Safe Distance of a Firepit from House/Trees/Other Structures

A fire pit should be kept 10-25 feet away from the house. Including house, shed, tree, vehicle, wooden deckings, etc, should be kept away from the fire pit. A 21 feet distance is standard for placing a fire pit.


A fire pit makes the house lively, but any silly mistake or lack of precautions can lead to any fire disaster.

So, here are some basic guidelines on fire pit distance:

  1. Fire pits should be put on the level surface of a house.
  2. The pit should be placed a minimum of 10 feet away from flammable structures, and a 21-25 feet distance is recommended.
  3. Overhanging branches, furniture, shed, tree, vehicle, and the house should be kept a minimum of 10-25 feet distance away from the fire pit
  4. According to different types of fire pits, the safety measure and distance can vary slightly. 

For example- propane gas or natural gas fire pits tend to burn in low flames, and the fire can be controlled. But in the case of a wood-burning fire pit, the fire can go high in case of a sudden gust or breeze. So, maintaining a distance of 21 feet is suitable for a wood-burning pit. And it’s better to use a wood-burning fire pit in the backyard than indoors.

Fire Pit Distance Guide from Property Line, Trees, and Other Structures

As we already know, in placing a fire pit, a minimum distance should be kept from different structures, and it can vary in the case of other systems.

Property line: Many places impose restrictions on how close a fire pit can be placed according to the border of your property. Many municipalities give a 21 feet standard distance from the house. Also, a fire pit should not be placed under a power line or can not be built over any underground line. Fire pits must be put at a minimum distance of 10 feet from property lines and15 feet from a residence.

Trees: Bushes, herbs, overhanging branches, and trees are highly flammable. Even a sudden wind can cause the fire to go high and ignite with leaves or branches. So, keeping a minimum distance of 20 feet from the bush, shrubs, or tree is highly recommended.

Other structures: Any furniture, flammable substance, house wall, wooden pillar, fence, or even wooden deckings should be kept a certain distance away. The joint space is 20-25 feet. The minimum length is 10 feet. And in the case of using a portable fire pit in indoor deckings, a fire protective pad should be used between the fire pit and deckings.


How much clearance do you need for a fire pit generally?

Usually, homeowners’ associations or local authorities provide the exact rules for the location. There can be some regulations on burning in that area, including safety distance details. 

The owner/ authority may give the guideline on the distance regarding grassy surfaces, wood/composite deckings, etc. Following these instructions is a must, and for safety, a minimum length of 10 feet should be maintained between the fire pit and any substance(house, overhanging branch/furniture/leaves)

How close can an outdoor fireplace be to a house?

An outdoor or patio fireplace is considered safer than an open fire and indoor fire pits. However, the risk of unwanted disaster increases when you introduce your house with a fire feature. Therefore, an outdoor fireplace is recommended to maintain a minimum of 10 feet from the home and any structure you have.

Recommended Distance/Safety Measures for Different Fire Pit Types:

Fire pits can be classified based on their location. For example, you can use an outdoor/backyard fire pit, or you can have an indoor firepit. 

Outdoor/backyard fire pit: Decorating the outdoor with a fire pit is a trendy choice nowadays. Fixed stone pits have been used, while portable pits are also on many people’s favorite list. While putting a fire pit in your backyard, any type of fire pit is convenient, whether portable or fixed. Examples; include wood-burning fire pits, propane gas fire pits, gel fuel fire pits, table-top fire pits, etc.

For outdoor fire pit:

  1. The minimum safety distance is 10 feet, and the recommended safety distance is 21-25.
  2. Do not build or place the fire pit above underground power lines.
  3. Keep all flammable things away, and be careful about overhanging tree branches.
  4. Keep the 10 feet around the fire pit area clean because any debris or leaf may catch in the amber of flames and can create fire.
  5. Never wear Nylon or any flammable clothes while enjoying the fire.
  6. Always be careful and keep a water fire extinguisher nearby to prevent any sudden risk.

For indoor fire pit:

People having smaller patios are now considering having indoor fire pits on deckings. And portable type fire pit is a good match if you enjoy a warm fire on your decking—however, there are some safety measures and rules to avoid any pending disaster.

  1. The minimum safety distance between an indoor fire pit and house is 10 feet, and recommended distance is 21-25 feet.
  2. Any structure, such as furniture, wall, pillars etc., should be kept away from the fire pit by maintaining the minimum safety distance.
  3. The wood-burning fire pits can not be used indoors. However, propane, natural gas, and table-top fire pits are suitable for using on deck.
  4. The use of a heat-protective pad is a must beneath the fire pit. Otherwise, it may damage the decking and can cause a fire.
  5. Using an anti-spark screen is an excellent choice to prevent any unpredicted disaster. Also, having water, sand, and a fire extinguisher nearby is an excellent step to safety.

Can I put a fire pit on the grass ?

The answer is yes, you can put a fire pit on the grass, but it will damage the lawn. So, if you get a level surface area at a reasonable distance from any flammable substances, it is recommended that you place the fire pit there.

Fire Pit Distance From House in Michigan:

According to the regulations of Michigan, a fire pit must be placed a minimum of fifteen feet distant from the house, walkway, public facilities, etc.

Fire Pit Distance From House in Massachusetts:

Open burning and, in some cases, use of fire pits is forbidden in twenty-two towns and cities in Massachusetts. In Framingham, open burning is limited. The fire pit distance must be 10 feet from any structure or neighboring yard. Twenty-five feet is a preferable distance. In Worcester, open burning and having a fire pit is illegal and prohibited. Open burning is also prohibited in Barnstable city.


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