Top 10 expensive fish in the world

Top 10 Expensive Fish in The World


Fish is one of the most common creatures around the earth. There are lots of fish which is so easy to find and cheap to buy. But, there are fish which is almost impossible to find and very expensive to buy. Here we will discuss the few fishes that are infamous for its staggering high prices.

If we want to talk about the most expensive fish in the world, Platinum Arowana is undoubtedly the most expensive tropical fish in the world ever has. It is one of the rarest animals and gonna cost you over thousands of dollars. It’s definitely hearing crazy, but once you see the view of this amazing fish, you’ll get amazed by its tranquility. There are very limited numbers of Platinum Arowana around the globe.

Platinum Arowana

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It is so esteemed that a microchip is installed into it before it reaches its full maturity. That microchip is helpful to authenticate it easily. The color of this fish is the result of a rare genetic alteration. Platinum Arowana is a freshwater fish with gaunt semblance. The fish possesses a long slim, shaped body with a coin like shiny appearance. The eye color is fully black and there’s a small tail in its head. Arowana is a part of the kingdom ‘’Animalia’’, the phylum is ‘’Chordate’’.

Platinum Arowana is mostly found in Asia regions, but there are also some genres can be found in Australia and South America regions. It is notable that not every kind of Arowana is expensive. The Super Red Arowana is the most beautiful Arowana. Thus, it is the most expensive Arowana undoubtedly. It totally looks angelic. Arowana fishes can live up to 50 years. Though it is highly esteemed and very rare to buy, it can certainly give you a pure satisfaction than any other fish.

Xingu River Ray

Xingu river ray or polka-dot stingray is a species of freshwater fish. It is indigenous in the Xingu River basin in Brazil. It generally likes to stay in stony bottoms of the water. It can reach up to 40cm in disc width. Female stingrays can be larger than male versions. It was displayed in Taiwanese aquarium. It is widely considered as one of the highly esteemed aquarium fish and the price can be high up to $100,000.

Xingu River Ray

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 The binomial name of this fish is ‘’Potamotrygon leopoldi’’.

Peppermint Angelfish

The Peppermint angelfish is generally a small and exotic angelfish. It can be found in the eastern-central Pacific around. It’s generally used for public viewing. Peppermint angelfish is kinda shy species that live mostly under the rock bottom of the ocean. It’s a deep water fish and its body is stripes of red color. It also has a very beautiful shape and that’s why it is very expensive and rarest types of fish around. Accumulators have proposed almost $30,000 for this fish.

Peppermint Angelfish

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 Peppermint angelfish can grow up to 7cm in length. Peppermint angelfish is part of the kingdom ‘’Animalia’’ and its binomial name is ‘’Centropyge Boylei’’.

 Bladefin Bassleta

Bladefin basslet is an astounding reef fish. The name comes from the blade-like dorsal fin. It is a very cute little fish. This fish is gone for whopping 10k bucks. It is one of the most expensive for aquarium display. It can be found in Caribbean oceans. The main reason behind its staggering price is this fish is too much hard to catch. This fish generally born is incredible depth areas of the oceans.

Bladefin Basslet

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It can reach up to only 1.5cm and specimens find it too difficult to identify and catch this cute fish. So, there’s nothing to surprise that this fish is so highly esteemed to buy and one of the rarest to find.

Golden Basslet

Golden Basslet also knew as Royal Gamma is the species of basslet origins. It can be found in reef environments of the tropical western Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They are also widely popular for aquarium business. That little fish is a very shy type and very hard to catch. It’s almost impossible matter to catch this fish without underwater craft which is known as ‘’Submarine’’. This fish is popular due to its appearances in Hollywood animation blockbuster ‘’Finding Nemo’’.

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It could price whooping $8,000 dollars. The binomial name of this fish is ‘’Gramma Loreto’’.

Neptune Grouper

Another fascinating and charming fish ever to find. It is a deep water fish and one of the super expensive fish. Collectors have to go 800feet bottom of the ocean to catch this fish. Few can be found in shallow waters. Very few Neptune Groupers can be reached up to 17inch in length. A juvenile version of this fish is much different than its fully matured version. Juvenile version displays astonishing shades of yellow and pink. 

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It was not available to purchase for a long time. When it is up to purchase, collectors demand its price a whopping $6,000 dollars.

 Australian Flathead Perch 

Flathead perch is another fare fish and its price is up to 5k bucks. It can be found in the waters of Australia. It is difficult to find cuz it generally swaying around at the bottom line of the ocean to find their food. The first flathead perch was up to sell in the United States at 2011. Due to its exceptional body shapes and patterns, they can use the exclusive system to catch its prey. Its astonish colors and dazzling stripes makes it as a quality addition to aquarium display.

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Wrought Iron Butterfly Fish

This cute little beautiful fish can be found in the waters of Japan. It can reach high up to 6 inches.

It is one of the stalwart fish of the Butterflyfish family. They can price almost $2,700 dollars. 

They are a vivid swimmer, which makes them very beautiful to watch on aquariums. The name of wrought iron Butterfly fish comes to its look.

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Clarion Angelfish

The clarion angelfish is named after one of the most islands off the Pacific coast of Mexico. These fish are so beautiful and magnificent to display.

 This fish will cost a whopping $2,500 dollars on the market. 

They are rare because collectors need to have permission from the Mexican government to collect them.

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Candy Basslet 

Candy basslet is the most dazzling and colored marine fish ever. Its price is whopping $1,000 dollars. It’s found in the Caribbean seas.

Though, it’s not everyone’s cup to buy such hugely expensive fishes with such weaving amounts of the price. But, you can definitely feel better when you will be the owner any one of them!

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