How To Choose An Indoor Bike Trainer – All Inclusive Review For 2021

Are you one of those people that love to do some sports, but because of your complicated and busy lifestyle, you are not doing any? Then comes the frustration because you do not do what you want to do, you only do only what you have or must do. Also, here is the weight gaining.That is not pleasant at all.

Have you ever thought of take some exercise at home? It sounds like a really reasonable decision and a good compromise. Having the opportunity to work out at home is the best.

It can never totally replace working out outside in the nature, but still it is a good option for the rushing people. You do not waste your time going to the nearest park or gym, you just wear your sport clothes and equipment and start right away where you are. So you save your time on going and getting back from there. Sounds perfect!

But do you know what kind of exercise would you like to do at your home? Which one is the best? How to choose? Well, you will have to make a good research and then you will find out the answers of these questions.

However, almost always it is a matter of taste, so the best exercise is the exercise that YOU think is the best for you, the one that you would like to do on a daily basis. If you force to do it, but do not like it, you will end up not doing it, even though you were highly motivated in the beginning.

It is very important to be well prepared before starting this kind of activity, because taking a break of it is the same as you were never done the previous work, which means that even a very small break is like a starting over like a beginner.

There is one exercise that in general is good for all the people and we would like to recommend it to you. It is called cardio and it is the best exercise that exist. Doing cardio on a daily basis is very good for your health and your looks too. Even though in the beginning it is hard and tough to do such exercise, you will get used to it and improve as the time goes by. It is the best and most effective exercise that you must try. Cardio exercises includes jogging, hiking, riding a bike, etc. But how to do cardio exercises at your home? We have the answer on that too. It is called an indoor bike trainer.

What is an indoor bike trainer

It is a piece of equipment that can make your outdoor bike, an indoor, stationary, spin bike. Like we said, there are countless of reasons riding indoors: the weather conditions, your own time, your schedule, etc. Whatever the reason, this piece of equipment called indoor bike trainer, will help you make your outdoor bike, an indoor one and you will be able to do the training at home.

indoor bike trainer

How does it work? The frame of the indoor bike trainer lifts your back wheel up off the ground. It then secures your bike using a simple lever and provides rode like resistance with the roller. Once you have done that, you are ready to ride at home. Also, you can use a tool for your front wheel, it is called riser block and also a trainer mat which will help the equipment stay where in should and not make any scratches to your floor. When not in use, the indoor trainer is as big as a shoe box. These kind of equipment can be found in your nearest sport shop, or you can order it from some web sites on the internet such as Am​​​​​​​​​​​​​​azon. Find it, but it and start working on your summer body as soon as you can. You will be happier and healthier. What more can you ask for?

How to choose an indoor bike trainer

There are different indoor bike trainers on the market and that is as good as it is bad. If you know your needs, that is the best, but if you are new to this kind of training, it can be confusing and devastating at the same time. How to make the right choice?


It always depends on you, so getting some knowledge about it, is always a plus. So, in this article we will explain the similarities and differences of the different indoor bike trainers, and knowing that, you will have the general idea and can make the decision more easily.

First type

This one is one of the basic indoor bike trainer. It is the best for wind bike trainers. As its name says, it is a basic, original trainer styles. When you pedal the bike pedals, there is a fan that is powered by the pedaling and that provides resistance that is increasing when the rear wheel is spinning more quickly.

The same effect can be done if you use bigger gear or if you do the pedaling faster. The best thing about this indoor bike trainer is that it is the cheapest on the market and they are basic, simple and last long. The not so good thing about it is that it is noisy and it does not have an adjustable level of resistance. Also, the real road feel is not simulated very well.

Second type

This one is called magnetic bike trainer. To provide resistance, it uses a magnetic flywheel instead of a fan. Electronic trainer is another type of a magnetic trainer, they work almost on the same principle, only the electronic one uses electromagnetic resistance unit which you will have to control by a remote with the help from some software application.

The good thing about the magnetic bike indoor trainer is that the resistance can be adjustable, it is better from the basic one because it does not make that much noise and as there are some new electronic version, that means that it has a tons and variety of options. The only bad thing about these indoor bike trainers is that they does not last long like the basic ones.

magnetic bike trainer

Third type

Third type is fluid. These kind of indoor trainers are almost the same as the magnetic ones, but they belong to a new category because they are designed with chambers of fluid so that the resistance options could be tuned. The fluid bike trainers are the most available indoor trainers these days. The best and maybe the most important thing that these trainers have is that they give the best road feeling while using.

Also, because of the fluid, there is a wider range of resistance adjustment, controlled as the magnetic one – with a remote, helped with a software application. The bad thing about this indoor trainer is that its fluid gets cooked if you use them too long because of the overheating.

Forth type

This type of indoor bike trainer – rollers. This is one of the oldest style of indoor training. When you use this kind of training, you place the bike on three precision drums that are located inside a frame and it is turning as you do the pedaling. Rollers provide the resistance, also it is possible to be provided by add – on elements such as: fluid, magnetic or wind.

The good thing about this indoor trainer is that it is most effective for improving your form, but the bad thing is that the range of resistance is not really good and it takes some time to get used to it and you will have to practice so that you will not slide off of it.


What you should know before choosing an indoor bike trainer

Now that you know the features, the pros and the cons about each type of an indoor bike trainer, you will be able to make the decision and choose the right one for you. But here are some more tips. Fist, look for smoothness and sturdiness.

All the trainers are different, which means that some of them are smoother than the others. Chose the smoother one and the one that is more stable because it could be really annoying doing your work out if your indoor trainer is not having these two essential features. Also, it is very important to find a trainer that is not very noisy.

You do not want to bother the people who live with you or near you. Or just you. Of you are bothered by the noise, you will not be able to do your work out and you do not want it at all.

Choose an indoor trainer that is not very big so that you could find a place for it and it will not be in your sight when you are not using it. In the end, the most important – find an indoor bike trainer that costs as much as you can afford. You should know whether you need a cheap or expensive one. Decide how much will you invest and buy the perfect one for you that will make you active even in winter.

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