How to Install Frameless Shower Doors?

Are you in the middle of the process called renovating your home?

It is and interesting and a good thing where you can change your old furniture and old look of your home for better and that can make you feel better, you would like to spend more time in your new home, feeling all happy and the most comfortable.

So, this process almost always gives the best results that are possible, but it is very important if you trying to do that with professionals, or you are trying to do it by yourself.

 This is essential and this is where things can go wrong. But do not worry, nothing is lost. Even if you make a mistake, it can always be repaired by someone who knows how to do it better.

The only problem is – the price. If you decided that you would like to renovate your home by yourself, you should do a nice research so that those bad things will not happen and nothing can go wrong during the process.

Things You Should Consider Before Installing Shower Doors

Here in this article you can find some very useful tips and tricks while renovating. To be more precise, we will give you advices about renovating your bathroom.

So after you decided what colors should be the tiles, will they all be the same color, or a mixture of two or more, what would their size be, is the mirror on the right place or maybe it is too high?

So many questions that you would have to answer. But after all of that picked and done, comes the biggest decision – would you like there to be a bath or a shower?


How to make the right decision? Well, it depends on your taste. Would you rather have a long bath, all laying and relaxing or you are always in a rush and you would prefer a quick shower? This means that it also depends on your lifestyle.

So knowing it, you can give and answer to this question and you will make the right decision. If you are the one who rushes all the time and you picked the shower, there is one more thing to decide.

Whether it would be with framed or frameless shower doors. They are similar but still have some differences. When it comes for the price and money, frameless shower doors are more expensive than framed shower doors.

Their glass is thinner but because they are designed not to have frames, they are more hygienic.

Framed shower doors has a track where the doors are sliding so that they can open.

When you take a shower, the water comes in that track and if you are not careful enough and you leave the water there for a while, there are possibilities of metal corrosion, growing mold and make good conditions for bacteria.

Which means that the frameless shower doors are more hygienic and looks and feels cleaner.

There is no water spotting and even though the possibilities of water leaking are bigger, still the hygiene is more important for you so we recommend you frameless shower doors over the framed shower doors.

Also, these kind of shower doors give more luxurious look to the bathroom and an effect of wide open room. Where can you find and buy frameless shower doors?

These kind of doors can be find in your nearest bathroom fixture and glass store.

There are variety of available doors and you can choose the one that you like the most, the one that you think is the best fit for your own bathroom.

But be prepared that the choice would be hard to make, because there are a number of different shower doors and all of them look good and have a big quality.  

Because frameless doors are getting more and more popular and people seem to like and use them quite a lot these days, they will be available in local home improvement stores very soon.

Very important thing before you buy the door is to do the measurement, so that the door will fit in the right place in the bathroom.

So before going to the store, do not forget to measure everything very carefully.

When you are done with looking, searching and picking, you can buy your most wanted frameless shower doors that come with hardware, also with the door will be included hinges, a vinyl sweep that has to be placed under the bottom of the door and screws.

How to Install Frameless Shower Doors?

If you are not brave enough or feel insecure in yourself about this thing, you should not try it at all. Leave it to those who knows how it is done. Otherwise you can look best shower doors are available in the market.

But if you are an adventurer and want everything to be under your control – you should put your working clothes on and start right away.

The things and tools that you will need for this process:

  • Wooden shim 
  • Level 
  • Drill and masonry bit
  • Wall anchors 
  • Stud finder 
  • Screws 
  • Vinyl sweep 
  • Screwdriver

First Step:

Now is the time to see if you have done the measurement right. Take the doors and see if they fit well in the right place.

Also, you need to manage them so that their entrance will be free with on other object in the way.

Are your doors with seals or no seals? You will have to account the width if you would like to use seals when hanging the door.

If not, there is a standard where the opening should be around 25 inches wider than the door.

secound Step:

Preparing the doors for Installation Take the hinges and the handles of the door to locate them. After that, take your screwdriver and with its help, attach the hinges and the handle to the glass of the door.

Hinges should be located and attached in the center of the glass because it helps with the opening, to be more precise, hinges attached like that allow the widest range of movement for adaptation.

The screws should be tighten by hand. When you are done doing that, next step is to apply the door gaskets, if you picked the shower doors with gaskets.

Third Step:

Setting the door in the right position. A wooden piece that people use for elevating large fixtures is called a wooden shim. Where can you find wooden shim?

Most often they can be found in the nearest stores for home improvement. They can be different and in varying widths. Specifically in this case you will have to use shim that is .225 – inch.

To position the door in the right desired place, you will have to raise it from the floor. Place it where you think is the best.

At the end, when you are done with placing the door, use your level to make sure that the door is level.

Forth Step:

Make drill holes To complete this step you will need masonry bit. So using that in the tile, you will make pilot holes.

You will have to measure and mark the places where you should drill the holes before you drill them, just to be more sure that you are heading them to the right position and to avoid making mistakes.

Using stud finder, make sure that the screws are really attached to the stud. Then, into the pilot holes push anchors of high quality and finally – you should screw the door in the right place.

Fifth Step:

Placing the vinyl sweeps. The vinyl sweeps should be places on the threshold. After you have done this, you should go and open and close those doors for a few times to make sure that they are moving nice and smooth like they should be.

When you ensure that they are moving the way you like, you are done with the installation. And that is all. Now you can enjoy in the luxury of your new shower.


If you carefully follow the five easy steps of this article, you will install your frameless shower doors very quick and effortlessly. Especially if you are lover of homemade stuff or ‘do it yourself’ stuff.

This is a very easy thing to do. So if you were planning doing that bit still had some doubts, now is the time those doubts to disappear. 

Just pick your most wanted frameless shower door and follow these steps carefully.

Nothing can go wrong, in contrary – you will be happy with the new look of you bathroom, even more happy that you will do it by yourself.

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