Soft foam provides lift and cleavage
  • Sexy, feminine style
  • Comfortable enough for daily wear


  • Sizing may be different; look at the brand’s recommendations for sizing
  • Cup inserts are not removable
  • Underwire may be uncomfortable or too much for smaller chests
  • Straps are not convertible, so this can only be worn in one style

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8. Vassarette Women’s “Add A Size” Push Up Bra

Vassarette Women's Add A Size Push Up Bra 75349

This satiny bra has lace accents on the cups and sides that add a subtle sexiness to the overall appearance. It has an underwire for support, split straps for style and a two-way stretch fabric to provide comfort and lift as well as smoothing.

The smooth fabric will give you a natural and clean shape under clothing, especially for smaller-chested women.


However, this bra does need to be hand washed, as the padding is a thinner foam and may become crinkled or folded in a washing machine. The sizing can also run small, so be sure to measure and check the brand’s suggestions before purchasing. This is a good style for less cleavage or perhaps everyday use.


  • Adds a cup size
  • Underwire for support
  • Split straps are stylish
  • Stretch fabric for comfort and lift
  • Adjustable straps
  • Natural shape
  • Smooth under clothing
  • Fits small-chested women well


  • Hand wash, as the cup padding is thin foam and will crinkle if washed in a machine
  • Straps are not convertible, so can only be worn in standard style
  • Sizing runs small
  • Lace can become folded and lumped under clothes
  • Lighter padding, so not extreme cleavage
  • Straps are uncomfortable and do not stay adjusted very well

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9. Komene Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Push-up Pink Bra

Komene Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Push-up Pink Bra 2017 New

This bra is unique in the following ways: 1) it is adhesive, 2) it is both backless and strapless and 3) it is made from silicone. This push up bra is crafted from 100 percent natural silicone, and adheres to the chest using medical-grade biological gel.

It is reusable, as the two silicone cups are easy to clean and reapply. It offers the support of a normal bra, but with far more freedom and versatility in what can be worn over it.


It is smooth and seamless, so it will give a natural shape under clothing. However, it does have its faults–many women with larger chests find that it does not provide adequate support for their comfort, so they choose to look elsewhere for their strapless bra needs.


  • Backless and strapless
  • Smooth and seamless
  • 100 percent silicone cups create a natural and smooth silhouette
  • Perfect solution for backless style dresses or formal events with a unique style gown


  • Skin must be clean before applying bra to ensure it sticks, so no use of lotion, perfume or powders before use
  • Cannot be worn if you will sweat, as the moisture can cause the adhesive to dissolve
  • Multi-step process to put on, so very different from a typical bra

10. OnGossamer Women’s Mesh Bump It Up Push Up Bra

OnGossamer Women's Mesh Bump It Up Push Up Bra

This bra is crafted from fine mesh, making it breathable and comfortable even for longer wears. At first glance, it’s a standard underwire bra–simple lines, adjustable straps and a hook-and-eye closure.

But the thing that makes this unique is the gore at the center front of the bra. By twisting it once or twice, you can choose how much additional push up effect you want.


This bra adds a cup size in cleavage from its contour cups and is lightweight due to thinner padding and mesh construction. It is well suited for smaller chested women, but because of the single hook-and-eye and lightweight material, may not provide sufficient support for larger chested women. It also is not a convertible bra, only wearable as a standard style.


  • Twistable gore at center front allows you to choose how much lift you want
  • Mesh side panels make this bra light and breathable
  • Underwire for support
  • Lightly padded–most of the lift comes from the twist at the center, not padding


  • Only one hook-and-eye for closure, which may make it less suitable for larger sizes
  • Irregular band sizing, may need to purchase a size up to ensure it fits properly
  • Not much padding, which may be a con depending on your preferred style

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Considerations For Best Push Up Bras in 2018

When purchasing a bra, the first thing you need to consider is what size you should wear. As mentioned before, 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size. One way to rectify this is to seek out a lingerie department or store with bra fitting experts, and be professionally measured and sized. Not only will these professionals be able to tell you what size you wear, they can help you find bras that will best enhance and fit your body.

One thing that most women don’t know is that you may not only wear one size. Bras can vary in size across brands, and there are what are known as “sister sizes”–cup and band sizes that correspond to each other, like a 34B, 32C and 36A. If you find that your normal size is uncomfortable or doesn’t fit quite right in a certain style, consider trying on a sister size to see if it fits better.

If you don’t have access to a lingerie department and professional bra fitting expert, you can measure yourself at home or have a friend or spouse help. Every brand can have their own charts for sizing, but the method of measuring is generally the same. Here’s how, in case you do not know:

Stand in front of a mirror. Wrap a measuring tape around your chest, right above your bust. Go under each arm and around the front and back. This number is your band size. If it is an odd number, round down to the nearest even number.

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust, not too tightly or too loosely. A good way to do this is to take a deep breath and exhale, letting the tape fall to its most comfortable and snug position. This is your bust size. Round up to the nearest whole number.

Use a bra size calculator like this one from Victoria’s Secret to find your bra size. Or, if you are looking at bras in a specific brand, see if they have a chart or calculator available to make sure you get the best fit.

Once you know what size you wear, you will have other things to consider.

What is the purpose of the bra you’re purchasing? Daily wear? Special occasion for a certain outfit? Loungewear? Exercise? This will have a huge impact on what you look for next!

Do you want a wired style or not? Many women with larger busts find that underwires help with their comfort, but some with smaller chests prefer soft cupped bras with no wire.

How much padding (if any) do you want in the cups? Do you want a push up style? Do you want the push up to be customizable via removable padding?

What type of straps? Do you want convertible straps, or need them for your outfit? Can you wear a standard style bra? Strapless?

Do you want a backless style? If not, does it matter to you how many hook-and-eye closures there are? Do you prefer bras that close in the back or the front?

Fabric choices. Will it show through your shirts or outfit? Will the lace or the outline of the cups be visible? Can you wear the color or style confidently without worrying if it is showing through?

Is it machine washable or does it need to be washed by hand? Does this matter to you?

How much are you willing to pay for the bra? If it’s for one special occasion, you may not want to spend as much as you would if it were for daily wear. Or on the other hand, maybe you would prefer to have multiple cheaper bras for daily wear and spend more on one for special occasions with the features you need for different outfits.

If you are ordering online, what are the return policies if the bra does not fit? Bra fitting can be such a tricky thing, you wouldn’t want to get stuck with a bra that didn’t fit if the company has specific policies in place you didn’t know about.

Whatever you decide, be sure that the bra you purchase is suited to your size, shape, and style.

Final Verdict

Nothing can enhance a woman’s confidence like having a pretty, well-fitting and flattering bra. The right undergarments can be key to feeling good about your body and how you look. Take some time to find the best push up bra that you like, that fits well and that you know you will enjoy wearing!

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