GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review For 2021

What’s the most valuable thing to a mountain biker? The answer is his mountain bike. Being a fan of mountain biking, I’ve owned a good number of mountain bikes. I can tell if a bike is good-quality by taking a look at its appearance and taking one ride.

You must’ve heard the name of the company GMC as they’re very renowned for their trucks. Have you heard the name of Kent also? Kent is the company that manufactures GMC bikes. Today I’m going to talk about the GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike.

This bike, since I’ve purchased it, has impressed me with every ride I take. This bike’s sturdy aluminum frame, eye-catchy design, and flawless rides will please anyone. Not only for mountain biking but also for street commuting and any trail biking.

This bike has a full suspension frame that draws our attention quickly. It ensures smoothest rides for you whether you’re biking on a paved road or a rough terrain.

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Full-suspension frame

The frame of a bike is what determines how easy it would be to handle the bike. Also, the comfort depends on the frame. The GMC Topkick features a full suspension frame made of aluminum. This robust aluminum frame doesn’t make the bike weight much.

The suspension is supported by spring. The spring absorbs shock when you ride over road bumps or uneven roads.


For a beginner, the complete suspension frame plays an important role. This keeps you balanced on rough terrains. The frame gives the rider full support and confidence of not going off-balance on bumpy paths.

The frame is also designed to balance the weight of the parts. So, you don’t feel exhausted after riding the bike.

Superior braking system

The braking system of any bike should be very effective. Otherwise, you’d hear many stories about bike crashes more often. The GMC Topkick has front and rear disc brakes which are easy to control in all situations. This efficient braking system allows you to have control over speed.

If you’re biking on a muddy road, you’ll face less trouble if you use this bike. Even when coming down a slope, you can make your ride smooth by controlling your speed and braking at the right moments.

The bike features 21 speed. With this bike’s ease of braking, you can control the speed effortlessly. And, you can enjoy high and low speeds as per your convenience.

The GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike features and Specifications

  • The bike features a full suspension aluminum frame. The frame is stable, robust, and durable.
  • It’s a 21-speed mountain bike.
  • The bike’s weight is 44.5 pounds.
  • The bike has floating beam suspension design with a zoom suspension fork with spring technology for proper shock absorption.
  • The bike has a Shimano TZ-30GS derailleur. There’re integrated micro shift push shifters to control the derailleur.
  • There are front and rear Promax disc brakes which work effectively on all road conditions.
  • The bike has quick release front wheels of 26 inches diameter. The back wheels are also 26-inch in diameter.
  • There are alloy cranks to cover the speeds.
  • The wheels have v-shape aluminum rims with 36 spokes.
  • There’s a quick release seat post clamp.

Customer reviews and scores

If I give my opinion on this bike, I’ll say this bike is fabulous! You cannot believe how many miles I’ve ridden on it since I bought it. I’m very finical when it comes to bikes, but this bike, it has won my heart since the very first day.

Another reason for me to like it was that it didn’t cost me like all other high-end mountain bikes, but it still gave me the similar features and excellent performance.

As the GMC Topkick comes with incredible features and design, it has got immense popularity.

When I checked the Amazon page of this bike last time, I saw 200+ customer reviews on this bike.

Most of them were positive reviews while some comments had carried some drawbacks of the bike. As we all know, nothing in this cruel world is perfect!

Most customers praised the fact of complete suspension. They said the bike is outstanding for any trails be it muddy or paved.

They mentioned that the zoom suspension fork absorbs shock to the extent that you cannot even feel it.

Users stated that the bike is perfect for long distance biking and maneuvering mountains. People also praised the feature of 21 speed. They said the braking system is simple enough to control the bike’s speed. They also mentioned that the speed of the bike is top-notch.

One drawback of this bike is its seat. Many consumers complained that the seat feels uncomfortable. Some customers said the handlebar is fixed and cannot be adjusted. Fortunately, this bike is upgradable. So, if someone thinks that the bike’s seat doesn’t feel comfortable, he can replace the seat with one that feels cozy.

And speaking of the handlebars, anyone over 5’4’’ will find them okay because those are designed to be fixed and fine.

Luckily this bike hasn’t got any significant downsides. It’s super sturdy and attractive in design. The solid construction and the cool design draw attention from the first glance. For a price that it comes at, it’s one of the best mountain bikes for anyone.

How to use GMC Topkick Mountain Bike 

Many questions arise in our minds when we buy new things. The same case happens when you buy a bike also. So, here are some such type of questions and their answers.


Is this bike a good fit for all?

No, I don’t think so. The GMC Topkick Bike has a 19” frame. This size of the frame will be perfect for those who are between 5’4” to 6’. Anyone under or over this range will not find this bike suitable for them.

What is the quick release feature for? 

The bike has a quick release feature on the front wheel and the seat clamp. With the help of this feature, you can remove the front tire in no time. This makes storing the bike secure and quicker.

The quick release seat clamp is used for seat height adjustment. Adjusting seat height on other bikes kills a bit of time. However, with GMC Topkick’s quick release clamp, changing the height of the seat doesn’t take that much of time. The process is rapid and straightforward.

How do I use the brakes when riding down a hill?

It’s better to use both brakes of GMC Topkick while riding it anywhere, and when riding down a hill also. Using two brakes will keep your bike stable and let you control the speed on hilly areas. If you use both brakes, you can stop the bike smoothly anywhere without crashing or losing balance.

Though using only one brake helps, using both is recommended. When you use two brakes, controlling the bike’s speed will be trouble-free and preventing it from losing balance on hills will be ensured.

How do I ride GMC Topkick safely on the mountains?

The GMC Topkick is designed to provide maximum shock absorption with its zoom suspension fork technology. This feature offers you maximum safety.

What you need to do to ride this bike safely on the mountains is to wear proper cycling gears. Wear knee pads, wrist pads, helmet, etc. While touring the bike, you’ve to keep your eyes on the roads and not on the obstacles. Or else you might end up hitting trees or logs on the trail. Learn to shift gears frequently.

Also, use both of the brakes. Shifting gears and applying both brakes will make the moving and stopping smooth, and keep your pedaling perfect. Following these things, you can ride the GMC Topkick safely on mountains.

GMC Topkick Mountain Bike is a great bike. I must say, I’ll remain stunned forever with this bike.


The features and the review indicate how fantastic this GMC Topkick mountain bike is. It doesn’t cost us all the money in our pocket and still offers us the best features.

For a beginner, no bike can beat the GMC Topkick. Whatever I say for this bike would be less. This one is the most affordable bike with all the outstanding features.

There are many awesome mountain bikes available in the markets. The facts that make the GMC Topkick stand out among all of them are its splendid design and build, its speed, and the high-quality materials.

If you want a fantastic mountain bike, but are very conscious about the budget, try the GMC Topkick. You’ll never regret the money spent on it. Also, you’ll love every bit of it.

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