Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review

If you think being physically unfit is not an issue, then you would probably not be reading this article right now. My weight ballooned after giving birth to my first born daughter. Well, that was not an issue because baby fat is totally normal. The dozen challenges that followed after that were heartbreaking.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review

Being too heavy-weight to do chores, I depended a lot on my husband to do most of the housework. Until I was diagnosed with diabetes and developing arthritis, my weight became an issue.

I had to shed off some fat in the healthiest way possible. On my search for a healthy life, I stumbled upon Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine from the Internet.  Honestly speaking, this rowing machine has changed my life forever.  My family is back on track, livelier and happier for my health progress.

I am in good shape, healthier and relieved of so much pain and stress; I had to share this. I give credit to this rowing machine because of the following reasons;

Rowing Motion

The machine gives you total control of exertion and resistance throughout the workout. You can adjust the airflow to the flywheel so as to change the feel of the stroke in accordance to what you prefer.

This is made possible by the machine’s spiral damper. Rowing is smooth and comfortable, and most importantly, noise is limited hence you can do other things like watching television programs while working out. Rowing is so smooth that you will not realize you are working out, only sweat and heartbeats will tell.

Performance Monitoring

This rowing machine gives you the efficiency and accurate info you will need to monitor your exercise. Given that you will be using the machine at home and you will not do not have a gym instructor around.

The moment you start working out the display screen illuminates automatically hence you can track the length, haste, calories burnt, watts and the pace you are using throughout the workout. This enables you to monitor your progress day by day. The progress will give you information to know if you are working out in the right way.


The machine has been manufactured using quality materials, from its wheels to handles and body. Its engineering has been approved far and wide for its ability to sustain heavy duty workouts with no hitch. Olympic-level athletes can attest to that, for they have used the machine for decades.


Flexibility is witnessed from the machine’s menu adjustments to the positioning that suits your preference and comfort. With the user-friendly menu, you can navigate a wide range of features that enhance your workout.

From the preset workouts to games or language that makes you understand the machine’s data better. You are also able to save the data for future monitoring of progress. Most importantly, you can adjust the monitor arm to a comfortable position that you get to watch your progress at ease.


Assembling the tool for use is a breeze. Separating the parts for storage is the same story. The machine’s quick-release frame-lock mechanism enables you to separate the machine easily. It, therefore, takes a limited space ever in storage hence does not interfere with your house’ s interior at all.


  • Easy to assemble for use and separate for storage
  • Comfortable
  • Awesome packaging
  • Fast delivery
  • Sturdy for heavy training


  • Heavyweight
  • Expensive


Q: What significance does this rowing machine have for health?

A: This machine will help you lose calories the right way, and it also gives a thorough cardiovascular workout that will make you physically fit and at the same time improve your muscle tone.

Q: How expensive is the rowing machine?

A: Well, what is expensive is poor health. This purchase gives you a comfortable and healthy life

Q: How will I keep track of my exercise

A: The machine consists of the Performance Monitor 5 that allows you to track important data that you will need for a thorough exercise. This includes info like distance, speed, and calories burnt among other important details.

Final Verdict

You need a healthy workout to get lighter and make your cardiovascular system great. Therefore a machine that straightens all muscles in the most comfortable and convenient way is a necessity.

Concept2 Rowing Machine gives you the ultimate workout and fitness you desire in the safest and healthiest way. I totally recommend it especially if you want to train heavily for activities such as sports.

Burn those calories in the right way and make your heart beat in the most awesome rhythms of health and happiness. This machine is the most significant purchase you will ever make.

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