How To Use a Massage Roller

Complete Guide For Using Message Roller For 2020


Have you ever felt like some huge and heavy thing just feel on your back or neck and you cannot get rid of that annoying pain? Feeling it constantly? Well, you have the problem just like the other 80% of the people. And as the time goes by, it gets worse and worse.  

Have you tried going on a massage? Is it a smart decision going on a massage? Well, it depends. The aim is to go there and after the massage done, you expect to feel better, but sometimes that is not happening.

You have to be the most careful when you make your decision whether you should or should not go to take that massage, and the most important – who will make the massage. This is the essential.

The person who is going to make the massage has to be professional, otherwise there is a possibility and danger of you getting some unwanted injury on the place where you are having the massage.

This is really scary, and just because of it, we do not recommend you to do such thing. Then what is the right way to help yourself? How to solve this problem?

They say that there are many solutions about this problem, there are so many books or articles where you can read what you should do, how to react on this problem, how to prevent that to happen. But the reality is not that optimistic at all.

Some of the advices are so obvious that they do not need to tell you whether to do or not, or which thing is good or bad thing to be done, because you already know that and you do it in your everyday life. And still – the results are all the same, the pain remains.

Some of them are so general that maybe it is better not to be taken because if something worked on one person, it does not mean that it is the cure and will work for everyone.

So sometimes, taking some advice can be wrong and can lead to making bigger problem, that is why you have to be careful and think twice.

But how to be careful enough? You are just trying to help yourself and make that aches gone. You have probably took every advice, tried everything that is in your hands to make yourself feel better, but it is still not working.

The frustration is big and you must be feeling desperate. But finally that come to an end.

There is one more thing that you have probably never tried, but it is the real life savior and the one and only problem solver. It is available, affordable and easy to use. Its name is massage roller.

A massage roller is a device that helps you feel relieved from the pain, only with rolling it properly. It is also called self – massager because with rolling it, you give yourself a massage.

This massage roller is revolutionary, it is the best thing ever when it comes to pain, aches and massages.

foam roller

How does it look

The massage roller is designed in different sizes. IT can be soft or harder, with deeper shapes on the rolling part which is better for those who want to feel the massage better, etc. So it is like a stick, with a round form.

How to use a massage roller

Here are some easy steps that you will have to follow and you will learn how to use it in a proper way:

  • Take the massage roller and place it under the part of your body that you want to get the massage.(To get the point more easily, we will explain how to use it to massage your back. It is almost the same with the other parts of the body).
  • After you place it under the upper part of the back, the next thing you need to do is to raise your hips and with their help, you will roll the massage roller.
  • Roll it back and forth and that is how you do the massage.The good thing is that you massage yourself with your own weight, so you will not need to push hard or do some big exercise, your weight is enough.

Why is this massage roller better that anything

Using this massage roller you will feel the results immediately. It is better than other rest similar devices because you are doing it with your own weight which means that it will not be too light or heavy for you.

It is just the way it should be and you do not have to do any specific thing to achieve that. Our body has muscles and all of them are connected by a thing called fascia. It surrounds the organs, nerves and tissue and many other structures in the body.

But that fascia as the time goes by can become unhealthy, because of its improper use or because of too much use.

So some everyday activities that may not seem to be very difficult, could cause you such issue with the fascia and you will feel the pain and tiredness and you will wonder where did it come from?

Well, that is why. The massage roller helps the fascia to stay healthier for a longer time. By rolling the massage roller, fresh oxygenated blood goes through the fascia and that is how it get better and healthier. You can use the roller for more purposes.

Main Use Of Message Roller

Massage the muscles (Self-Myofascial Release)This is used if you want to loosen up some areas that are tightened such as upper back, the iliotibial band, the quadriceps, etc.

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This is good if you want to give yourself a good neck massage. Juts place the massage roller under your neck and lay down just like that. You will feel the comfortable pressure and your muscles will start to relax.

Perk Up Your Plank or Push up

You can perform some of you exercises using this massage roller to make them easier for you, bit still done as they should. Place the massage roller under one or both hands while you are doing planks or push ups. You will get the effect.

Using it as a yoga prop

This roller can be used for different poses while you are doing your yoga and it can help balance your muscles. It can be used in variety of poses such as:

  • Savasana (place the massage roller inder your knees and you will feel more relaxed)
  • Extended triangle pose (to help your balance, use a massage roller that is shorter than the regular one)

Strengthen Your Core

While you are doing your abs exercises, place the massage roller under your lower back. This will make you push harder to keep the balance which means that your abs exercises will be on a next level. This will help strengthen your core.


Extend Your Stretch

Because of its soft and gentle structure, massage roller seem to be the best thing used for stretching. Place it under your leg or arm while you are stretching to do it better or just use it as an extra support.


Building the balance

It is all the same as you did when you were doing you abs exercises. No matter what kind of exercise you do, just place it somewhere where you will have to try harder to keep the balance. This is very useful and effective way to improve you work out and you will see the effect very soon.

Rehab Your Feet

Place it under one of your feet and roll it with the weight of your one leg. This is the most comfortable massage. If you want some more pressure, you should roll with the both feet but you will have to hold on something and be very careful because this could be very dangerous. If you do it properly, you will be just fine.

Cracking your back

We must highlight that this MUST NOT be done by people with previously had some bigger back issues because it can lead to a bigger problem. But if you are not one of those, follow these steps:

Take the roller and place it on the floor. Sit in front of it with the flat feet on the ground and with your knees bent. You should really carefully lie down on your back and try to lift your hips really slowly.

Then start to roll your body over the massage roller, your torso should be moving away from your feet.

This is done by guidance of your legs. If you do it in the right way, will hear and feel your back cracking and you will continue to feel it if you keep going back and forth on the massage roller. If you start feeling pain, you should stop doing it right away.

With the massage roller you will get the best massage and you should know that it is also used to heal some scar tissues and it is good for a recovery process.

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