Best Swiss Army Knife For Survival in 2021

A Swiss Army Knife is a useful tool that can help you meet any situation. However, which of them would be best to buy. Here’s a simple guide.

A Tool For Everything : Choosing the Best Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army knives has been a popular tool since the 80s, when the TV show “Macgyver” made it a real household name. The tool has been around since the 1800s though. Originally produced for the Swiss Army, the first Swiss Army knives were popular multi-purpose tools.

In the 1940s, World War II brought the knife in contact with the US infantry. The term “Swiss Army knife” cam from their problem pronouncing the German name for the product, Schweizer Offiziersmesse. The name has stuck to every knife that also serves as a multi-tool.

For those who want to add one to their daily life, buying the best Swiss Army knife can be difficult. This is thanks to the fact that there are dozens of models out there. Some of them don’t even have the official Swiss Army knife branding on them, but people consider them as Swiss Army knives.

This article hopes to give you a few pointers to point you in the right direction. In addition, this article has reviews of some of the top models available on the market.

Top 12 Swiss Army Knife Comparisons


Product Name


Total Tools

Further Info

Victorinox Swisschamp Victorinox Swisschamp 3.58″ 33 tools Read Review
Victorinox Swiss Trekker Victorinox Swiss Trekker 4.3/8″ 6 tools Read Review
Victorinox Farmer Victorinox Farmer 3.66″ 6 tools Read Review
Leatherman Crater c33Tx Leatherman Crater c33Tx 4″ 4 tools Read Review
Victorinox Huntsman Victorinox Huntsman 3.58” 15 tools Read Review
Victorinox Super Tinker Victorinox Super Tinker  3.58” 14 tools Read Review
Victorinox Hiker Victorinox Hiker 3/4″ 8 tools Read Review
Victorinox Signature Lite Victorinox Signature Lite 2.3″ 7 tools Read Review
Klein 1550-2 2-Blade Klein 1550-2 2-Blade 3.3/4″ 2/3 tools Read Review
Valtev 13 Function Folding Valtev 13 Function Folding 3.53″ 13 tools Read Review
Victorinox Classic SD Victorinox Classic SD 2.25” 7 tools Read Review
Wenger 16388 EvoWood Wenger 16388 EvoWood 2.2/5″ 13 tools Read Review

Things To Consider For Best Swiss Army Knife

There are several things that you will need to consider when buying a Swiss Army knife.


You are buying a knife not a toolkit. Generally, you might want a Swiss Army knife that fits snugly in your pocket. This is for the everyday carrying that you might encounter. However, you might also want to go for something a little larger. A Swiss Army knife that has its own carrying case or fits in a bag pocket is good, too.

Tool Variety

You buy a Swiss Army knife for the versatility it brings in the field. Depending on what you need to do, you’ll want a knife that does a set of things that you require and then some. Consider what you are carrying the Swiss Army knife for to determine what tools you should look for.


You don’t want those tools in your knife to break. Fortunately, most sellers provide good value for your money with durable tools. When you’re looking for the best Swiss Army knife for yourself, keep these three factors at the top of your mind. Take note though that you shouldn’t limit yourself to the “Swiss Army knife” brand.

Legally, only Victorinox can call their knives that. Other manufacturers do make Swiss Army knives, but market them as multi-tools or pocket knives. Here are some of the popular knives on the market right now.

Best Swiss Army Knife in 2021 – Reviews

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Swisschamp

Victorinox Swiss Army Swisschamp

If there’s any Swiss Army knife that represents it best, it is the Victorinox Swisschamp. It is a small unassuming tool packed with a lot of tools.

If you’re looking for a tool, this will probably have it. There are a few tools you’ll find really useful.


The wood saw and scissors are great for cutting while on the field, while the screwdriver will help fix anything that gets broken. Another useful bit is the pen. You’ll end up using it in a pinch. If there is any Swiss Army knife you need to get, then this is the one you want.


  • A Lot of Tools. This knife has a lot of tools packed into it.
  • Durable. This is a solid product and will last with you a long time.
  • The Victorinox Brand. The assurance of Victorinox counts for a lot.


  • Thick. It is pretty thick. You will have problems fitting it into your wallet.

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2. Victorinox Swiss Army Trekker

Victorinox Swiss Army Trekker

The Victorinox Swiss Army Trekker is an interesting release. It is actually the Swiss Army knife that focuses on being a knife first. This is obvious from the three and a half inch partially serrate blade.

Most of the time, Swiss Army knives are straight blades. The serration gives it a bit more flexibility. In addition, the Trekker locks its blade unlike other Swiss Army knives.


This is a great safety feature and allows you a lot more flexibility in terms of use. The knife also has a great set of basic tools. Screwdrivers, awl, tweezers, and a wood saw are just a few that are available. Overall, if you want a great knife than a multi-tool, the Trekker is a major contender.


  • Compact. Hiking leaves you with little space. This little knife can fit anywhere and is pretty light.
  • Great Tool Selection. The tools in this knife are pretty useful for any hiker on the move.
  • Sharp. It is not just the main knife blade that is sharp, but the other cutting tools, too.


  • Handle. The black handle gets scratches easily. If you want a good-looking knife, you may want to invest in a protective case.

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3. Victorinox Farmer

Victorinox Farmer

A farmer’s life is still pretty tough nowadays, with work from dawn to sunset. You’ll want a tool that will be able to keep up.

This is why the Victorinox Farmer is here. You’ll notice the difference when you see it. The Farmer is a lot bigger than the other models in the Swiss Army Knife line.


The shiny stainless steel finish also makes it very noticeable. Though it is not a tactical knife, the Farmer is a particularly tougher than its brother models. It also has a great selection of tools that many farmers will find useful.

This ranges from a saw to an awl. The well-balanced toolset is sure to be heavily in use during your workday. Overall, the Farmer is what you’d get if you work a lot outdoors.


  • Solid. This knife is for heavy-duty use and the design reflects that.
  • Tool Choice. The tools included with this knife are pretty good choice and they are useful around the farm.
  • Looks Great. This particular model looks a bit more impressive than the other models in Victorinox’s catalog.


  • Larger. This model is definitely larger than your normal Swiss Army knife.

4. Leatherman Crater c33Tx Combo Blade Knife

Leatherman Crater c33Tx Combo Straight Serrated Blade Knife

The Leatherman brand is one of the Swiss Army knife’s biggest competition on the market.

The multi-tool maker releases products that can match the versatility of Swiss Army knives. Most of them are not knives though.


However, the Leatherman Crater c33Tx Combo Straight/Serrated Blade Knife is definitely a direct competitor to the Swiss Army knife. The problem is that it only has four tools including the blade. That’s not much, but the quality for the tools is pretty good.

The serrated blade is good for cutting and is useful for a variety of purposes. It’s got two screwdrivers: one is normal, the other is Phillips. Finally, there’s the bottle opener. Overall, this is a nice little knife that will fit well into your pocket.


  • A Good Brand. Not as old as the Swiss Army Knife brand, but Leatherman products have a solid reputation.
  • Excellent Blade. This product has an excellent cutting knife, with a serrated section.
  • Durable. This is a tough model for heavy use.


  • Limited Tools. This knife only has four tools available to users.

5. Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman

The Swiss Army Huntsman is for the avid hunter and it shows. You get 13 tools with 15 functions in a small package. You’ll definitely be putting it through a lot of use in the field.

It has the traditional two knife blades, two screwdrivers, can opener, and more. The real unique pieces are the multi-purpose hook and the wood saw.


The hook is great because it allows you to pick up objects without touching them. This can range from a hot tin can to small objects like thread. The saw is excellent. If you need to cut some branches to start a fire, the wood saw will do it easily.

Victorinox delivers on the quality promise of the knife. You’ll own this knife for a long time as long as you do not lose it. Overall, this is an excellent outdoorsman or camping knife.


  • Outdoor Tools. The tool selection for this one is for outdoor usage, with a hook and woodsaw prominent.
  • Light. It is easy to carry and hold in your hand.
  • Durable. The stainless steel of the knife ensures you will be using this for a long time.


  • Larger than Normal. Like the Farmer model, this knife is larger than normal though it is still lightweight.

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6. Victorinox Swiss Army Super Tinker Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Super Tinker Pocket Knife

The Victorinox company has a long history of making Swiss Army knives. You can even say that they started it all.

So it is not surprising to note that they make some of the best out there. The Victorinox Swiss Army Super Tinker is the ideal knife if you like tinkering about machines.


Folded up, it measures only three and a half inches long. This can fit snugly into your jeans pocket or your shirt pocket. A lot of people will love that fact. The Super Tinker’s tool variety is also pretty good. It has twelve separate functions, with the basic small and large knife blades included. The real star of them all is the Phillips screwdriver.

With excellent quality and a lifetime warranty, this knife is one that you can take anywhere and find it useful in most situations.


  • Great Quality. The stainless steel construction ensures you can use this knife for a long time.
  • Thin. With multiple tools inside, it is surprising that it still manages to be thin.
  • Tool Selection. This knife has a good selection of tools for use,


  • Stiffness. Some tools are difficult to deploy.

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7. Victorinox Hiker

Victorinox Hiker

Victorinox Hiker is for the outdoorsman. You’ll be using this if you like hiking or camping. It has a nice mix of tools.

This includes two knife blades of both sizes, three screwdrivers, a can and bottle opener, a wood saw, tweezers, and a toothpick. That’s a lot of tools. It even has a hollow compartment for storing an extra tool.


You’ll be using this Hiker model for doing outdoor repairs. However, you’ll get the most mileage out of the wood saw. If you’re hiking, you’ll pick up a few pieces of wood you’d like to cut. The wood saw is perfect for that. The knives are clean and sharp – you can even use them to slice food as long as you keep them clean.

Overall, this is a good buy for hikers out there.


  • Sharp Blade. This knife’s sharp blade cuts cleanly when in use.
  • Multiple Tools. The Hiker has a good tool selection for those exploring the outdoors.
  • Tough. The outdoors can damage knives easily. A tough model like this can survive some rough handling.


  • Difficulty Opening. The solid construction has a downside though. It can be tough to open this the first time

8. Victorinox Signature Lite

Victorinox Signature Lite

The Classic SD Swiss Army Knife works because its pretty simple. If you want something similar but with a different mix to them, the Victorinox Signature Lite is what you’re looking for.

Another excellent addition is the retractable pen. An emergency writing tool is always good.


The clear difference are the two new tool additions. One is a LED flashlight. It’s a lifesaver if you need a light in an emergency. The only problem with it is that it can be difficult to replace the battery.

You may need to ensure that it won’t go dry, but it’s nice to have a pen on you at all times. Both of these tools are stainless steel so they can keep up with the quality of the other tools in the knife. Overall, this knife is a good alternative to the SD.


  • New Tools. The flashlight and the pen are great additions to the tool line-up.
  • Durable. The stainless steel construction makes this knife very tough.
  • Small. Like the SD, this knife will fit easily into your pocket.


  • Batteries. You will need batteries to keep the flashlight running, so it might be a bit of a problem.

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9. Klein 1550-2 2-Blade Pocket Knife

Klein 1550-2 2-Blade Pocket Knife

The Klein 1550-2 2-Blade Pocket Knife is for those who dislike thick multi-tools. This is a small and simple knife with only two blades. It will fit into most pockets and you can flip it out in a flash.

The two blades are pretty good. One is the basic spear point design, while the other can be a good screwdriver when necessary.


Unlike other multi-tools, this model allows you to lock them in position, which makes them ideal for strenuous work. Buy this model if you want an alternative to a simple pocket knife but want something with more variety.


  • Simple. Just two blades so you don’t have to wonder what the knife can do.
  • Thin Design. The slim form factor ensures that it fits in your pocket.
  • Knife Lock. The blades lock when they get into position which is a good security option.


  • Only Two Choices. This limits your options with this knife.

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10. Valtev 13 Function Folding Pocket Knife

Valtev 13 Function Folding Pocket Knife

The Valtev 13 Function Folding Pocket Knife is one of many competitors out there that are not legally called Swiss Army knives, but technically are.

It has a lot more modern look than the tradition Victorinox model and has options that you won’t find with traditional models.


This model is actually pretty good for the most part. It has the 13 functions mentioned in the name. The difference is that it has some unique functions like an LED flashlight, a fish scaler, a saw, and a leather puncher.

The small size and neat functions make this a popular choice among young people. Try it out if you want to get a good alternative to the Victorinox monopoly.


  • Nice Tools. This knife has several tools going for it like the LED flashlight.
  • Modern Design. For those tired of the red and white design of Swiss Army knives, this is a good change.
  • Solid Construction. This model is pretty durable when it comes to use.


  • Not Official. If you want a real Swiss Army knife, this does not have the trademark of those sold by Victorinox.

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11. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD

The most basic of Victorinox Swiss Army knives, the SD is a classic design. It is pretty much the same as the original Swiss Army knife from the 1800s.

If you’re looking for a good starter knife, this is the one that you want to buy.


Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD is small enough to fit on your key chain. This makes it ideal for everyday carrying. The knife itself has several useful functions. There is the basic blade for cutting and slicing. There are also the scissors and nail file for personal grooming.

Like all Victorinox brands, this is stainless steel, so you’ll be sure to use this for a long time. Overall, this is a good basic buy for anyone wanting a basic Swiss Army knife.


  • Back to Basics. This knife has only the basic options available to not confuse users.
  • Solid Construction. Victorinox always makes durable knives.
  • Small Size. The knife is small enough to fit on a keychain if possible.


  • Outdated Design. You may want something a bit more modern.

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12. Wenger 16388 Swiss Army EvoWood Knife

Wenger 16388 Swiss Army EvoWood 18 Pocket Knife

The other guy in the Victorinox-Wenger partnership, Wenger is the other Swiss company that started making Swiss Army Knives in the 1800s.

Though the two merged in the 2000s, the Wenger brand is still alive and has a line of knives ready for purchase.


One of the best it released recently is the Wenger 16388. Part of the Evowood line, it boasts of a walnut handle that is from discards. This is to help with conservation efforts. The result is great-looking knife that has a solid classic look.

As a tool, the 16388 is actually pretty good. It fits well into your hand and in your pocket. It has a good set of nine tools for everyday use. If you want a functional and beautiful Swiss Army knife, you should buy this one.


  • Evowood. The Evowood line is good for the environment.
  • Classic Look. The wooden handle is a nice change of pace from metal knives.
  • Solid Brand. Wenger has a long history of making Swiss Army knives.


  • Not as Many Tools. Other knives may have more tools than this model.

A Final Piece of Advice

Swiss Army knives are great tools that you will find always useful. Having one on hand ensures that you have a tool for any job that comes up. As an everyday carry tool, you should keep one in your pocket or within easy reach.

Hopefully, when you choose the best Swiss Army knife for you, you’ll be happy with the results. These reviews should help you in making your selection. However, don’t limit yourself to them. Go and look on your own for what product best fits your needs.

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