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Trampolines are sturdy, last a long time, and have just the right amount of give and bounciness. Sturdy trampolines have heavy duty springs or cords, solid legs that keep the trampoline stable and a good maximum weight rating.

Not all trampolines are made in the same way. Some are smaller than others. Some have angular legs that let you jump on them from a side position rather than directly up and down.

Most trampolines are low to the ground and let you jump a few feet in the air. This is different than a large trampoline that could propel you dozens of feet high with one powerful jump. Take into account several aspects of the best mini trampolines when you look to buy one.

Best Trampolines

How To Buy The Best Trampolines

Not all mini trampolines are equal when it comes to quality, warranties and durability. That’s why you need a discerning mind to determine the best one for you, and that’s what this guide is all about when it comes to shopping for a mini trampoline.


Perhaps the main factor that goes into purchasing a mini trampoline is durability. Doctors and fitness experts recommend trampoline workouts for people who are overweight for several reasons. Trampolines take the strain off of joints and muscles caused by gravity. Instead of abrupt starting and stopping, mini trampolines gradually lessen the impact of gravity on your legs, feet and back.

Because you may use your mini trampoline every day or every week, you want one that lasts a long time. Look for one with solid springs made of steel or aluminum. If the mini trampoline doesn’t have springs, which can produce noise, then the product probably has durable Nylon cords.

Look for a few layers of material and stretchable fabric that covers the springs or cords on the side.

Weight Limit

The best mini trampoline has a weight limit of at least 300 pounds. Not many go higher than this, because then the construction methods become too expensive and less cost effective. However, you must check the weight limit before making a purchase. If you need to exercise to lose weight, buying one that is below your weight is a waste of money.

Many of the less expensive mini trampolines have weight limits of 200 to 250 pounds. That’s because these fitness tools are meant for just one person at a time. Some manufacturers create some great products in this weight range, but they may not be suitable for your exercise routine.


The landing zone of the mini trampoline is an important area. If the trampoline is too short, too wide and can’t carry your weight, the middle of the trampoline hits the ground. A trampoline with more springing action should be higher off the ground. However, mini trampolines are usually less than a foot off the ground so people can easily get on them.

Look for a mini trampoline with the right dimensions for your size. The mini trampoline should fit your height and weight comfortably. You should have plenty of room on either side of your feet as you bounce up and down with your feet shoulder-width apart.


Most mini trampolines are round, while others are rectangular or square. No matter what shape you get, it should be large enough for you stand on comfortably without a problem. The physics behind each trampoline is the same no matter what shape you buy.

Support and Stability Bar

Your mini trampoline should have the right support and stability for the shape. Most mini trampolines have five or six legs. The more legs you have, the more stable your mini trampoline becomes. Some legs easily unattach from the frame, while others stay on the trampoline much more permanently.

You cannot perform some exercises without a stability bar. The stability bar keeps you upright if you need some extra support. This is to help you complete exercises if you have mobility issues. A stability bar at least gets you moving so you can strengthen some key muscles before going without the bar.


As with anything, you get what you pay for when it comes to the best mini trampolines. Less expensive models are good for beginners who need a light workout. If you’re more serious about getting on a mini trampoline for your 30-minute daily exercise, consider investing in something more expensive, more durable and more stable.

Your level of commitment should follow your level of your spending. Now that you know what overall things to expect when shopping for the best mini trampolines, discover five choices worthy of your hard-earned money.

5 Best Trampolines : In-Depth Reviews

1. JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

As the name implies, the JumpSport fitness model 250 has a maximum weight of 250 pounds. The diameter is 39 inches, so it’s not the largest mini trampoline on the market.

This trampoline is built for someone who needs a little more physical activity than usual with respect to getting a full-body workout. JumpSport is one of the best names in the business of trampolines.



The model 250 comes with six arched metal legs. The arched legs improve stability by taking the weight load off of the main downward-facing portion of the legs while giving a boost to the jumping surface. The legs provide extra support and stability for people who want a higher-impact workout for several minutes a day.

The manufacturer rates the mini trampoline model 250 at 1 million cycles. Thirty sturdy cords support the middle mat, while a covering protects the cords and your feet. Fitness centers, workout gyms and health care facilities use this trampoline for formalized classes and in dedicated rooms.


The model 250 stacks up easily if you purchase more than one. It also goes against the wall for compact storage. It’s light enough to pick up and move from one room to another. Feel free to take this with you in the cargo area of your vehicle.

If you’re on a business trip or vacation, get your workout in a hotel room or guest’s house. This mini trampoline goes anywhere, as demonstrated by this video here.


The EnduroLast II cords that come with the model provide extra bounciness. The cords wrap around the hardware attached to the jumping mat in two places, which also provides extra security and stability. The cords give you a smooth, even bounce with every step. The cords form the core construction of the model 250, and the advanced design doesn’t get much better.

Wide Jumping Surface

The model 250 is 39 inches in diameter. That gives you plenty of surface area, more than 1,000 square inches, to land your jumps. This comes in hand for 30-minute routines, using this as part of a trampoline course or as a sports training exerciser.

Once you get use to this mini trampoline’s physics, you can focus less on the trampoline and more on getting in shape.


The perfect size of the model 250 makes it perfect for several kinds of workouts. Jump up and down, run in place, bounce a ball, jump on an obstacle course, use the frame for push ups or go through specialized sports training exercises thanks to the durability of this mini trampoline.

The best mini trampolines do more than just let you jump. The workout DVD that comes with the model 250 shows you just how many ways you can use a mini trampoline. You might be surprised by the things you can do with a simple mini trampoline.

Highlighted Features:

  • No metal springs means quiet operation
  • Just the right amount of bounce for exercise
  • Multiple uses


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Consistent bounce
  • Quiet


  • Price, but well worth it


JumpSport’s model 250 is one of the best mini trampolines on the market. It’s also one of the most highly rated mini trampolines on Amazon, and that’s saying something considering there are hundreds of models from which to choose.

If you want a great mini trampoline that is well worth your investment, this is a viable choice. Hundreds of happy Amazon customers can’t be wrong, and reviewers on YouTube love it.

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2. AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline

AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline

AirZone has two sizes for its mini band fitness trampoline. One is 38 inches in diameter while the other is 48 inches.

Both have reasonable prices at the low end of the spectrum. Much like the JumpSport fitness mini trampoline, this one has elastic bands instead of metal springs.


That makes the trampoline quieter. Here’s a video of the AirZone mini fitness trampoline in action.

Quiet Operation

The lack of springs makes this a quiet trampoline. Feel free to work out wherever you need to, even when your baby is asleep, to take advantage of your available time. You can also work out at night or early in the morning when the rest of the house is asleep.


The bouncing surface is a solid and not as springy as other mini trampolines. However, you get a basic workout without any extra stress on your knees. The wide, 48-inch variety gives you more jumping space and a way to sit or lay down while performing yoga poses.


Because there are bands that provide bounce, this product is lighter in weight compared to other mini trampolines. It doesn’t fold, but you can take it many places because it is light. One caveat to this model is the ability to put it together.

One customer says she and her 12-year-old daughter put it together just fine, while another person said it took three full-grown adults to put the mini trampoline together.


The padded skirt covers protect and secure the bands. This also prevents any little finger or paws from getting stuck in the bands. This makes the AirZone safer for you to have in your home compared to models with metal springs.


Leave this out for easy access, or prop it up against the wall. This mini trampoline is light enough to put anywhere in the house. Store it in a closet, in the bedroom, in a garage or even your car for when you want to take the show on the road.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bands instead of springs for quiet operation and lightweight construction
  • Stiff bounce, but the mini trampoline lasts a while


  • Lightweight
  • Bands instead of springs
  • Solid workout
  • Quiet operation


  • Weight limit is just 200 pounds for 38 -inch model


Much like some of the other mini trampolines in this review, this model is great if you’re a beginner or if you just want to find something that gives you a basic workout. Job in place, jump up and down or simply perform some squats to get the lymph nodes going. No matter what exercise you want to do, the AirZone comes through in a pinch.

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3. Pure Fun Mini Rebounder

Pure Fun Mini Rebounder

The Pure Fun mini rebounder is one of the lowest-priced mini trampolines you can buy, so that makes it a plus.

This trampoline comes with 30 springs for plenty of bounce.It only has five legs, so it may be less sturdy compared to other trampolines.


Pure Fun has two sizes, either 38 inches or 40 inches in diameter. Buy the 40-inch model if you need a little extra workout space.

Easy Assembly

The manufacturer says you can put this mini trampoline together in five minutes or less. The legs go on easily, and they keep the trampoline several inches above the floor. The legs are straight, but they are strong.


The straight legs put this mini trampoline a bit higher off the floor compared to the other models in this review. As you can see from this video, the legs tend to move the trampoline along a hard floor as you jump on it. Many reviewers say this trampoline can be dangerous. Consider putting this trampoline on a carpeted floor or a floor with a rug rather than on a hardwood floor.


The 30 springs lead to a great bounce, and that’s why the legs keep the trampoline a little higher off the floor than usual. Rather than rely on higher-tech construction, the Pure Fun mini rebounder sticks with traditional manufacturing methods to produce this contraption.

Well-Rounded Workouts

This mini trampoline, like all of the others, helps you get a well-rounded workout. Give your upper body a boost with some hand weights as you jump to better fitness.


The 40-inch model lets you sit comfortably on the mini trampoline. This lets you get into some yoga poses if you would rather have a workout that isn’t as intense. Some simple yoga poses can put you in better fitness after a few weeks if you perform them properly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tall legs for higher bounces
  • Able to sit for yoga poses


  • Comes in two sizes
  • Tall legs
  • Price


  • Slides along wooden floors
  • Customers report broken springs
  • 90-warranty


You get what you pay for. Although this mini trampoline is one of the least expensive on the market, it shows. Customers on Amazon report many problems and that anyone looking to buy a mini trampoline should look elsewhere if you’re serious about getting this kind of workout.

However, if you just want to try a mini trampoline to see if this could be something for you in the future, the Pure Fun mini rebounder is a good purchase.

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4. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Compared to the Pure Fun model, the Stamina 36-inch folding trampoline is a fantastic product.

The company behind this mini trampoline is part of several vaunted fitness brands such as Body by Jake, Suzanne Somers and Tony Little.


This mini trampoline is the best possible one for people on a budget who want a sturdy trampoline that delivers great results.


The Stamina 36-inch folding trampoline is one of the least expensive mini trampolines on the market. Even more impressive is that it’s also one of the best mini trampolines, period. This model is backed by a well-known manufacturer, a 90-day warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on the frame.


This mini trampoline easily folds down into a triangular shape. It also fits into a bag that comes with the trampoline. Just remove the six rubber-tipped legs, fold the frame and place it in the durable bag.

The contraption weighs just 14 pounds. Feel free to stash it in your car’s cargo space so you can take it anywhere, whether you like to bring the trampoline to the gym, your church, an exercise group or to a friend’s house.

Solid Workout

You get a solid workout with the Stamina 36-inch mini trampoline. This fitness professional shows you how to get the most out of your product. Put the mini trampoline in a corner for a simple workout when you jump up and down, or put in the middle of the floor with plenty of space to move around for something more strenuous.


Perhaps you noticed the 36-inch diameter of the Stamina mini trampoline. It seems wider than that simply because the spring covers have less material. You get a wider jumping space because the springs are smaller. Even though the springs are smaller, they are still heavy duty and provide a consistent bounce.


Every solid part of this mini trampoline is made of steel. You don’t have to worry about the steel frame breaking, unless the weight capacity goes above 250 pounds or something happens that causes damage not related to jumping on the mini trampoline.

Highlighted Features:

  • Portability
  • Sturdiness
  • Backed by a good company


  • Good brand
  • Solid construction
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • Not as wide as other models


The Stamina mini trampoline is one of the best in the business for price and quality. It may seem too good to be true, but Amazon customers rate is 4.3 stars out of 5 with more than 1,300 rates. More than 80 percent of those rates are four and five stars.

You get a great workout that’s easier on your muscles, a solid trampoline that folds down into a bag and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. If you don’t like this mini trampoline, you’re not out a lot of money and you can find an alternative.

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5. Urban Rebounder Trampoline

Urban Rebounder Trampoline

Urban Rebounder’s mini trampoline with a stabilizing bar has a slightly different concept for bounciness than the JumpSport 250. This one uses heavy duty springs instead of cords, but in this case those springs are good things.

The springs increase the weight limit on this mini trampoline to 300 pounds from the 250 pounds on the JumpSport model. If you need a little extra support in your step, this mini trampoline is for you.



This model has eight legs rather than six, which makes it even sturdier than the JumpSports model. Eight legs are straight, with two long back legs and two front short legs to tilt the trampoline at an angle.

Each leg has a rubber crutch tip to keep the mini trampoline safe on hard floors and carpets. Your trampoline won’t side anywhere so long as you follow basic safety precautions. This heavy duty construction means your investment lasts longer, even after hundreds of workout routines.


The best mini trampolines allow you to bounce comfortably so you get a good workout. That’s definitely true of the Urban Rebounder. The heavy duty construction is great for at-home workouts, going to the gym or just having fun.

The bounce factor adds to your routine, and you get a sturdy piece of equipment that lasts. The springs are the key. While these metal springs may make your trampoline louder, you have the safety and security of knowing your high-quality trampoline may last for years.

Angled Legs

The angled legs let you set up a workout with bouncing balls or jumping off to the side with little effort. Throw a medicine ball or basketball on the trampoline and then keep catching it to get an upper body workout worthy of any weightlifting in the gym.

The angled legs let you do so much more than just bounce straight up and down. The versatility, along with the sturdy construction, is what makes this mini trampoline worth it.

Workout DVD

The DVD that comes with this mini trampoline gives you six motivational workouts. Once you memorize the workout routine, ramp up the music in your music player while you keep an eye on the TV in the background.

The workout DVD helps you tone your muscle group while making your routine more fun. Check out this video for what your Urban Rebounder can do.

Stabilizing Bar

The stabilizing bar for this trampoline makes it more suitable for people who have mobility issues to get a good workout. It takes a few extra minutes to assemble, but the stabilizing bar comes in handy for safety and security.

You don’t have to add on this feature if you don’t want to, but it’s still a good option if you want to start your workouts gradually before moving to more high-impact exercises.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stabilizing bar
  • Very bouncy
  • Great for any kind of workout


  • Very stable
  • 300-pound weight limit
  • Sturdy metal springs
  • Tilt


  • Noisy, but that’s because of the springs


Urban Rebounder has a great product for the price. The item has a one-year warranty. The manufacturer notes you can find this model of mini trampoline in workout gyms and fitness centers all over the United States.

In terms of price, the Urban Rebounder’s manufacturer suggested retail price comes in at less than that of the JumpSport 250. If you want a high-quality mini trampoline for a mid-range price that last a long time, this one is for you.

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