Fire Pit Buying Guide -2022 [How to Pick the Right One]

A fire pit will be a great choice if you are planning to enjoy a nice warm winter in the backyard or patio. But, before purchasing and installing a fire pit, you will need to consider some fors and againsts. This writing will help you come up with the best fire pit.


01. Know the Laws of Your State

Check your city, state, or country law, before installing a fire pit. In many states, open burning and having a fire pit is illegal and prohibited. For example, fire pits are forbidden in twenty-two towns and cities in Massachusetts. Even if your city or state allows you to use a fire pit, they can give restrictions on specific types of fire pits—for instance, the wood burning law. Likewise, your homeowner’s association, city, or state authority may restrict wood burning. In many states, the wood-burning law is in force. 

Another regulation can be regarding portable or fixed fire pits. Again, check the homeowner’s, manufacturer’s, or state’s instructions if installing a set fire pit is permitted. In many cases, they might not allow you to build a fixed fire pit.

02. Select a Safe, Suitable Location

Initially, make sure whether you want a fixed or portable fire pit. To decide this, you need to depend on two factors solely. The first one is whether your backyard, patio, or decking is expansive enough or not to place a fire pit safely. Another is if you prefer to enjoy the outdoor fire pit, indoors, or both.

If your priority is to enjoy it outdoors and you have a lovely open patio or backyard, select a nice outdoor space for the fire pit. First, ensure the fixed area is safe to place a fire pit. However, consider setting safe spots in your decking, pergola, or gazebo if you want both indoors and outdoors.

03. Select Fuel Types

Deciding the fuel type can change your entire journey with a fire pit. You can have a wood-burning fire pit if you prefer a natural campfire experience, an ambiance to the backyard, cooking support, and more heat in the winter. Remember wood burning fire pit can not be used indoors or under a gazebo or pergola. Propane and natural gas fire pits can be used indoors and outdoors.

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04. Select Material Type

When choosing material, prioritize longevity and durability. For example, cast Aluminium does not rust easily, while copper bowls can get rusty. However, cast iron is a better choice; though it is denser and heavy, it is durable and long-lasting.

05. Know Safety Issues

Check the safety guidelines and precautions before installing a particular fire pit and let all the family members know about the rules and regulations.

06. Style and Shape (It Matters)

Fire pits are not all about holes in the ground. Instead, you can find fire pits in various shapes and sizes. Fire pits usually come in square, circle, or rectangular shapes. Some can be an entire bowl, pan, or tall pillar.

07. Ease of Maintenance

Wood-burning fire pits will always be more challenging to maintain than gas fire pits. Check the maintenance way and rules while buying a fire pit.

08. Longevity and Warranty

The longevity entirely depends upon the usage and maintenance process. You can get a ten years warranty from companies like; Iron members. However, many companies offer a lifetime warranty, for instance, Breeo, Ohio flames, HPC, American fire glass, etc.

09. Budget and Cost

Fire pits are easily affordable; their price starts from 35$ and can rise to 2000$ for premium custom-built types.

10. Go for the Best Brands

Try to buy from the best brands, for example, Tiki, solo stove, Breeo, BioLite, etc.; it will help guarantee a good experience.

What Things to Consider While Buying a Fire Pit?

01. Portability:

Depending on your preference, choose between portable and fixed-type fire pits. For both indoor and outdoor experiences, portable fire pits come in handy.

02. Fuel Types

Depending on fuel types, fire pits can be divided into three categories:

  1. Wood burning fire pit: Runs by burning wood to give an aesthetic vibe to the backyard; great for cooking and barbecue, affordable, and excellent for heat production. However, a wood-burning fire pit can not be used indoors.
  2. Propane fire pit: Uses propane tanks as fuel and burns smokeless. This type of fire pit is very energy efficient, portable, and easy to maintain. They can be used both indoors and outdoor.
  1. Natural gas fire pit: Natural gas direct line or tank is used in this fire pit. They function the same as propane fire, except they are not portable enough.

03. Safety

Safety should be the first and foremost priority while selecting a fire pit. Check the safety requirements of different fire pits and ensure your family members, household, and structures are compatible with those guidelines.

04. Styles

  • Regular Fire Pit: The century-old idea of a typical fire pit is to build it with brick or stone in the backyard, and still, this style is popular with people who enjoy traditional aesthetics. The fuel is mainly wood or natural gas.
  • Bowl Type: Bowl or basket-type fire pits are very classy and popular. They usually run on propane or gel fuel used on the tabletop. Great for placing beside the swimming pool, patio, or deck.
  • Tabletop: Tabletop fire tables usually come in square, circle, or rectangular shapes; they are also run by propane gas, and sometimes they have cooking or grilling options. Can be placed indoors
  • Grill Style: This type of fire pit’s primary purpose or target is to grill, cook, and barbecue. They can be either wood burning or even natural gas fire pits.
  • Fire Columns: A long tall, slim pillar or column-shaped fire pit adds a great ambiance to the outdoor or patio. Usually, they are either natural gas fire pits or propane gas fire pits.
  • One Side Open: Chimineas are another type of fire pit with one Side open and an upward smoke pipe. They produce less smoke than regular fire pits and look ornamental in a smaller patio or backyard. However, they have less heat.

05. Materials

Steel (Regular + Stainless): Steel fire pits are an affordable choice. Sheet steel is trendy for building fire pits. Also, people prefer stainless steel too. But even if it is stainless, steel will get rusty at some point.

Copper: Copper fire pits are very durable and rustproof. Usually, they do not oxidize.

Cast Iron: The most popular material for fire pits is cast iron; this item is heavy but tough and durable. Cast iron fire pit is rustproof and lasts longer.

Faux Stone & Concrete: Faux stone and concretes are mainly used for backyard fixed fire pits. However, you can get some faux stone portable fire pits in the market. They are not suitable for massive temperatures always, because the concrete stone will pop like popcorn at temperatures more than 1,000°C (1,832°F)

Polyresin: Polyresin fire pits tend to be wood-burning and outdoor types. They are pretty much okay for light uses.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete: This material is famous for its fire-resistant quality. Though it is pretty expansive, it will guarantee your safety.

06. Shape

 The fire pit creates the focal point of your backyard, patio, or deckings. So selecting a shape that adds elegance to the space is essential. Nowadays, square, rectangular, triangular, and different geometric-shaped fire pits are available at the market.

07. Maintenance

Before settling on a specific type of fire pit, know about their maintenance procedure. Wood burning fire pit takes much more effort to maintain and clean; however, it gives off the most heat. Propane and natural gas fire pits require less maintenance.

08. Longevity and Warranty

Longevity depends solely on your maintaining capability irrespective of all types of the fire pit. A lifetime warranty is now typical in many famous brands—for example, Breeo, American fire glass, Tiki, etc.

When Can You Have a Discount?

Spring is your golden time if you are planning to save money on purchasing fire pits! You can have huge discounts as business owners remain busy adding summer outdoor products through March, April, and May. Also, in the fall, discount is available in many shops.

Where to Buy?

Fire pits are both available online and offline.

Here are some recommendations from where you can purchase a  fire pit:

Amazon: It is the most widely known site, where you will find many types of fire pits in one place. The price range starts from 35$ and can go up to 1900 $ for premium types. In addition, Amazon usually offers free shipping and discounts on different items.

See our recommended fire pits here.

Home Depot: The best thing is to pick it up from their local stores or get it shipped directly to your home. Home Depot also provides free shipping and discounts. Price ranges from 45 $ to around 2000$.

Walmart: Huge variety of fire pits is available on this site, and prices start from 27$ only. They also have high-range fire pits, which costs around 1500$. In addition, you can buy different fire pit accessories with the fire pit and enjoy discounts.

Local Store: You can always buy fire pits in the nearby local fire pit markets. But getting several types like online stores is difficult in local markets. Prices will range from 40$ to 1700$. Moreover, a local store’s excellent Side is that you can easily have custom-built fire pits.

If you like native handmade fire pits, you can check Ohio flame, The fire pit store, and Wayfair. They also provide free shipping and discounts on fire pits. Among them, Ohio flame offers a lifetime guarantee for their fire pits, like Tiki and Solo stove.


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