Citizen BM8180-03E Stainless Steel Stylish Solar Wrist Watch Review

Who doesn’t love to wear fancy jewelry? Even if you are a man, you will love to wear gorgeous but straightforward things like a watch, bracelet and so on. A wristwatch is a very fashionable jewelry since civilization.

Watches are the fanciest jewelry accessories for men. It is not only a fashion accessory but also a formal dress code for men. A watch defines your personality. Men’s with a watch looks so attractive to a lady.

Because girls, especially ladies notice a man with a wristwatch more frequently than a man with a bare hand.

Moreover, as per physiological research, that is found that people will take you seriously if you are passionate about your dress code and fashion jewelry.

So apparently it is wise to wear a gentle & formal watch rather than a bare hand.

If you are a man of simple and love gorgeous thing, then citizen bm8180-03e is just for you. It is an excellent and fantastic watch for men. This Citizen bm818-03e is very small dialed watch. 

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Some Feature of This Citizen Bm8180-03E

Citizen Bm8180-03e has an olive color buckle that gives the watch an elegant and classic look on your wrist. With the straightforward function, you will love this handsome watch. It is a very long lasting wristwatch. Highly durable with its brand value.


That is based on the customer use feedback. Its dial is so crystal clear that let you check the time even in the dark. It designed merely watch also let you see the date and the week. With so far so good it’s crystal dial is scratch proof.

With Japanese-quartz movement, this looks so bold on your hand. It won’t let you late to your daily life tracking.

Sometime when you wear a wristwatch for long, you will feel such a weight on your hand, that makes you a bit uncomfortable to wear a watch. 

This lightweight watch won’t make you that much uncomfortable because of its size and lightweight. Yes, maybe it has not a very big deal.

But unlike the big dialed shape watch it’s much better and authentic look and shape. That’s the reason behind that; it fits on every single formal and casual environment. It also suits all types of dresses you wear daily.

Some Pros and Cons of The Watch

This citizen Bm8180-03e won so many positive reviews though there are some negative reviews too.

Some people claim that it’s not water resistant. Well if you check the specification carefully, there you will see that they mention the depth of the water resistance of this watch.


So again, this watch can resist water 330 Feet deep. So it may not be resistant more than 330 ft depth in water. But it usually is tested fine and ok for shower and swimming.

Another thing people say that it’s a small watch. Yes, its dial shape is a little bit short. But not that much. If you set a medium size coin on the top of the dial, you will notice that it’s a bit larger than the coin.

Exactly the size of the watch is 37.2 mm X 9.5mm. So this classic, stylish watch can be a little bit smaller but with the elegant and simple beauty will touch your attention.

Moreover, this is a very simple shaped watch, and you may know that “simplicity is the best.” 

Features and Specification of Citizen Bm8180-03e Solar Watch

  • This watch is from the one of the most famous Japanese Brand Citizen. It is one of the top brand manufacturers in the world, and their brand value will make you satisfied with their products. 
  • This fantastic Citizen BM8180-03E first came into the market in 2007. And get much popularity among the customers. 
  • This excellent wrist watch is round shape and a bit larger than a medium size coin. This perfect size gives you the grip of comforts.
  • Dial window material of the watch is mineral, clasp Olive Buckle color, and the case material is Crystal Stainless Steel.
  • Display of the watch is classic and lovely analog shape. That round shape wrist watch looks beautiful in your wrist. 
  • This watch is not too heavy in weight and gives you a comfortable feel on your wrist.
  • The actual measurement of the case diameter is 37.2 millimeters and thickness 9.5 millimeters.
  • 8The color of this stylish wrist watch is olive green and dial color beautiful dark black. 
  • You can track very merely Day and Date along with calendar with this watch. 
  • Movement of the watch is in Japanese quartz. 
  • The water-resistant at 330 Feet deep. Suitable for shower & swimming but not preferable for diving. 

Customer Reviews and Score

This fantastic watch gets much user reviews after it hits into the market. Here are some reviews of the customer of this watch. So you can check and know what people think about this watch.

As the watch is very simple and stainless still dial. Most of the people find comforts with this watch both in the formal and casual occasion.

If you really check the size of the dial precisely a bit more than a medium size coin. 

On this, most of the customer like it small size. But a there are a few who gives negative reviews for this small size.

Another thing is that most of the people like its lightweight. As it’s not too bulky or heavy in weight. It’s very light and simple design all over.

This watch gets highest user rating for its classical shaped design on the dial that really suits on the wrist swiftly. 

People feel very lightweight and comfortable by this watch. With the olive strap, this watch has no fuss or any complication but the merely beautiful.

With date and week, this watch can be a sound timekeeper for any of your dress code. 

This watch is also suitable and excellent in the casual environment because of its classic shape. Also, this watch is wearable for every occasion. 

It is water resistant also. That means you can go with a shower or swimming with this watch. But this is not exactly suitable for deep water diving.

Some people also like this watch as it is run by solar power. So its executed flawlessly with the indoor light and daylight. Also, it saves energy for dark on the night.Above all, based on some customer reviews, people think that some designer watches are not suitable for every occasion. So they have to buy watches for a different occasion.

But this watch gives the benefit that you don’t need to buy so many watches. It fits in any casual and formal environment. 

How to use Citizen Bm8180-03E Stainless Steel Watch

How to set the time of the watch?


To set the time you can check the manual guide of the watch provided along with the watch box.

  • You can also go to the manual time setting option by pulling the crown 2 clicks of the watch.
  • Then you can set the time by moving the crown and set the current time.
  • Push the crown after setting the time.
  • Make sure that watch indicator is moving and giving you the accurate time.

How to set the Calendar on it?

  • To go to the calendar setting, you have to pull the crown by 1 click.
  • Move the crown clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the date.
  • Set your desired date on the watch so it gives you the accurate calendar tracking. 
  • After that make sure by pressing the top back to turn into its running mode.

How to set the Calendar on it?

Yes. It’s a watch with the solar power system. Its run flawlessly with the solar energy. It works smoothly on the sunlight or daylight. Its also work correctly on indoor or your bedroom.

But it may decrease some function if you keep the watch without the sunshine for long. So its need sunlight to run flawlessly. But it can save the solar energy for the night.

So you don’t need to worry about, and it will work fine on the night.

Can I wear it during the shower?

Yes, this watch is entirely water resistant, and you can keep it during your shower time and also while in swimming. But it’s not that much suitable for the deep water diving. Its water resists to 100 meters.


This excellent and stylish watch is really fantastic and makes you handsome with its gorgeous and straightforward design. This watch won 4.5-star rating out of 5 on Amazon.

So you can really think about this watch based on the price. It can be a good choice and can give you the best value for your money.

Moreover, this watch gets the 66% 5-star reviews with just 2% of a 1-star review.

This watch receives the 2273 reviews positively with no significant complaints. Overall it can be a fantastic timekeeper for your lifestyle. 

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