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Top 10 Dangerous Fish in The World


If you are an underwater researcher or just love the underwater adventure, then you must know about the dangerous fishes as well as dangerous things in the world. Underwater adventure is an outstanding thrill due to its risk and danger. While the main risk is sinking down on the water, but if you are an expert, then you are a skilled and experienced swimmer. For you, safety and knowledge are the main required things now. That’s why you need to know about the top 10 dangerous fish in the world.

The electric eel is a South American eel fish and one and only species in its genus. In spite of the name, it is actually not an eel fish. It is kind of knife fish. The electric eel has an extended body which can move up to 2 m in length. Their extended body has the capability to produce a powerful electrical shock that can stupefy its victim. The tail part almost holds the maximum sizes of the body. It is not particularly an eel fish, but it is connected to characin fish.

Electric Eel

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The Electric eel is an aggressive predator of the whitewater flood forest, which also known as ‘’varzea’’. The electric eel is very stubborn types of fish. They usually move very slowly in the water. It surfaces every few minutes to gasp water. The electric eel’s affinity to stun its victim may have developed into protecting its mouth from any kinds of the fraction. Researchers of Yale University have recently invented that electric eel’s artificial version can generate electricity, which can be useful for medical implants and various microscopic devices. The binomial name of electric eel is ‘’Electrophorus electricus.’’

Atlantic Manta

The giant oceanic manta rays are one of the largest types of rays which connected to the genus Manta. It is also called as Devil Rays. They got very wider and hardened types of fleshy expanded pectoral fins. Those pectoral fins look alike wings. There are two horns just widened after the pectoral fins. They look alike devil horns, and that’s why many people called them as ‘’Devil Ray’’. Manta rays are generally found in temperate, tropical and subtropical waters around the globe. They usually live in warm waters and swim at the nearness of surfaces.

Atlantic Manta

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They don’t go too deep areas of waters and flap their fins during swimming. They eat plankton and other smaller fishes to survive. Their binomial name is ‘’Manta Birostris’’.


The stonefish is one of the most vicious marine fish. Though it looks like a horny creature and its size is also not too big, but it really possesses a great danger. They can be found in shallow waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They are very stubborn, and they usually live in the bottom parts of the oceans. They usually kill their victims by using venoms from their spine.

stone fish

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They have extraordinary camouflage capabilities. They are very dangerous and poisonous. they usually inject huge amounts of venom through the channel from their dorsal-fin spines. They also have different types of quality unlike most of the fishes. They can survive more than 1 day without waters. The binomial name of stonefish is ‘’Synanceia’’.


The piranha is a very popular name for Hollywood moviegoers. The infamous film just portrayed what kinds of voracious killer this animal is. The piranha is also known as ‘’piraya’’ and has massive 60 species cannibalistic fish of South American rivers and lakes. Most piranha doesn’t grow more than 60cm long. Most diversified piranha has been found in the Amazon river.  They possess very powerful jaws and swindler's teeth. As mass media shows they are very dangerous.


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piranha doesn’t possess such a serious kind of danger to human beings. They mostly attack when they are in stressed position. Most piranha except some red-bellied piranha doesn’t attack bigger animals. They are attracted to the smell of blood.

Tiger Fish

Tigerfish has extending forms of species. In whatever way, the fundamental species appointed by the name ‘’tigerfish’’ are African. They are known as tigerfish cuz they possess huge combativeness when they are caught and fight with their every inch of strengths. They have lengthwise stripes on their body. They are also ravenous. They have daggerlike teeth in their front mouth. These ravenous African fish usually found in rivers and lakes on African continents.


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They are also one of the wildest types of predators around the world. The goliath tigerfish is known as the most ferocious tigerfish. The largest goliath is weight 154 pounds.

Moray eel

There are more than 80 species of moray eels. They usually live in the shallow water of tropical and subtropical oceans. Moray eel doesn’t have pectoral fins like other eels. Their skin is viscous, smooth and unarmed. Their jaws are filled with strong, larger, sharper teeth, which they can easily use to catch their victims. They don’t attack humans unless they get threatened or attack by them. They are hugely colored.

Moray eel

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The whole body is heavily colored. They can reach high up to 5 feet. Morays are eaten several countries, but their flesh is not always clean. They can be toxic. They are also cosmopolitan.

Great White Shark 

The great white shark probably needs no explanation. We already saw its ferociousness in the film series ‘’jaws’’ where it was shown as heavily dangerous and feared animal. It is one of the most ravenous and ferocious predators around the globe. White shark doesn’t think twice to attack humans, swimmers, divers or boats if they get any chance to attack them. They are, unambiguously, much maligned. If any human receives normal bite, he or she can have the chance to survive.

Great White Shark

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 If the bite is fatal, the victims can receive huge injury and there’s a big possibility of death. They can be found in coastal surface waters of all the major oceans.


The Candiru, also known as canero or vampire fish, is a parasitic species in the family Trychomycteridae native mostly found in Amazon regions. They can reach higher up to 16 inches in length, though most of their species are generally smaller. Some of the species can reach up to 16inch.

When it gets hungry, they don’t think twice to attack humans.

Red Lionfish

The red lionfish is one of the ravenous coral reef fish in the family Scorpaenidae. They can be found in the Indian and African region. They can also be found in Caribbean seas and East Coast of the United States. Red Lionfish is one of the biggest lionfish species in the ocean. They have larger pectoral fins. They corner their victims through their larger fins. They are gluttonous eater. An adult red lionfish can reach up to 47cm.

Red Lionfish

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The puffer, also known as swellfish or blowfish is the member of the family Tetraodontidae. Puffers are usually found in warm, temperate parts of the oceans. They can also be seen in brackish or fresh waters. Most adult puffers can grow up to 90cm. Most of the puffer species are poisonous and it can cause fatal injury to people. Some countries use this fish also as food though. Fishes are necessary for health and widely famous around the world. It has vast amounts of species.


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Some can be tiny, some can be big, some are very calm, and some are very dangerous. The legend of oceans shall continue forever.

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