How to Choose a Mountain Bike?

From 1970 and 80’s, people were starting to know about mountain bikes at that time it was challenging to ride on rough terrains with a regular bike. A mountain bike is a different one from a bike ride. How different?

Well, the mountain bike has small and wide tires with a rugged frame that helps to ride on fallen branches, rocks, mud-covered tails and for steep or jumping climbs. Don’t get a wrong concept that a mountain bike is for only riding on mountains.

As this bike is made with durable features, so it makes riding easy anywhere anytime. If you are planning a ride on the hill steep, or a long journey on the weekends, then you have to own a mountain bike.

In this article, you will know how to choose a mountain bike and make your rides an adventurous one.

When To Buy One?

Typically, the new models come on the market in September, that is when you will get the last year model bike in the budget. The best thing is you will not find much difference between the latest model and the new model. Just don’t wait too much for a bike or you will miss the last year one also.


Which one is the right mountain bike style for you?

Not every mountain bike can have used for the same purpose, so you have to select the right one to meet your mission. Usually, to ride on harsh terrain with aggressive way, you have to get a bike with reliable and advanced features.

You have to select a bike that has the perfect combination cost, weight, and features. There are three types of mountain bike you have to choose –

  • A rigid bike that has no suspension. This bike is for natural tackle and accessible trails.
  •  Hardtail bike has a suspension fork. As this bike has moving parts in less number, so it comes in light and affordable features. You can go for the off-road trail with this bike.
  • Full suspension bike that has a rear and front shock absorber. You can get aggressive on a rough path with this bike. It is the bike that any mountain bike rider wants to ride with.


Now It Is Up To You Which One Will Be Perfect For Your Ride

  • Another thing is you have to know about is the bike size. It is essential as you have to consider height, the clearance between the top tube and the crotch and the cranks length. Never take a bike without testing, because it has to ensure your comfort, adjustment and safety while riding.
  • Next thing you have to check is the bike frame. All the consideration depends on this frame, so you have to be careful while selecting the bike. A frame can’t be replaced or upgrade. What to consider while choosing the bike frame- geometry and material. Let me tell more about the materials.
  • There is high tensile steel that is strong and inexpensive, but this material is dense. This material is suitable for mountain bike
  • The chromoly steel is light and robust but not budget friendly.The chromoly steel is light and robust but not budget friendly.
  • The chromoly steel is light and robust but not budget friendly.
  • The chromoly steel is light and robust but not budget friendly.
  • The best and costly bike frame comes from carbon fiber.

How to choose a mountain bike

As for the bike frame geometry, you have to depend on the rear suspension and the ability of your riding experience.

For beginner and the intermediate riders diamond frame is sufficient and for experienced one’s exotic bike frame is best.

Check your frame has the option of mounting space or not, especially cargo baskets or mud flaps. These for making your long ride easy. And a leaning top tube is also required for making your trip more supportive.

  • Usually, bike brakes are known as rim brake. When you want to slow down your bike all you have to do is pulling the brake lever with the bike handlebar and the cable transmit lets the brake pads squeeze the rim.  Now there are different kinds of brakes like pull brake, v-brake, and u-brake.

With rim brakes, you will face some problems. One is as the brakes work with the edge of the rim, it will be difficult to work with the brake when the rim is muddy or wet.

And the other one is the brake space is very limited. So don’t go with a bike that has rim brake when you are on a downhill trail.

Then which brake is to pick-  the disc brake. This brake is similar to the car brake. It is a better option than rim brakes for-

  • This brake is far from the edge, so it does not affect wet or mud surface.
  • The braking power of this brake is efficient.
  • You can upgrade the disc and calipers of this brake.

You can choose hydraulic and mechanical disc brake. Both work well in any situation.

  • A bike saddle is the contact point between rider and bike.  The lateral control and rider’s weight gets support from the saddler. If you get a wrong saddler, the rider will feel uncomfortable and the riding ability will get reduce. How will you know that you have a right seat on your bike? Well, you can identify it by the nose and the pad of your seat.

The pad works as your weight holder, so it should make sure that you feel comfortable when you are riding your bike. And the nose works with lateral control of the rider’s thigh.

So when you are choosing a bike for you, make sure to test the seat by riding a test ride. This will help you to pick the best one.

  • Once you are done with choosing a mountain bike, you have to look for some essential bike accessories like helmet, shoes, and pedals. If you can add some things to the list, then keep a multi-tool, hand pump, hydration pack and spare tubes. Get padded cycling short that help to improve your comfort when you are riding the bike. To get more protection get neck and limb protection.

Lastly, the most useful one process is doing some research before going on a mountain bike.  When you decided that you will have a mountain bike for you, compare minimum five types of bike. This comparison will make your selection a fruitful one.

If you ask me the best way to research process, I will recommend watching YouTube. You will get bundles of information from the videos.

Look all the videos of manufacturers that have all the news of technology and specifications and also the genuine reviews of the riders. 

Don’t miss any single and relevant information, all of them are important. Keep weight, safety, and comfort in the consideration points rather than the color of the bike.

When you are on to a performance bike, check it as the bike is professional or not. Check more reviews on the blogs, website, and magazines.

It is a damn sure that you will get much valuable information’s. If you prefer online, then check the forums, online review, and comments.

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