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Best Yoga Mats For 2020 – Data Driven Guide


There is much more that goes into deciding upon the perfect yoga mat than one might think. With all the different brands, styles and types available, you should be able to find the one that is perfect for you and fits all your yoga mat needs. When yoga mats first appeared, they were nothing more than simple sheets of blue or purple PVC.

Now they come in every size, shape, color thickness and material one could want. All the choices available can make it seem like a daunting decision when all you want to do is find something to get your yoga on. Thus, we did some extensive research and came up with a list that we hope can make the decision a little simpler.

Buyer Guide of Best Yoga Mats

There is more that goes into selecting a yoga mat than just trying to find the prettiest color. Don’t get me wrong, the color is important, but there’s definitely other factors that you’re going to want to consider when you buy it. Nothing would be worse than having your yoga mat stop doing it’s job.

Not only do you want something that looks cool, but you also want something that is comfortable, flexible and durable. Since everyone is different, you will also need to keep in mind your own goals and what you hope to get out of the yoga mat. Here are a few key aspects to keep in mind when selecting the mat that will best suit you.


Before anything else, it is important to know what your yoga mat is made of. This material will determine every other aspect of the mat including its stickiness, texture, eco-friendliness, durability and strength.

Although we have come a long way, most yoga mats are still made of PVC or vinyl. The more environmentally conscious among us will also want to consider recycled materials including rubber, cotton and jute. However, you will want to avoid rubber if you are allergic to latex.


The thickness of your mat will play the largest role in determining how comfortable it is. The thinnest ones are normally 1/16 inch and the thickest are 1/4 inch. While conventional wisdom would say the thicker the better, this can make it harder to feel a strong connection to the floor.

Without that, you’re going to feel less stable and are likely to wobble around or fall. When deciding upon the thickness you need, it is also important to consider how much storage room you have for your mat and how willing you are to lug around a thick, heavy one.


This is similar to the material and thickness of the yoga mat except there are some differences. When talking about yoga mats, “texture” basically refers to how much, or how little, slipping and sliding you will do on your mat. The texture of a mat is really a matter of personal preference. It is determined by how the mat feels to the touch and is the one thing that is hardest to determine when shopping for a mat online.


While texture relates mostly to how the mat feels to you, stickiness refers to how the mat feels to the floor. A sticky mat creates a kind of suction on the floor and keeps it in place during your workout.

Environmental Friendliness

This is important to any person that takes yoga seriously and also cares about the environment. Keeping the eco-friendly value of a mat in mind when making your decision means that you are doing everything you can to make sure that you’re keeping the environment as safe as possible.

Keep in mind, most eco-friendly exercise mats are made from recycled rubber. If you are allergic to latex, you may be stuck with regular PVC.


This one is kind of obvious. If you might have trouble paying your rent because you just went all out on a new yoga mat, you need to realign your priorities. Although many high-end name brand yoga mats can cost an arm and a leg, you can get the exact same thing without breaking the bank.

This part is all up to you. Although texture, material and the others are important, you still want a yoga mat that looks cool. Luckily, there is a yoga mat for every color of the rainbow and every design imaginable. Keeping all those things in mind, we developed this list of what we believe to be the best yoga mats available.

Because so much of it depends solely upon personal preference, they are not in any particular order and each one has its pros and cons. Depending upon what you hope to get out of the mat and how long you want it to last, you should be able to choose one of these that will be absolutely perfect for all your yoga needs.

  • Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 74'' L and 24'' wide
  • Washes easily with soap and wate
  • Made by 100% natural rubber
  • Available 12 different colors
  • Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat
  • Weight: 9.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 36 inches
  • easy to clean
  • Nontoxic, 100% latex free
  • Black color
  • Sivan Health and Fitness Long Yoga Mat
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 71” L x 24” W
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Comfort Foam
  • different colors
  • Zen Active Non-Slip Yoga Mat
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 72″L x 24”W x 1/4″T
  • Easy to wash
  • latex-free materials
  • 4 different colors
  • Aurorae Classic Thick 6mm Yoga Mat
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Easy to Care
  • non toxic resin
  • Illuminating colors

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5 Best Yoga Mats Review in 2019

1. Jade Harmony Professional 3/16 Inch Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Professional 3/16 Inch Yoga Mat

Among all the yoga mat brands we looked at, Jade Harmony is one of the most popular and beloved by its owners.

While it might not be one of the best known or most highly rated brands of yoga mats, when you have a product that is so highly rated by its users, it is well worth mentioning in a product review.

As you’ll see below, this is a great product at a great price that you’re surely going to love.

Eco Friendly Initiative

At Jade Harmony, they have made it a priority to make sure that whenever they sell a product, they are giving back to the environment in some way. They have partnered with Trees for a Future and they plant one new tree for every mat they sell. Additionally, they also make each and every yoga mat out of environmentally-friendly open cell natural rubber.

Comfort And Support

Despite all of the things this mat does for the environment, it also provides great comfort and support, which makes it a favorite among yoga professionals and practitioners. The material provides great slip-resistance, even when it gets a little wet. This means that no matter how much you sweat as you work out and practice yoga, you won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding around the mat.

Easy Clean

When it comes to yoga mats, there aren’t a lot of people that think about cleaning the mat. When you sweat a lot on the mat, it’s important for you to try and keep it clean as much as you can to prevent it from smelling. On this particular mat, this rubber is easily washable with soap and water to help prevent against any smells.

Different Lengths and Colors

The Jade Harmony Professional mat comes in two different length options, 68 inch and 74 inch. It also comes in 12 different colors to match your coolest yoga pants. It’s also lightweight, only weighing 4.5 pounds. This may not sound important until you are carrying it all the way back home from the studio after an exhausting session.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of 100 percent recycled rubber
  • Contains no PVC or other ozone-depleting materials.
  • Two different length options
  • Available in 12 different colors
  • 3/16 inch mat thickness


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable
  • Lightweight (4.5 lbs.)
  • Easy to wash
  • Middle of the road thickness (3/16 inch)
  • Several different colors to choose from


  • Pricier than some of the other products in this review
  • The surface absorbs all moisture, including sweat and oil, making it need frequent cleaning.
  • Slight rubbery smell that eventually diminishes


The Jade Harmony mats is undoubtedly one of the best overall mats currently available on the market. However, it does come out to be one of the most expensive mats out of all the ones we reviewed as well.

Not only are you getting a great mat for the price, but you know that you are going to buy from a company that is supporting the environment by planting a tree and working to improve the environment through their products.

2. Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

As you’re going to see from some of the points discussed below, this particular mat is one of the most highly recommended mats that you can purchase on the market today.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most prefered mat brands when it comes to individuals who practice yoga.

Excellent Brand Name

The Manduka is the prefered mat among professional yoga professionals. I know that sounds like something you would hear in a commercial, and I hate myself for saying it, but it is true. This mat is made to last and is great for someone who plans to be doing yoga frequently for long periods of time.

This mat is made to last and is great for someone who plans to be doing yoga frequently for long periods of time.

Available In Different Sizes

The mat comes in standard and extra long sizes. Although they are both 6 mm long, the weight and length vary. The standard is 71 inches long and weighs 7.5 pounds. The extra long is 85 inches long and weighs 9.5 pounds. Either way, they are both towards the heavier end of the spectrum.

Ten Different Color Choices

While the color of your yoga mat isn’t everything, it’s certainly something that you should consider when you buy one. If you’re already spending the money to get one, you might as well get the color you want. This particular mat has ten different color choices so you’ll have no problem finding the exact color mat you want to have.

Material Construction

This mat is made of a closed-cell surface that is designed to keep sweat and moisture from seeping into the mat and breeding germs. The material provides a high density cushion that is important for comfort and versatility on different floor types.

It is made with 100 percent latex free rubber and is OEKO-TEX certified for emissions-free manufacturing. The “dot pattern” bottom is ideal for sticking to the floor and preventing sliding.

Highlighted Features:

  • Professional grade material
  • Available in both standard and extra long size
  • Latex freeClosed-cell surface keep moisture out
  • Extra stickiness on the bottom of the mat for added grip
  • High density cushion


  • Great dry traction
  • Much more durable than most mats
  • Thicker than most mats for maximum comfort
  • Several different colors to choose from100 percent latex free


  • Pricier than some of the other products in this review
  • Can be slippery when wet
  • Heavier than many other mats
  • Takes about three months of heavy use to break in


If you are someone that practices yoga on a regular basis, then this is going to be the perfect mat choice for you. It is incredibly thick and durable to make it perfect for you and it will last over a long period of time. Despite it being heavier than most, this is highly recommended.

3. Sivan Health and Fitness Long Yoga Mat

Sivan Health and Fitness Long NBR Comfort Foam Yoga Mat

When it comes to finding a yoga mat at an affordable price that still provides you with a lot of great features, this is going to be the perfect choice for you.

You can spend a lot of money on a yoga mat, but there really is no reason to do so when you can find a mat like this one at such a great price.

Ideal Comfort Level

This mat is ideal for those who seek comfort from a yoga mat. It is extra thick and ensures a comfortable workout for anyone of all shapes and sizes. Its thickness is due to a designed memory foam that protects your knees, joints and everything else while you work out. The memory foam mat is ½ inch thick, which is one of the thickest available.

Construction Material

It is 71 inches long and 24 inches wide. The surface is ribbed on one side to ensure extra stickiness on floors of all types. It is smooth on the other side to help provide a safe and comfortable workout. Although the material is dense, it is still surprisingly lightweight. It comes with a carry strap that makes it easy to transport, and it folds up well, making it easy to store.

Easy Clean

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important things that you have to worry about when it comes to the yoga mat is to make sure that it is easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about smells. This mat is incredibly easy to clean with just soap and water, so not only will it small good, but it will also give that brand new, shiny look.


Perhaps one of the nicest features of this particular yoga mat if you are trying to buy one on a budget is just how affordable this yoga mat is.

It is one of the best deals on this entire review post when it comes to the value and you will be sure not to be disappointed by it. Despite the low cost, it still packs in some great features that you’re going to love to have.

Plenty Of Color Choices

There’s nothing better than trying to find a yoga mat with a great color that you’re going to love to bring with you wherever you go. This is one of the nicest parts of this yoga mat because it has several different colors for you to choose from such as black, pink, purple, teal and so many other colors.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1/2 thick provides plenty of support
  • Incredibly lightweight despite the thickness
  • Features a smooth and a rough surface for different grips on the floor
  • Great for all floor types and helping the mat stay in place
  • Low, affordable yoga mat


  • Thick and comfortable
  • AffordableLightweight
  • Easy to washIdeal for those with joint problems
  • Several different colors to choose from


  • Less durable than some of the others in this review
  • The surface absorbs all moisture, including sweat and oil, making it need frequent cleaning.
  • Extra thickness could affect your balance


The Sivan Health and Fitness Mat is perfect for anyone that does yoga recreationally and infrequently. Although it can be used regularly and is a good mat, it won’t hold up to hardcore exercises done regularly and over long periods of time.

However, it is perfect for the person who puts a premium on comfort. It is ½ inch thick and made from a memory foam material. And as the best bonus of all, It’s much less expensive than many of the others.

4. Zen Active Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Zen Active Non-Slip Yoga Mat

If you’re looking for a thick and comfortable mat that you can use for yoga no matter where you’re doing it, this is one of the best choices of mats for you.

It allows for you to have two different sides so you can use the side that is most appropriate for you and the yoga you want to do.

With the four color choices and the durable materials, this makes for a great choice!

Name Brand Mat

Zen Active mats are known for their thickness and the comfort they provide. Although this one is not as thick as the Sivan Health Yoga Mat, it is made of a similar material. The memory foam provides an ideal thickness for comfort and support without feeling too dense or bulky.

Two Different Sides

It has a two-sided surface that makes it very flexible and helps with stickiness. The non-slip surface can grip almost any floor type. The other side has the extra padding to support joints, increase flexibility, relieve stress and ensure a comfortable workout experience.


It is made from SGS approved, latex-free materials that make it safe and eco-friendly. The lack of rubber also makes it easier to clean and keep from getting that new yoga mat smell. Although it’s thicker than some of the other mats in this review, the foam is not dense. This means it is still lightweight and not a pain to carry back and forth from the studio.

Four Color Choices

When it comes to picking out the yoga mat, the color is important and with this yoga mat, you get to choose between four different colors. This means that no matter which one you’re going to want, you’ll find the perfect color for you. This mat comes in four colors such as black, blue, green and pink, so no matter your personality, you’ll find the perfect one for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Specifically designed for comfort
  • 1/4 inch thick material
  • Made using SGA approved materials
  • Two-sided surface for both sticky and smooth
  • Four different color choices
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around wherever you go
  • Affordable


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to wash
  • Thick, but not heavy
  • Easy to wash
  • Non-slip surface
  • Several different colors to choose from
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for soft yoga


  • Some reported durability concerns
  • Not good for hot yoga


The Zen Active mat is a great, middle of the road yoga mat. It certainly is not going to win any awards for being the best product on the market, but it is still a great product at a lower cost than a lot of other yoga mats. While it may not be the most durable product on the market, you shouldn’t expect it to be given the price of the product.

5. Aurorae Classic Thick 6mm Yoga Mat

Aurorae Classic Thick 6mm Yoga Mat with Non-Slip Rosin

There’s really no other way to describe it. These mats just look really cool and they’re going to stand out no matter where you bring them.

In addition to the great look of the mats, you’re going to love the different features it has to offer such as the rising moon focal point, the environmental friendly aspect and plenty of others.

This is one mat you’re not going to want to take lightly.

Best Looking Mat

While this might not matter much for the actual performance of the mat itself, it is incredibly important if you want to find a mat that looks cool. In my opinion, and the opinion of others who use yoga mats, this is one of the best looking mats and you’re going to love to have it with you wherever you do your yoga.

Rising Moon Focal Point

This is one of the most unique features on this yoga mat, but it actually comes with a light up focal point called the rising moon focal point. Essentially, this is a light up place on the mat that is supposed to be designed to make it easier for you to focus while you are doing yoga. Whether it works or not is up for debate, but it does look cool.

Lightweight And Durable

If you are going to be bringing this mat with you to a variety of places where you do yoga, then it is going to be incredibly important for you to make sure you find a mat that is lightweight and durable. This mat is a great choice for that reason and is the perfect mat to bring with you wherever you may need to bring it.

Easy To Clean

One of the nicest parts about this particular yoga mat is that it uses the right materials to make sure that it is completely odorless. While it is still capable of attracting odors if you do not clean it regularly, this yoga mat is going to stay relatively odorless as long as you continue to wash it with soap and water on a regular basis.

Highlighted Features:

  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Rising Moon focal point for enhanced focus
  • 1/4 inch thickness
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Surface stickiness to stick to just about any surface


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable
  • Contains no latex
  • Lightweight- Odorless
  • Easy to wash
  • Rising Moon Focal Point
  • Great looking


  • Biodegradable materials cause it to be less durable than some
  • Thinner than most
  • Not good for hot yoga


For the price, the Aurorae Classic is hands-down one of the best yoga mats on the market. It is lightweight and easy to carry to and from the studio. It is also really neat-looking, and the Rising Moon Focal Point can be a nice conversation starter with others, if nothing else. Additionally, it is made from earth-friendly materials and contains no latex.

Hope this article will help you to find the best yoga mat and wishing your success on perfect yoga practice for peace and serenity.

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