Crank Brothers Highline Dropper Seatpost Review

The mountain biking is a sport, which is full of action and thrill. Globally, thousands of people love to ride their bicycles in the Rocky Mountains and challenging tracks.

The mountain Biking is recognized all over the world and championships are also held in different countries. The sport of full of risk and joy. You need proper equipment to take part in it.

That equipment includes the cycling kit, riding gloves, hamlet and the mountain bicycle.

The mountain bikes are similar to the regular cycles, but it has a particular structure to absorb the stress and shocks, that the rider can face during cycling on the Rocky Mountains.

Many companies manufacture the mountain bikes, but the product we are going to discuss is an extension for these bikes.

The Crank Brothers manufacture the product, and it called as Crank Brothers Highline Dropper Seatpost. It fixes under the seat of the mountain bike, and you can remotely adjust the position of your Seat.

The seatpost is very shock absorbent, and you can experience a comfortable ride with this product.

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Adjustable Seat Height

The product gives a add and drop to your height of the seat. It also has a lever, and you can adjust your height of the Seat with that. The entire assembly has the dropper, a wire, and a Lever.


The dropper is connected with a cable to the lever and that works on the principle similar to the breaks of the bike. The Lever is attached to the handle of the bike, so you gain easy access to adjust the seatposition.

There is hydraulics in the dropper, and when the button is pushed the seat comes up, and when the lever the lever is set free, it locks to its position.

While sitting on the Seat, you can press the Lever, and after attaining suitable height, you can Lock it there.

The position of the seat is significant for the bikers. They have to take different approaches in different circumstances.

For Example, the stunt bikers require low seat position to perform their tricks more effectively. That keeps their weight in the mid-section of the bike.

And the mountain bikers like to keep the seat height, to place more pressure on the front wheel to maintain balance. So, that product can help them both.

Compatible with all Bikes

The Highline add drop seat is available in different sizes which better suits your requirement. The Sizes are 100mm, 125mm, and 160mm. These three sizes nearly cover the needs of all the mountain bikes.

The company offers these sizes to counter variations in the architecture of different mountain bikes.

They also vary in their diameter, so the crank brothers have 30.9mm and 31.6mm width pnw dropper.


You need to take the proper size of your bike and take note of the width of the dropper while choosing it. The width is the place where this product is going to fix.

The standard size is 31.6 mm, but some of them have a 30.9mm diameter. You do not need a specific bike to attach the dropper with it. You need to choose the right dropper. 

Nearly all mountain bikes are compatible with this seatpost dropper.

Crank Brothers Highline Dropper Seat post Features and Specifications:

Following are some main feature of this seat dropper:

  • The product comes up with a unique adjustment lever. That can be placed anywhere on the handle, where you can quickly reach with your thumb. 
  • It has a spherical adjustment for the seat. You can rotate it in any direction. It enables you to move the position in 360° rotation and also gives you a tilt of 22°. It does not show resistance, and you can adjust it quickly.
  • The crank brothers Highline dropper post is very light in weight. The 125mm and 31.6 widths of the dropper have 580 grams of weight. It is made of aluminium to keep the Weight as low as possible. Ss the low weight cycles are more comfortable to handle by the bikers.
  • The product has a two-bolt quick release design. You can easily unbox it and install it very efficiently to your bike. 
  • To meet the need of every mountain bike, the product is available in 3 different sizes of the dropper. They are 160mm, 125mm, and 100mm. All these sizes are also available in 30.9mm and 31.6mm width. So, it covers the requirements of nearly all bikes.
  • The company has also shortened the insertion length of the dropper to keep it compatible with most of the bikes. 
  • The Dropper has IGUS® LL-glide bearings and keys to keep it locked. In addition to the stability of their product, they use JAGWIRE® elite ultra-slick cable that cannot be broken easily. 
  • The dropper has a self-contained hydraulic cartridge. That works on the same principle of hydraulic shocks. It is made with Hight quality material, and it is very reliable for your bike. 
  • All setup has an internal routing of the wires. The wires are barely exposed to others, and it is very jam-packed. That makes the ride safe, and it adds beauty to your mountain bikes. 

Customer Reviews and Score

The crank brother’s dropper seat post is an exceptional solution for those bikers, who need to adjust their seat position in continues manners.

So, customers from all over the world use it, and most of them have a favorable opinion of the product.

One of the customers is using it for last one year, and he said that the product is still in its original form and shocks are working same.

The buyers also praised the easy for installing method of the Crank Brothers Highline Dropper Seat post and said its assembly and installation is very easy.

The Amazon website does not have a large number of purchasers for this product.

But most of them have a Positive opinion. The dropper has proved to be durable for them for an extended period. 

One of the bike riders has left a review that he was facing back pain due to the fixed seat of his bike.

But after the use of the crank brothers Highline dropper, his pain was decreased. That was because of the easy adjustment of the seat at different positions.

Out from the 37 reviews till now, only three buyers have complaints on this product. Two of them had them complain that the product that they received was broke or there was a manufacturing defect of the dropper.

So, that did not work Properly for them. One customer complained that the hydraulics stopped working after two months of use. But overall, the buyers have an enjoyable experience for the seatpost dropper.

How to Use the Seat Post Dropper

How to install the crank Brothers seat Dropper?

The installation of the seat dropper is Simple. If you have a basic concept of mechanics, you can do it in your home. If you find difficulty in assembling, you can go to the cycle mechanic, and he will adjust it.

The main parts of the product are the seat dropper, a wire, and the lever. Place the Lever to your handle of the bike and connect it with the cable.

It is similar to the braking systems of the bike. Then the other end of the wire connects to the dropper. You can also follow the instructions in the user’s manual that comes with the product. Or you can watch the video tutorial on the link below.

Which bicycle is compatible with the Highline Dropper Seat post?

The product fits with all the mountain bikes. You need to purchase the sized seat post dropper for your bike. As mentioned above, it is available in three different sizes and two different widths.

You do not need a specific bike for the product. You need a particular sized product for your bike.

Where can we buy this product?

The product is available in different supermarkets and stores where equipment for bicycles is sold. In some countries, you might face difficulty in finding it.

So, you can purchase it from the online websites of Amazon, eBay, and other local E-commerce websites. On Amazon the seat post dropper has a price tag of under 250 $. You can order it by Visiting amazon link from this article.


The Highline Dropper Seat post has proved to be an excellent addition to the bikes of the mountain bikers. It adds the shock resistance and comfort during their adventure.

The use of this product is rapidly increasing throughout the globe. In my opinion, it is necessary equipment for the bikes. 

The product is very Easy to install and use. The working on the equipment only comprises a single lever. You can quickly adjust the position of your Seat by this lever. 

It does not have an immense structure, and it fits with all the bikes. The Highline add drop is vital equipment for the mountain biking lovers.

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