Best Solar Powered Watch Brands – Review For 2021

Since the time unknown, we are trying to preserve the time. Working hard to count it, to keep pace with it, track it. On the way of the process, men invented watches. At early 17th century, watches were a progressed form of spring-powered clocks which developed in the 14th century.

It was a challenge to design a timepiece which will keep working in spite of the motions caused by the person’s activity who will carry it.

At early ages of inventing watches, it was quite expensive and less available then. But nowadays watches have become inexpensive and medium priced. A watch now used generally for timekeeping but it has also become a fashion to carry on.

Depending on supply and demand watchmaking companies are leaving no chances behind to surprise their consumers with their glamorous designs and visual appeal along with brand new technologies. First of all the mechanical, then quartz and then the times around 1970 solar watches were finally introduced to the consumers.

What is solar powered watch and how it works

Solar powered watches which are also recognized as the light powered watch is a watch that is powered partly or entirely by a solar cell. At the earlier era of the solar-powered clock, there was a unique design to hold the array of photovoltaic solar cells to power them.


But in the 1990s, a leading watchmaker company, ‘citizen’ brought light powered watches beneath their Eco-Drive series to the market.

How It Works

The title itself says a lot about these watches. ‘Solar Powered.’ Usually, the sunlight or any artificial light is engrossed by a little solar panel at the back of the dial of the watch.

A watch powered by solar energy possesses a layer of photovoltaic (PV) cells on the face to accumulate sunlight throughout the day.

The small PV cells used in the watches work precisely in the same method like the large ones used to power the electricity in a home.

The dial function of these watches is either on a layer above or actually on the solar panel. To power up the watch, the solar panel converts the light which the PV cells catch, into electrical energy.

These watches are made with advanced technologies which habitually preserve energy in a rechargeable cell to keep alive the watch throughout the night or covered up with clothes when sunlight isn’t available.


Some watchmakers such as ‘Citizen’ have advanced lithium-ion batteries which store up ample energy to power the watch for more than a few months or even years without light disclosure, which allows the watch to enter a power saving or hibernation mode.

At hibernation mode, the seconds’ hands of the watch stop until it re-exposed to the light.

Important things to consider while buying a solar powered watch

Purchasing a watch nowadays means investing your money into a product which will not only keep you showing time but also make you look trendy and classy while wearing it.

So there are a lot of things crossing over your head when you intend to buy a watch. From now it will be a little bit easy for you. Check these tiny details before purchasing your watch, hope you won’t be disappointed after buying it.

1.  Design:

People are a lot serious about new trend At this era. They always check out what is trendy out there. So, it’s obvious that if you are wearing a watch and they won’t notice it, instead they will judge your fashion sense based on it.

So, you will have to be very conscious which design you want to choose to wear at a party or office. The watchmakers already know all these hassles. So they are smart enough to make watches keeping all the things in the list.

So you will be amazed to see all ranges of solar powered watches available in the market. So grab your one according to your choice of design.


2. Price: 

One of the most critical issue for buying just anything is its price. Your budget is a big issue for getting a good product. At early ages of solar-powered watches, the cost of these particular watches was quite high. But now its generally in the reach of ordinary people.

So most probably you will get your desirable watch within your budget. There are full ranges of solar watches available under numerous brands in the market. You can also Order them from various online shopping site too.

3.  Power-save: 

The re-chargeable PV cells underneath a solar watch are the reason why it keeps going even after getting dark. That PV cell saves power for your watch for the night. Some watchmakers have developed their power-saving or hibernation mode so high that after getting fully charged their PV cells keep the watch powered up for months even years.

So before buying your solar watch consider the power-saver option carefully because you won’t want to have a watch which will die soon after getting dark.

4. Durability and reliability: 

It’s always smart to consider to buy a reliable product to use. It will be a smart move if you buy your watch from a reputed watch brand. You will be ensured then that the watch is reliable and durable too.

5. comfort-ability: 

For the Solar panel used in a solar-powered watch, it’s a little bit wider and heavier than the dry battery watches. Though it doesn’t make a whole lot difference sometimes, it’s awkward to wear a watch like that.

But now there are a whole lot of brands and ranges of the solar watch which are comfortable as well as stylish. But above all, you won’t buy a product which is uncomfortable to use. So consider the comfort-ability before buying your watch.

Solar Powered Watches’

Why you should choose ‘Solar Powered Watches’

“Solar-powered watches invented a great technology for watch loving and fashion seeking people. But it is true; it equally has advantages and disadvantages too. Let’s have a look at this topic Why you should choose ‘Solar Powered Watches and Why Not.”

Advantages of using solar powered watch

As you already know the solar-powered watches are Eco-friendly watch brands as they obtain their power from sunlight. There are also some advantages of using these watches which are stated below-

  • 1One of most significant benefits of a solar powered watch brand is its sustainable power which doesn’t require a new battery every few years, which can be quite expensive. Besides, watchmaking companies have developed their technology such that solar-powered watches are now the central part of their range of watches. Now, these watches are featured with the compass too. So if you are looking for a fashionable wristwatch to wear, you won’t lack choices.
  • 2When first introduced these watch brands were quite expensive, but after the 1980s the solar-powered watches are within reach of every ordinary people. So if you are looking forward to buying a solar-powered watch, most probably it will fit your budget. And above all
  • 3Above all, these ranges of watch brands are glamorous and fashionable because it is often featuring famous fictional characters such as Transformers or G.I. Joe. So how cool is that!

Disadvantages of using solar powered watch

All the good things come with a little disadvantage too. The most common problem for the solar powered watch is its non-replaceable battery system. So if the watch dies because of power insufficiency, most of the people won’t have the necessary tools or the right battery to replace it.

So you will be forced to make a special trip to the local watch shop.  So here are some reasons why you should reconsider buying a solar powered watch.

  • 1Though some watches have hibernation mode to store the energy,  not all have a power saving mode. And the power will go off quickly with your high definitions watches which come with complicated features.
  • 2Some people also don’t like the appearance of the solar watches because of the prominent PV cells on their face, so they start to avoid wearing it. If someone’s trying to dress formally, they may not wear a watch with large PV cells on the face.
  • 3Though solar power watches have become cheaper a lot, its still kind of costly for some people. So you might feel a little out of the budget to buy them.
  • 4As solar power watches have a lot of hassles to carry with it, there is a minimal scope to explore the technologies. So these watch ranges have a short list of innovative functions.

Most common Queries about ‘Solar powered watches’

We all yearn to know what we are buying with our precious money. So, if you are roaming around google to know all the pros and cons of ‘Solar powered watch’ it’s not a shame. Here we are enlightening some of the areas you may want to know.

How long your solar powered watch will last:

To make your purchase satisfying ‘Citizen,’ a leading watchmaking company has experimented its data to show the longevity of the solar cell and the secondary battery of the watch.

According to citizen Europe laboratory tests, the solar cell and the secondary battery will last for more than ten years with no complaint. After 20 years the secondary battery retains a power storage capacity of 80% of its primary capacity.

Does the solar cell gets charged by any other source besides sunlight: 

The most common question asked about a solar-powered watch is, will it get charged when the sun is set? Well, the answer is yes. It surely will. A solar cell can charge a battery from simulated lighting like an incandescent light bulb. You can use incandescent light with a solar cell to charge a watch battery. The solar cell located in the solar-powered watch responds the same way to either kind of light. Just keep an eye that the provided light is bright enough.

Are the solar-powered watches water resistant: 

Firstly note, the water confrontation is not a permanent condition for any watches. Water resistance is offered in unstable degrees, from non-water resistant to WR200M, based on the intended purpose and design. Various companies provide some ranges with water resistance, while some don’t. A new watch meets the specifications for water resistance as indicated on the case back.

Do solar powered watches have batteries:

Yes, it has. But it’s not like the ordinary disposal batteries such as dry battery or button battery. A rechargeable battery is an eco-friendly battery. A solar watch is not recharged even though it was exposed to light; the energy is stored in the rechargeable battery and is used to move the watch.

Top 5 Solar Power Watch Brand You Can Choose

Now that you know solar powered watches can take charges from any light source and they can run for months without being recharged. You must want to buy one for yourself.

Here we are showing the top five watches from entry-level offerings all the way to expensive propositions for dedicated collectors.

1. Casio G-SHOCK G-STEEL Watch:

This solar powered watch has G-Steel variant and a solar-powered movement with a rich set of complications, tough leather band, double LED lighting and a comfy.

Once it gets fully charged, it can operate entirely 19 months away from light source. There are several ranges so you can choose between case/band color combinations. This watch will cost you between 300$


2. Seiko SNE331 Core Solar Watch:

The other name of fantastic watch brand is the Seiko SNE331 Core. The design of the brand is unique, has a military-inspired design. It combines a 43-millimeter black stainless steel case and dial with contrasting markers.

It contains nylon band matching the unique color code of the timepiece’s markers to complete the utilitarian vibe of the timepiece. This watch will cost you below 100$


3. Tissot T-Touch Solar watch:

Tissot T-Touch solar watch is a beautiful watch made of metal. This stylish watch has, sporting a lightweight titanium case and bracelet, as well as a carbon fiber dial with an embedded negative digital display.

Being a T-Touch product family member, the watch has a host of handy features that can be accessed via a tap on its sapphire crystal. They include a built-in compass, altimeter and a barometer among others. this high technology watch will cost you below 1300$


4.Citizen Eco-Drive BN0150-28E Promaster Diver watch:

Citizen Promaster diver watch combines classic looks which is a rugged 43-millimeter stainless steel case and the company’s Light-powered Eco-Drive movement.

A comfy polyurethane strap and sweet five-year warranty round up the key features of the watch. This watch will cost you below 250$


5.Citizen Eco-Drive AW1236-03A Watch:

This watch is a combination of classy yet in the budget combo. If you are looking for a stylish watch on a tight budget, watch out for this one. Powered by Citizen’s signature Eco-Drive movement, the watch has a 40-millimeter stainless steel case, nice silver-tone dial with contrasting gold hands and a genuine leather strap.

Like all citizen watches, the AW1236-03A comes with a five-year warranty. And it will cost you around 100$ only!



New innovations always come with new hope. Hope to conquer all the obstacles. As we know, our stored energy isn’t sufficient for our new generations.

Our world has a little power source to continue Our developing vehicles and operate them. We are always on a search for a better option to keep ourselves going. For that, what could be more accurate than the solar power? So it’s high time we chose something Eco-Friendly, and for a good start what can be better than a solar powered watch?

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