Garmin Edge 820 Review For 2021

Some days back, when I needed a cycling computer, my friend told me to get the Garmin Edge 820. He said it was the best navigation device having a lot more features.

So, I bought it and had been using it since then. I don’t have enough words to describe the excellence of this device. It’s the best of the bests according to me.

After getting immense success with the Edge 520 and Edge 1000, the Garmin Ltd launched the Edge 820. The Edge 820 comes in the same size as Edge 520 while having more advanced features.

With its high accuracy and long battery life, it has impressed cyclists all over the world. It’ll monitor your navigation details, track your group mates, detect an incident, and store up to 16 GB of data.

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Group tracking 

The Edge 820 has been equipped with an impressive group tracking feature. The previous cycling computers from Garmin had LiveTrack feature which allowed users to share the details of their ride with others. This feature helped fellows to keep track of the biker’s progress and location.


The Garmin Edge 820 gives us more than the previous models. With its group tracking advantage, you can know the location of the fellow riders of your group.

This is a great facility when you’re touring your bike with a group of friends or waiting for your group to reach a place. This feature doesn’t eat up a lot of your battery charge. The GroupTrack is the best selling point of Garmin Edge 820.

This feature depends on your phone and uses the network continuously. It used the GPS and Glonass to give you the most accurate position of your group members.

Incident Detection

One splendid feature that the Edge 820 offers is its Varia compatibility for increased cycling awareness. This device can detect an incident or collision with its built-in accelerometer.

When the Incident Detection set up on the device, if any accident occurs, the rider’s emergency contacts will get notified via email or text message. The location of the rider will be sent to them.

The Varia rearview radar and the Varia smart bike lights reduce the possibility of a crash to a great extent. While the incident detection mode is set up, our dear ones can rest worries aside.

This feature is a charm when you leave your loved ones in anxiety to ride alone. This feature might lessen the concerns.

Garmin Edge 820 Features and Specifications

  • The device’s dimension is 2.9 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches, and it weighs 3.2 ounces.
  • The device has a 2.3-inch capacitive touch display.
  • The device uses a lithium-ion battery. Battery life is 15 hours. There’re low battery indicator and power saver mode on the device.
  • The device is equipped with GroupTrack and LiveTrack feature to share riders’ details among each other and to follow each other’s location and condition.
  • The device has Varia smart bike light, Varia rearview Radar, and Varia vision to increase cycling awareness.
  • Advanced cycling monitoring offers Strava live segments, VO2 max, FTP, cycling dynamics, and recovery advisor.
  • Built-in Garmin Cycle map for turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Garmin Connect compatibility to share with the online community, compete and make records.
  • Glonass and Altimeter for the accuracy of navigation measurements.
  • There’s built-in Incident detection which sends out notifications to emergency contacts if an incident occurs.
  • Smart device notifications alert you for your calls and texts of your Smartphone when you pair it with the Garmin Connect app.
  • IQ store lets you download apps.
  • USB and Wi-Fi compatible.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Customer reviews help us to know what people think about a product after using. The reviews and people’s opinions help us to know the in and outs of a device more precisely.

The Garmin Edge 820 is a well-liked device. When we checked the customer reviews of this device, we got astonished to see a significant number of positive reviews. Some comments contained the shortcomings of this device too.

The high-resolution display is praiseworthy. Consumers said that the screen is somewhat small but visible from all angles. The Bluetooth connection gives the users the facility to see the messages and calls without having to get the phone out of the pocket or backpack.

Users liked this feature also. Customers could install free custom apps from the IQ store. The Garmin Connect and GroupTrack feature also amazed the users.

Users can track their personal history to beat the records of previous days. Most consumers loved the fact that the map shows routable roads while touring. This helps them know newer routes.

Like everything else, the Garmin Edge 820 has got some downsides. One major weakness of this device is the sensitivity of the screen. The screen can operate even when little drops of water falls on it.

Drops of sweat can slide over the map, or lead to another page, or more terribly, turn off your navigation. To avoid this situation, you’ve to be careful about the screen of the device.

Another thing is the GroupTrack, and Incident detection features use the signal of the mobile network. In an area, where you have a poor network, these features will not operate correctly.

As a result, if you’re touring in remote areas, you mightn’t have a proper mobile phone signal. In that case, you might lose track of your group riders. However, when you have a consistent phone signal, you’ll never face this problem.

I never faced any of these problems when I used the Edge 820. I loved the device, mainly to store the records of my everyday cycling. Most customers also praised the gadget despite its one or two shortcomings.

How to Use Garmin Edge 820


Does this device have a pause button?

Yes. This device has a pause button. You’ll find it on the bottom right of the device. The button is for a start/pause.

How can I use the GroupTrack feature?

. To use the GroupTrack feature, every one of your group needs to have a Garmin edge device that’s compatible with LiveTrack. Everyone has to pair the devices with his or her Smartphone and have internet connection enabled.

They all have to connect the Edge devices via Garmin Connect App. This way everyone in the group can share their navigation details with each other within the range of 16 km or 10 miles.

When you’re using GroupTrack, you’ll see red and blue dots on the map. The blue dots indicate that the rider is moving, and the red dots indicate that the rider is standing still.

One great help that we get from this feature is, if you see that one dot has been red for a long time which means someone isn’t moving, you’ll understand that he might be in trouble, and contact him immediately.

What is the procedure to set up Incident Detection?

To turn on Incident Detection, you have to pair up the Edge 820 with your Smartphone via Bluetooth. When you do this, you’ll have to complete a full setup where you’ll be asked to pick some emergency contact’s list from your phone’s contact list.

After doing that, you’ll have to read the terms of use, agree to the terms, and fill in some other basic information. This is all you’ve to do.

From the next time, whenever your cycling computer is connected with your Smartphone via Bluetooth, the incident detection feature will run on standby.


The Garmin Edge 820 review shows us why this device got so many acknowledgments among the cyclists all over the world. This device surely deserves the praises of the consumers. If I were to name one of the best cycling computers, I’d take the name of Garmin Edge 820.

Many people get confused when buying a navigation device for their bikes. When someone buys the Edge 820, all their confusions go away.

This device gives the most accurate speed, distance, and location all the time no matter what the condition of the surrounding is.  In its compact size, this device has got all the best features packed. It’s an incredible device for any cyclist.

It’s affordable and durable. You’ll get no similar product at such a price. If you want the best experience of cycling, you must own a navigator device.

This device, along with much more than navigating properties, gives you the best cycling expeditions by providing correct data. Gather your guts and buy this one, and you’ll never regret the purchase!

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