Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater Review For 2021

In the cold months, you can’t dare to take a shower with the freaking icy water as you will freeze to death. Now, there is two way you can tackle this issue. Either don’t take a shower like Brad Pitt and use fragrances to cover up your stink or get hot water supply at home.

And apparently, the latter one is the option everyone is going to take and for good hygiene reasons as well as you don’t want to be responsible for making people hurl with your body odor.

Now, what’s the easiest way to get warm water for showers? Yes, a water heater and to be specific a tankless water heater as it’s the Ecosmart tankless water heater review.

Why opt for a tankless water heater? The big reservoir heaters have been there from the very beginning, and they have been working just fine.

So, such a question will be coming at you when you are thinking about getting electric tankless water instead of the more conventional system.

To this, my response is why not? Yes, tank heaters perform the job of providing warm waters nicely, but they also bring some problems of their own. First of all, the tank itself will require some space which is always a headache for users.

And if it wasn’t enough, you’re still concern about the gas leakage in such systems as they use it to boil the water. But with the Ecosmart electric heater, there isn’t any leakage tension and neither do you have to worry about space for the tank.

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Self Modulating Feature

Traditional water heater system requires users to keep it under surveillance at all times to continue regulating the heat to their need.

Now, in a tank heater, the tank holds the water, and therefore you need to choose the temperature level to warm the water upfront before using it. In simple terms, you need to take the control.

However, with the Ecosmart 18 tankless water heater, there isn’t any such hassle. That’s because this electric water heater got its patented self-modulating technology at work. So, what it does?

Simply, it provides users with breathing room as the heater itself can adjust the temperature and other controls depending on the water flow.

Unlike the traditional system, you don’t need to change things manually to find the perfect temperature as the Ecosmart heater performs this automatically.

This electric system is better than the traditional ones for various reasons. First of all, the user doesn’t have to keep checking the temperature and adjust it to find the perfect warm water.

But the most significant factor is that the Ecosmart 18 system is much more efficient than those tank heaters. That’s because, with the tank heaters, you waste more energy as it requires to keep the tank water hot at all times before dispensing through the shower head or sink. But electric water heater does this on demand.

Smarter System For Home

The Ecosmart 18 electric system is perfect to go with today’s smart homes. Like the intelligent thermostat or air condition systems, it also reads the weather condition and adjusts the temperature depending on it.

So, for instance, if you’re leaving in a warmer climate, the water heater will take the state into account and make the temperature setting in respect to that.

Therefore, you will be using less or more electricity to heat the water depending on the condition of your surroundings.

This feature ultimately saves you money as it is efficient compared to the traditional heater systems which require your constant monitoring.

The water heater system is also suitable for modern households as it doesn’t require a lot of space to install.

As we all know, conventional tank heaters need space because of the big tank that comes with it.

However, that isn’t going to be an issue as the electric heater system has no tanks. Just take the 17″ x 14″ x 3.75″ unit and install it in the sink or shower head.

Another reason I prefer it over the conventional heaters is that it uses electricity. So, there are systems that use gas to heat the water which works fine, but there is always the risk of leakage which can lead to some serious accidents.

Ecosmart 18 Tankless Electric Water Heater Features and Specifications

  • The Ecosmart 18 uses highly durable materials for its housing unit.
  • It is easy to install and requires very little maintenance.
  • It uses copper and stainless components which helps it with the heating efficiency. Plus, they are easy to replace.
  • It requires 75 amps power and has a water flow of 0.3 GPM.
  • The unit comes with a lifetime warranty for residential use.
  • The Ecosmart 18 water heater is 60% more energy efficient than any other traditional heater.
  • The unit saves you 12 cubic feet of space as there is no need for a water tank to store the water.
  • The digital control panel of the system gives 1-degree increment ability to the temperature.


Customer Reviews and Score

The tankless water heater systems are slowly replacing the conventional tank systems. Still, the old water heating system is dominating the market, and it doesn’t come to me as a surprise as it would take time to get hold of the market before making the old systems obsolete.

And I genuinely believe in the next few years; the electric tankless heaters will dethrone the tank heaters as these systems are gaining momentum.

You can take the 2000+ Ecosmart tankless water heater review from Amazon into to see how the dynamic of the market is shifting towards the electric system.

The Ecosmart 18 has over 2000 reviews, and most of them are positives as it got an overall 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. Almost, 80% of the people who had experienced the heater have given it either 4 or 5 stars which send a pretty strong statement.

Now, most people who got their hands on this compact unit, first of all, agree with the fact that it is quite easy to install. The instruction manual provides you with enough information that you won’t require a plumber to install the thing.

Customers also appreciate the fact it offers hot water on demand. Unlike conventional heaters, you don’t have to worry about running low on hot water as it provides instant hot water through shower heads.

It makes life more comfortable as you don’t have to wait for the tank to fill and then boil the water before dispensing.

But the one thing that wins over the hardest critic is its smart self-modulating system. The water heater can take the weather condition of your area into account and then adjusts the temperature settings on its own to provide the sweet water boiling point for your shower water.

How to use the Ecosmart 18 water heater?

How does the electric heater boil the water?

In traditional heaters, there is the tank where the water gets stored and then using the gas; the heater warms the water before dispensing it for use. Such a system takes time as the tank needs to fill first and then the system needs time to heat it.

With the Ecosmart 18 electric heater system, there isn’t any such issue as it supplies hot water on demand. The hot water supply process is on the go because the supply water first goes through the heater which uses electricity to heat it while the water is passing through the unit.

Can users control the temperature manually?

As you have seen so far from this electric tankless water heater reviews, the self-modulating feature of the Ecosmart 18 lets the system to take over and control the temperature all by itself.


However, you can manage it manually. You can set the water temperature that you want at all times and take that setting into account; the system will make sure you get water at that precise temperature of your choice by making changes depending on the room temperature of the water.

By that I mean, if the water in your area is hotter than usual, the system will let lower the heat to give the precise, warm water for your use and if it’s colder than it will increase the temperature. But if you want, you can use the dial and change the heat on your own too.


From this Ecosmart tankless water heater review, you can see how the electric heater system has stepped up the game. I won’t deny the fact the tank systems are still relevant as they do the job. But with time they will become obsolete.

The electric systems not only provide the modern technologies but they also solve a massive crisis of space. Plus, they provide constant temperature water and on-demand making it easier for us.

So, taking all such aspects into account, the tankless system makes much more of a better investment over the period than the tank heater systems. And if you’re thinking of making a one-time investment on electric heater than the Ecosmart 18 tankless water heater should be the one without any doubt.

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