Hemingweigh Salt Lamp Review

Hemingweigh Salt Lamp Review For 2020


Have you ever been shouted at someone without specific reason? Probably you have done that. We all did this kind of activity in our life. It is because our brain sometimes needs a break. A relaxing break that will help the brain to reinstate to its neutral point.

Now talking about the Himalayan salt lamp, it can help you to relax your mind and body. Many people keep the Himalayan salt lamp in their home to help them deal with anxiety.

In this article, I am going to give the Hemingweigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp review.

Himalayan Salt Lamp, a piece of salt, originated in Pakistan with a lamp inside. The salt helps you to gain the positive energy from the environment.

Besides that, it keeps away the respiratory problem by preventing the allergens in the environment.

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Have you ever felt that your heart needs some light? If so, Hemingweigh Himalayan Salt Lamps are here to help you. It will light your heart with its soothing yet bright light.

You can make yourself comfortable with the Hemingweigh Himalayan Salt Lamp. I have to tell you that, the bright light makes the environment in a friendly way. You will feel the changes are happening inside you. 


If you used any Himalayan Salt Lamp before, you would see that they don’t take care of the excellent lighting. Only they are concerned about how they can market it as a Himalayan salt lamp. It doesn’t help your purpose of buying the Himalayan salt lamp.

I found this Himalayan salt lamp convincing and promising. You can also use it as a low light instead of full led light. You don’t need any other Himalayan salt lamp except Hemingweigh Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Warm Glow Light

The salt lamp may be worthless if it does not glow properly. Some salt lamp in the market does not glow the right amount. Alternatively, its glow does not attract you. If it does not attract you, then there is no point in buying this.

When you turn on the switch of Hemingweigh Himalayan Salt Lamp, you will get a warm pink glow. It will make you more relaxing than before. 

Don’t think that warm glow will only make you feel relaxed but also the guests will also be happy to make their self at home. Tough it glows a warm light, the source of the light will be partially undetectable.

It works like a charm. The glow is soothing that you will feel like to sit beside it all day long.

Scientifically, the glow light and slight warmth are right for your mood. Many salt lamps can’t provide the right amount of glow, or they have a glitch in their Himalayan salt lamp lighting. However, this Himalayan salt lamp will not frustrate you.

Hemingweigh Himalayan Salt Lamp Features and Specification

  • It is 6x6 inches in wide and 8 inches in length.
  • It is a handmade lamp. It means they are not bluff. Most of the Himalayan salt lamp maker lies about the source of the salt.
  • A good home décor. You can use it as a beautiful showpiece in your bedroom or guest room. It allows you eye-catching home décor equipment. It fits at anywhere from living room to dining room, coffee table to dining table.
  • Himalayan salt initially found in Pakistan. It has the UL/CE approval. It means that you are getting the original Himalayan salt lamp. 
  • Changing bulb is painless. You can quickly change the bulb it does not work correctly.
  • The salt lamp comes with PE foam and shrinks wrap. Again Hemingweigh shows love for their customers.
  • The cord is 56 inches long. You can now light it in a long distance.

Customer reviews and score

Hemingweigh Himalayan Salt Lamps are different from other salt lamps regarding brightness, glow, and originality of the material.

Whether you are using it for relaxing mind or decorating your room, it does the things very well. You will not find any other salt lamp like this one that helps you calm your mind.

Also, I am not the only one to think in this way. You will find more than 10000 reviews on Amazon platform alone. My review is justifiable with the fact that most of the reviews are positive there.

As it has more than eighty percent positive reviews, you can trust this salt lamp.

If you still have confusion deciding whether to buy it or not, go inside the reviews.

You will find many people are praising it for the brightness and pink color glow. 

People who use the salt lamp are very much aware of the original Himalayan salt.

So I can say that who are giving the reviews on Amazon, they are convinced about the product.

Most people have praised the performance of the Hemingweigh Himalayan Salt Lamp. 

One of the verified customer reviews on Amazon is like; he is so much impressed because of the price and getting the two salt lamps for the price of one.

According to him, you won’t get things like this for the same price. He also liked the brightness very much. He bought this salt lamp for yoga  use

Though nothing is perfect in this world, Hemingweigh Himalayan Salt Lamp also has some drawbacks. One of the customers had issues with the small cord.

As no other customers complained the same way, I am sure that he must have specific demand for the length of the cord.

Apart from that negative review, all other reviews have a particular reason, and it is not the fault of the product.

How to Use Hemingweigh Himalayan Salt Lamp?

What is Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The Himalayan salt lamps are the electric light bulb in a salt block. This salt block is unusually different from the ordinary white food grade salt, but a variety of colors ranging from Pink, red tones to Orange.

The salt is mined in the Khewra salt mine. Khewra’s location is in Punjab, Pakistan. Although it is called the Himalayas salt, it is located more than 190 miles away from the actual Himalayas Mountains and 5000 feet below the mountain range.

How do you make the Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Salt Lamps is composed of Himalayan salt crystals handpicked from the purest source of salt- Himalayan Range. Its composition is mineral rich which may be beneficial in many ways.

Each lamp varies in size and shape, as it is hand carved to keep its mineral-rich content intact. As these lamps are handcrafted into natural shapes; therefore no two lamps have the same measurements.

Do I need to take off the plastic the Himalayan salt lamp before I can use it?

Yes, what you should do and the best practice is to re-insert the same or another clean plastic in the Himalayan salt lamp after you shut it off. However, you should know that the Himalayan salt is hygroscopic, that is to say, that extracts the moisture from the air.

Due to this property, the Himalayan lamps can purify the air and release negative ions (because the moisture evaporates from the heat of the bulb).

However, the reason is that you should take it into account if it does not keep on, the moisture will gather. As a result, it will accumulate moisture, and it will accumulate on the surface of the table or shelf on which it sits.

How to Fix Leaking Himalayan Salt Lamp?
This question is so common that there is nothing to "solve" since there is no problem with the salt lamps with is leaking. In reality, it is entirely reasonable. It is necessary to leak to work as salt lamps to purify the air.

However, you can reduce the excessive leakage in any way. First, you must keep it in a room relatively dry and away from damp areas like the bathroom.

The next thing is to keep it switched on all the time to keep you warm and to evaporate the water. On the occasion of its wetting too much you should make it dry.


It is clear from the Hemingweigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp reviews; it is a pretty much perfect product for the salt lamp lover.

According to many reviewers, it is the long-awaited salt lamp for them. Hemingweigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp gives them all their desired features.

It is like an all in one salt rock lamp for them. It is a nicely designed salt rock lamp with an excellent soothing glow, and they do not rip you off the price. It is one of the best deals on the Internet.

The best thing about Hemingweigh is that they listen to their customers. Hemingweigh put so much effort keeping the customers in mind that they pack it in PE foam and shrink wrap.

I indeed believe you need to give this a try. When you witness the result with your own eyes, for sure, you will thank me for this honest review. 

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