Camping Tips For 2021

Camping is a trip that refreshes mind and body. If you are a busy man and have no time to entertain yourself, just go camping. You will feel the difference after coming back. You will find some camping freaks who go for camping every weekend.

But if you are totally new with camping, then you have to know some camping tips, this tips will help your adventure in outdoor a fascinating one.

Camping tips and tricks for beginners

What is the best activity in the summertime? I will vote for camping. You will enjoy your vacation by spending some quality time with your dear ones. Wait, don’t think that camping is not a big thing to deal with that you go there and set a tent.

No mister, it takes planning and energy in lots of amounts to make it possible and enjoyable. The camping depends on the place where you will go and the number of campers. So to make your camping stress free, easy and fun – let’s look at the tips.



For camping, you have to select a safe campground to spend your camping days. When you are selecting a site, avoid the place that has dead trees. They are not safe. It is better to select a campsite that is recommended by other campers and has good reviews.

By chance, if you want to explore a new place, take some experienced campers with you. It will help you to select the safe campground. There is some campsite that has a fire pit and tables.

Pick the place, if the place has the tree that works as cover than it is a bonus point. Pick the ground that has general wind direction, it for letting the campfire lit as long as you need.

Camping Tent

The first priority should be to make sure that you have the best tent to set up on the campground. Because you have to spend the night there. The tent has to promise a safe and comfortable environment. Don’t go for an oversize or small tent.

Both needs energy and time to set up. Take the perfect size tent that will meet your all camping requirements. Check the wind direction while setting up the tent.

Don’t place your tent near a campfire. Smokes will disturb you. Pick the tent that has less gear and two doors. These features make the tent spacious.


Sleeping Bags

To sleep in the camp, sleeping bag with pad system is the best option. Some likes inflatable mattress. If you ask my recommendation, I will say the sleeping bag with a pad is comfortable.

But you have to make sure that they are lightweight or else it will be hard to handle in the tent.

Fire Pit

Camping without the fire is not acceptable. In the night a campfire makes your stay more cozy and dreamy. But to enjoy this, you have to know the way to start a proper campfire. With 12-14 logs you will have the fire for the night but make sure they are dry.

Because they burn fast. You have to keep extra logs for emergency use. As fires are dangerous, keep some stones around the fire pit. This makes the fire pit stylish and keeps safe from flames especially kids. Make piles of woods to make fire.

Food for Camping

Cooking in the open area and flame makes the food tasty and fresh. Those who haven’t still tasted it, I insist them to eat it once in a lifetime. But the cooking is not as simple as it seems. You have to know the technique to cook correctly with camping stove.

At first, you have to make camping ideas for food. Don’t go for the cooking that is complex. There are canned foods that can be quickly cooked. Better to learn about campfire recipes. They take less time to prepare. Take cast iron pots for cooking.

They are worth it. If possible try to take food from home. Take chopped vegetables and marinated meats in the camp. This will not let you miss your home food and the cooking time will be less. Don’t take extra stress to make food. Make it simple and healthy.


The most important thing. Fresh and clean water is mandatory anywhere you go. Keep gallon to reserve water for the drink. If possible take water containers extra. It is for staying hydrated during the camping time.

Camping tips

Keep a checklist

Checklists are important. In the stress to get ready for the trip, it is obvious that you may miss things while packing or unpacking. So making a checklist is a safe step. After deciding on a trip, sit back and make a list.

Note down every single thing you want during the tour. For this checklist, you will stay confident that you will not miss anything while packing or unpacking. You can download the app for your smartphone.


Some bonus tips for camping

These tips will help camping comfortable and fun.

  • Try taco in a bag as camping food. They are simple but delicious to eat. Everybody loves this food
  • Make a campfire lantern with a headlamp and a gallon of water. You will not believe how the light glows during the night.
  • Kids love dessert. For them, campfire cones are just perfect. Adults also love this easy and tasty dessert. Take your favorite tart and fruit combo and place it in a waffle cone. Heat it for 10 minutes, and it is ready to munch.
  • Take a solar light to use at night. They are handy.
  • Keep a first aid kit must. You never know what you will face while in the camping.
  • Starting a campfire is tricky. Keep homemade fire starter, they never fail.

Want to escape from busy life for some day then go camping. Trust me this will be the best escape of your life. During this time, you will have some time for you and your family.

The bonding will grow, and life will become relaxed and organized. To make your camping enjoyable, follow some useful camping tips.

So what are you waiting for, go pack your things and enjoy your camping out there.

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