Fishing Tips For Beginners [Basic Fishing Tips For 2021]

People should have a hobby which can make them cheerful as well as happy. There are many hobbies which people can have like playing cricket, dancing, singing, etc.

One such hobby is fishing which is also a source of livelihood for many people across the world. So to learn fishing as a beginner, look at these points which would be helpful to you to learn this art:

Understand The Basic Terms


When You Are Just A Beginner You Should Following Terminologies Like :

  1. Rod: The device which will be used for catching fish is called as rod, and the rod which you want to use will be according to the fish you want to catch. If you want the best rod to use, then you must visit the nearest fishing store to have an idea about which types of fish are being found in your area.
  2. Action of the rod: It is defined as the extent up to which a rod can bend. There is an inverse relationship between flexibility and action, i.e. faster the action of the rod, the more flexible it will be.
  3. Power of the rod: It gives an idea of how much weight a rod can lift.
  4. Fishing line: Basically it is the wire which is used with rod for fishing. Don’t use too much massive line.
  5. Bait: It is used to attract the fish. It can be worms, snake, etc. anything which can lure the fish towards it.

Know The Best Time To Go For Fishing

See this is the most Important Part. There is a basic concept in it as during the when the sun is above us; fish try to get to the cooler part of the water.

So they are in motion while at night as the water is cool comparatively so the fish stays calm and can be found deep inside the water bodies. If the wind is moving, then you can find a lot of fish.


Alternatively, if the weather is stormy, it would be dangerous for you to go fishing. It is generally seen that overcast sky is the best time to go out fishing.

Most of the big fish tend to remain in the deep water and come to shallow water for feeding and in search of small fish.

Type Of Water

There are generally two types of water namely saltwater and freshwater where you will be going for fishing purpose.

In lakes and ponds, you will be doing freshwater fishing while in the ocean where it is called saltwater fishing due to the salinity of the water.

The primary difference between saltwater and freshwater fishing is the variety of fish that you will get there.

In freshwater, you can expect salmon fish, catch fish while in saltwater there are chances that you can even get the octopus.


Where To Cast

As a beginner, you should know that fish will tend together where the two streams merge as it will be easier for you get a maximum number of fishes there.

Initially don’t focus on big fish, start with small fish that you can quickly get. The idea in this regard will be got by the local fisherman who is earning their livelihood through fishing.

They can best tell you about the best spot for fishing. Also, you can yourself do some surveys by asking the local people who lie around that particular river or pond which will prove too beneficial for you in the long run as you will know the exact site for fishing.

Bait To Attract Fish

Bait is the most critical factor for attracting a specific type of fish towards the hook. For example, Beam fish are more attracted towards crickets.

Some other types of baits are worms, liver, salmon eggs, grasshopper, etc. which can be used to attract several types of fish.

Knowing How To Use The Right Knot

Understanding how to tie a knot with the line of the rod is an essential condition which every beginner should learn. See using the knot which is neither tight nor loose that means it should be moderate.


So to tie a knot between line and hook, you should wrap it 4-6 times after the thread has been inserted in the hole of the hook. Then you can easily attach the bait to the fish.

How To Cast

Now you should know about casting a rod and bait accurately. After casting the bait, hold the rod with some tension, and if you feel some pulse, then you have to spin the wheel which is attached to the rod to catch the fish immediately otherwise there are many chances that you may lose the fish and will feel sad.

Beginners will be benefited more from the specific rod and line which they are about to use. After attaching the bait to the hook now put the reel in the water to attract fish and wait for 10 to 15 minutes there.

Hook The Fish Tight

When you start feeling a slight movement in the line, give a jerk backward to the rod which in turn will hook that fish. Although the fish will try to escape by moving here and there and the line will move in the direction of fish.

So to maintain hold of the fish you should keep the rod tight and start spinning the wheel and keep doing so till the fish is out of the water and is visible to you. Then put it in the basket which is carried by you to collect fish.

Important Tips to fish for beginners


Dress code

Although the dress is not necessary it is required to feel comfort while fishing. Boots are essential while fishing. Take a hat with you so that you can protect yourself from the hot sun rays.

Take food with you

During fishing, you might feel hungry at some point in time. So to avoid taking some food with you who will help you in remaining energetic while fishing and avoid the tiring situation. Carry snacks as well as some beans in your bag.

Say no to Children

Fishing requires concentration, and the children will prove to be distractions there while fishing. So if you want to does fishing to the fullest avoid taking children with you as they will do nothing but disturb you, and you may not be focusing on your task entirely.

There is a high chance that you may be busy fishing and they may drown in the water which will ultimately affect you.

Take some spray

As you are going to rivers or sea, there is very high possibility that you will find some mosquitoes or insects there which can prove to be harmful to your health and which can make ultimately prone to various diseases. So the advice here is to take some anti-mosquito spray with you.

Safety information

To go fishing you should have a valid license for fishing which is issued by the concerned authority of the country. Because if you are going fishing without a license, you can be arrested.

Secondly, you should take a live jacket with you so that in case of emergency it might prove to be beneficial for you.

Last but not the least take care of your body as well, i.e., drink plenty of water before going for fishing and apply the sunscreen lotion as it will prevent your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.

In case of hot summer day don’t forget to carry summer glasses with you.

Have pateince

Initially, you may lose confidence while fishing as you might be expecting to catch various fish in one go, but it takes time to learn this art.

You have to analyze multiple factors like the angle of the rod, the mood the fish, types of bait that lure the fish more and several other various factors which takes time to understand. Start slow and make steady progress which will help you out in the long run.

Have a companion

It is always a good idea to go for the fishing with someone or your friend as it will avoid boredom and help you maintain enthusiasm while fishing. Another thing is that it will be helpful from a safety point of view.

Clean the place

After catching the fish when you will start going back to your home make sure that you clean the place, i.e., to collect the wrappers, hook, wasted line and other things which you carried with you to ensure cleanliness.

So these are some of the tips for every beginner who is about to start fishing either as a hobby or as a livelihood.

At last, it is highly recommended to go for the fishing after getting some knowledge regarding this art.

So start today and enjoy this art and all that is required is just practice and patience. Good luck with your new venture.

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