D’link Router Setup Guide For 2021

A router is for securing network system that works with the internet connection. With the router, your all information stays safe from cyber-attacks.

Some router needs cable to operate a drive and some works wireless. As there are different routers to work with, in this article we will know about the D’link router setup.

D-link Setup Wizard

The D-Link wireless router helps to create a safe home network for all the wired and wireless devices in your home. To start with this router, you have to set up the router properly.

In this guide, you will get the instruction easily, even if you are new to this device. It is interesting to set up. Check it out:


Joining the Hardware

  • At first, you have to unplug your modem. You have to make sure the modem is off when you are connecting the router. If the modem has no system of switching off then unplug the modem.
  • Now for the setup process, take two Ethernet cables. One of the cables will connect from modem to the router, and another cable will connect with your computer to router. It is for the setup process. When the setup is done, you can connect a computer with a wireless adapter. There will be Ethernet cable with your modem or router. You can use it for the setup process.
  • You will find a WAN port in the router, connect the modem with it. This port is Ethernet port that is close to the power port of the router. Oh, the ports are on the back of the router. The LAN ports come in different colors. Keep the power supply of the router off during the connection.
  • Connect the Ethernet port of the computer to the LAN port. You can use any LAN port. The Ethernet port of the computer is in the back. You may not find the port in some laptop, but every desktop has this port.
  • Now switch on the modem or plug it on. You have to wait for 30-60 second to let it boot it up.
  • After plugging the modem, turn on the computer. Don’t connect with another wireless network.
  • After plugging the modem, turn on the computer. Don’t connect with another wireless network.
  • .If the WAN light is not working then reconnect the modem and make sure the cable is connected to WAN port.
  • If the LAN light is off, then connect the Ethernet cable to the LAN port properly.

Login the Router

  • To log in the router, open a browser in your computer. You have to configure the router in the browser that will connect the router.
  • In the address bar type .  This address will let you get the login information of the router.  This address is the default address of the router.
  • If the address is not working then check the network connection properly. If you still can’t load the configuration page, recheck the router connection and reset the router by pressing the power switch. Press it for ten seconds. By this, the router will get back to its default setting. After resetting the router, you can enter the configuration page with the address
  • After entering the page, give “admin” as username and nothing in the password field. This login process is default login for the router. If this process is not working, then the login detail is changed. You will have to reset the router again. Press the reset button and hold it for 10 seconds. After resetting, try to login to the page again. Hope it will work now.


 Carrying Out First-Time Router Setup

  • Find the “Setup Wizard” button and click it. You will get your network configured and secured in a minute. If you don’t find the setup button, then find the setup tab.
  • Some router changes the settings automatically after signing in. If you see that, then skip the above step and go for the adjusting settings. Here you will find details of every setting.
  • You will see the Launch Internet Connection Setup Wizard. Click it. You will see internet connection and administrator account. When the setup is done, click next button.
  • Generate an administrator password. You need this password because in default login you have no password. So for a secure network, you have to set up a wireless network with the new password. Keep the password safe after generating, or else you have to reset the password again.
  • Now you have to set your timezone. Because it is important for login and router setting. It can be done manually.
  • After this pick the internet connection system. Cable is the first choice of every internet user. Contact with your local internet service provider.
  • You may require to clone pc or mac address. Some user can ignore this as their ISP has done the system. Use it if the MAC address is empty.
  • After doing all the settings, save them. You can do it by clicking the connect button. By this, your router will reboot for 1-2 minutes.
  • Now it is testing time. Test the connection properly. Check the browsers by opening all of them. Try to load every page. If the loading is perfect than you are ready to create a wireless network.

Generating a Wireless Network

  • You have to login in a router. Type in the address bar and give the new password you have created. Keep the username admin.
  • Find the setup tab and click it. The setup wizard will open.
  • In the left frame, click the wireless setting menu. By this, you can open a new page that will allow you to set up a new wireless network.
  • There will be an “Enable Wireless” box; you have to check it. By this, the wireless network will turn on, and it will save settings.
  • Fix a name for your network. But don’t mix this up with your any personal information. It will be seen in the public network.
  • The security model will be “WPA2″. This method is secured wireless transmission. It is not easy to hack a WPA2 password. There is another method WEP, but the password is not secured.
  • Try to make a strong password. Because there are online hackers, who are there to hack all the information’s from online. Try to make the password very strong. Note down the password in a safe place.
  • After making a password, save all the settings. The wireless network will get saved, and the network gets enabled. After doing the settings in 30 seconds, your all device can be connected to the wireless network.
  • Connect all your devices. When the wireless network is active, the connectivity will be perfect. The different device will respond differently in the process. You can connect to the wireless network by the name you have given. From the device, you have to get an internet connection by giving the password

Adjusting Settings

  • If you need to change wireless setting than you have to adjust settings. You have to do the change from setup tab to wireless settings. There will be all details information. Remember to enable the extended range mode.
  • When you need to forward setup port to your computer for your program, go to the port forwarding section from the advanced tab. When you are forwarding ports, there will rule for every application. You have to enter the IP address of your device to forward the setup port. You also have to put the range to open the port.
  • Now make website filter. You can block some sites with your router by setting the router. All you have to do is open the advanced tab; you will find the configuration page. Select the website filter, now type the sites you need to block. After this enable the filter. This change is applicable for all devices that are connected with this router.
  • If you love the game, then enable the game mode. You can use the router as playing a console game. If you enable the game mode, you will find for the option to play games. You will find it in the advanced tab; then you have to select an advanced network. Then check the enable gaming mode and save all the settings. When you are not playing, then you can unchecked the game box.

This is the full guide of D’link router setup process. When you have the router new in home, just follow the instruction above. You will enjoy a smooth internet connection if you can set up the router properly.

Another important thing is to keep your information protected by setting up a strong password. Enjoy surfing!

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