How Dangerous are Trampolines? -Safety Tips For 2021

What a jump that was! Wow! It’s amazing! It’s hilarious. Oh wow!! That was something! Yes, you got me right. These are the remarks made when bouncing on a trampoline.

It is the feeling of overwhelming joy when kept on jumping on it. Lifting up in the air, as if, trying to touch the sky and forgetting the rest of the world.

It keeps on repeating and repeating and repeating unless what? Unless something wrong happens. Trampoline is not a thing to play. It can be very dangerous.

It might seem that you are enjoying to the fullest, but you might not see what an unusual situation is waiting for you to begin that might make your life a miserable one.

Trampolines are definitely fun. It gives a tingling feeling in the inside, a sense of joy and happiness but does that make trampolines safe when bouncing in it?

Say, if a child jumping on a trampoline is free from any of kind of danger then, that is not okay. Children are the victims of trampoline most of the times.

Trampoline looks vivacious and terribly entertaining to the kids, but they are unimaginably risky enough. Jeopardizing is the work it does most often than not while providing an immense amount of entertainment with laughter and delight.

Trampolines are indeed an incredible asset to keep at home for enjoyment unless or until no one is injured.

AAOS (American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons)

Trampolines cause hundreds of thousands of injuries in children each year, and the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons has reported it.

Injuries from trampoline have led about 286,000 people to be medically treated, and 104,691 emergency room visits in the year 2014.


It is very harmful to children especially the ones under sixteen years old, so AAOS recommended the parents to keep their children away from it.

Trampoline is not designed for the little kids as they are not intended to withstand the pressure.

Florida Mom of a 3-year-old: There is a massive risk for fractures in the legs, ankles and also injuring the head and spine, etc.

A Florida mom has shared a post regarding her 3-year-old son breaking his femur while bouncing on a trampoline.

This mom has advised every parent not to let their toddlers anywhere near the trampoline. Every single day she shared that, her son has been going through immense pain.


Trampolines produce a significant number of chances. It should be avoided for the safety of children even for the safety of any older people. It doesn’t matter whatever age one is in; a trampoline still can affect anybody.

It is terribly a bad idea to keep it anywhere near your house or even visit a trampoline park. Who can stop their desires to jump on it when the trampoline is before the eyes?

So, it is better that one should avoid going to the places as much as possible.

AAP (The American Academy of Pediatrics)

The American Academy of Pediatrics has strongly discouraged kids using backyards or home trampolines. The injuries that are caused by it are wicked ones.


As for kids, they have fragile bones, and they cannot endure the pressure that is generated when bouncing on the trampolines. The AAP cautioned recreational trampoline use altogether, regardless of age.

The Scenario

When jumping on a trampoline and landing on it is endless fun. While jumping, you get pitched into the air and then having a free fall forgetting what is around and then again bouncing back not knowing where might they one land the next.

For kids, doing so they might fall on their ankles or legs or anywhere which is sensitive and can injure their spine or get a good fracture.

They might even fall off the trampoline which can cause serious injury. Lifting up in the air is fun but not landing in the place correctly or falling off the trampoline is seriously dangerous.

Trampoline Injury is Serious than Other Injuries

There are other serious injuries not caused by trampoline injuries, but notably, trampoline injuries are said to be more severe than other dangerous activities.

Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program ranked trampoline injuries in the second position when compared with other proportion of injuries whereas; downhill skiing injuries comes first.

It’s interesting to see what other injuries in compared to trampoline injuries are less dangerous like snowboarding, bicycling, ice boarding and many more.

Safety Nets

The question is, whether or not can trampoline safety nets protect injury? Well, in some case, the answer is no. It can reduce the risk from falling off the trampoline but still cannot prevent one from getting injured.


It is not necessarily known that safety equipment can help prevent injury. The doctors still have the sights of trampoline injuries despite the safety equipment.


  • When using the trampoline, the parents should be around the kids
  • When an adult is bouncing on the trampoline, he should be aware of the fact that putting too much pressure might let him off the trampoline which might cause him serious injury or a fracture
  • There should not be more than one or two people on the trampoline
  • The trampoline must be big enough
  • Children under six should not be allowed on trampolines less than 20 inches high or with a diameter of 10ft
  • Somersaults and flipping should not be allowed at any cost.
  • Trampolines must not be near any tree or any fence
  • Children should be instructed to bounce in the middle of the trampoline, not on the sides
  • Parents should be careful about the control landings of their kids or toddlers
  • The positioning of the trampolines should be adequately done
  • A grownup should supervise when the kids are on the trampoline
  • Better not keep trampolines at home or at the backyard
  • Playgrounds should be avoided surrounded by cement
  • List Rubber or barks are the safest playgrounds

How Dangerous Are Trampolines 2


Trampolines are an exciting piece of a thing. As kids are more likely to enjoy it which can cause them enormous harm. As they are at the growth stage, their bones will be functioning for the growth.

Jumping on the trampoline and not landing perfectly can cause a disruption in their tiny bones. It puts a lot of pressure and stress on the developing bones.

So, this results in the high risks of fractures and other injuries. Lower body injuries, injuries resulting in broken bones or sprains, head injuries or even spinal cord injuries are seen affecting the little ones.

The worst part is that these injuries can be permanent where the real threat lies.

Trampolines should be avoided as it is a risk and as well as studies and research show that it has caused bad results more than the good results.

When the bones are broken severely, then an emergency surgical repair is needed. It is damaging more than fun.


Trampolines are mainly used by the gymnasts. It is an excellent physical exercise. Trampolines much more benefit the gymnasts. After all, it is their line.

The gymnasts have to perform their parts and do whatsoever is needed. Trampoline is the best fit for them. It is a great physical exercise for the professionals.

We often see that the gymnasts are performing on the trampolines which makes the audience roll their eyes. Behind the scenes, the number of hours they needed practicing has caused them plenty of injuries.

They have to perform in the best ways to engage the audience, but before coming in front of the audience, they had to work a lot, endured a lot, fall a lot, injured a lot or maybe deal with fractures or broken bones until they were ready completely to perform.

The athletes or the gymnasts have to go through the pains to be perfect which is not possible by a rational human being.


In a 2021 study, researchers found out that kids playing on the trampoline at home get more hurt than kids playing in the trampoline parks.

Kids at home sustain more head injuries than in the park, and also kids at park suffer more body injuries including broken bones or sprains.

In the 90’s the trampoline standards were tightened, but in the 2010 study, it was shocking to know that the injury did not decrease a bit and whatever has been done is not working correctly.

So, this suggests that they must come up with something to make the laws of the trampoline stronger.

Still, I will say that despite all the bad things jumping on a trampoline is fun. It enables to boost up the mood and forget the world around. When in the air nothing other than that bouncing matters.

This fun can result in more significant damage in the future which the children of today who will be fathering their kids sometime in the future will come to know later on.

This is how it goes, generations after generations, the use of trampolines to the never-ending report of the trampoline injuries.

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