Difference Between Framed vs Frameless Shower Doors For 2021!

If you are planning to renovate your home, but you still need some more new ideas to decide what the best is for you, you should make a really good research, because it is a big investment and you will not do it over and over again.

Once you do it, it has to last long, has to be with a good quality, to satisfy your needs and wishes, also to be practical and – the most important – to be with the optimal price for you.

If you have no experience in this field, never done any renovating and do not feel very confident about picking the right materials or other stuff, you should take some advice from a professional. Still, it is good to have an idea, just to know where to start and where to head to.

One of the most interesting parts to renovate is the bathroom. Nothing more beautiful than a nice, clean and wide open bathroom, where you will feel comfortable and would like to spend some time only for you and yourself. It really is the most interesting part of the home to do the renovating, but it also needs the most work.

Even though, it depends on what kind of renovating you are planning to do, still, this is the most delicate part and the one that should really look and feel the best. So, we suggest you to make that research very carefully and make your best decision.

How To Renovate Your Bathroom In Your Style And Taste?

The first question that you need to ask yourself is what you really like? Baths or showers. Having the answer on this question, will help you and guide you on the right direction where things should later flow. Some people choose a big bath so that they can relax in it after their long day at work.

But, if you belong to the group of people that are not keen on taking those long baths in a huge bath, then you should choose a shower. It takes less space in the bathroom and it takes less time spending in it if you prefer a faster lifestyle where you are always in a rush.


So, after you made your decision on having a shower over a bath, there is two more things to take a look at. First, do you prefer shower curtains or shower doors. We must say that shower curtains are kind of “old solution” and we would not recommend such thing.

Second is the most common dilemma between the people who renovate their bathrooms is that whether they should choose framed shower doors, or frameless shower doors. Yes, it is a sweet problem, but making mistake about it can cost you a big amount of money.

In this article you will have a chance to read everything about the both kinds of shower doors, their similarities and differences, their pros and cons and that will help you make your decision more easily.

Framed Shower Doors

How to install famed shower doors?This is a kind of work which you just leave to the professionals. You cannot do it by yourself and also we do not recommend you to even try to do it because you probably will not to it the right way and you can harm yourself.

Framed shower doors are made of glass that can be frosted, bronzed, etched, patterned, or infused with Diamon Fusion which can prevent water – spotting. These shower doors are limited when it comes to their “opening”.

There is only one way that framed shower doors can be opened and that is with sliding. The doors made of glass are located on a track and there is where the sliding is done.

Framed Shower Doors

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What about the water leaking? If you want dry tiles on your bathroom floor, then you should definitely choose framed shower doors. The leaking is inevitable, but with these doors it is negligible. This is possible because of they have heavier barrier so that the water is harder to penetrate, because of the two – layered caulk and metal frame, which means the chances of water leaking are very small.

Cleaning the framed shower doors can be a bit difficult. In their construction, they have two tracks, one on the top and one on the bottom door and they slide with the help of that tracks.

But the problem is that there is a chance the water that comes from the shower to collect in the tracks which leads to growing mold, mildew, corrosion of the metal, etc. How to clean framed shower doors. The best thing it squeezing the tracks after every use of the shower, just to prevent the metal corrosion, growing mold and else.

How much do framed shower doors cost? Here is one rough calculation. A 60 – inch shower costs $200 – $300 (for the doors), and $100 for the installation, all in all $300 – $400.

Frameless Shower Doors

Again, the same rule as for the framed shower doors. Do not and do not even try to install them by yourself. It is difficult and you should leave it for the ones who knows how to do it.

Just like the framed shower doors, these ones are also made of glass that is tempered but the pane is much thicker because they have no supporting frame. Door pulls. Clips and hinges 1 are set in the glass and caulked 2 at the corners and all edges with a silicone that can help preventing the glass to seal.

Also, very often the door can have a sweep at the bottom, which is made of rubber and it keeps the water in the shower. However, this problem is not completely solved, so there is a risk of water leaking out of the shower, which is not good. But if you are careful enough, you can prevent of that happening.

How to clean frameless shower doors? Keeping clean these doors is really easy. They are less likely to contribute mold and also of they are treated with Diamon Fusion, there will not be water spots, which makes the cleaning a very simple process.

Frameless Shower Doors

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How much do frameless shower doors cost? Again, a rough calculation about a 60 – inch shower. So, it costs from $600 to $800, the installation costs about $300 to $400, which means that the total price would be from $900 to $1 200. So, reading the features of the both kind of shower doors, you have probably got the idea of what would it be like to have framed or frameless shower doors in your home.

The similarities between them are that they both are made of glass and here you have a choice about the look of the glass. Also, they are difficult to be installed and you can’t do it by yourself. There more differences than similarities between framed shower doors and frameless shower doors.

The first difference, which is a pro for the framed shower doors is that they are more likely to keep your bathroom dry because the possibility of water leaking when having these doors is very small. In contrary, water leaking when having frameless shower doors is a normal, usual thing and if you have frameless shower doors, you should not be annoyed by that but you should accept that. The second difference is a pro for the frameless shower doors.

It is about the cleaning. They are easy to maintain and have more condition to be clean in general because of the lack of the door track and the sliding. There is no place where the water could stay longer, so growing mold or metal corrosion is not a problem at all.

The third difference is in the price. If you remember the calculation, you know that the framed shower doors are much cheaper – twice as much – than the frameless shower doors.

So, even if you have enough budget for the frameless shower doors, still there is a lot to think and the decision can’t be made yet. No matter the money, you should decide what is more important for you: the place to stay dry, or easier way of keeping it clean.

Also, frameless shower doors gives an effect of more open room, it gives the place a wider look, in comparison with the framed shower door. So maybe this is the fact that will help you make your decision. One more thing you need to know: Both, framed and frameless shower doors can last 2- to 30 years or even more if they are properly maintained.

How to properly maintain framed or frameless shower doors? Because framed shower doors are made of aluminum which means that they are more likely to grow mold, they collect mineral deposit around them and corrode. The only thing that can help your doors “survive” and “live longer” is powder coating. So having that made, you will be as careless as if you had frameless shower doors.

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