How Does Electric Lunch Box Work – Step by Step Guide For 2021

Having lunch every day at office or school is a challenge. Ordering takeout or going to the cafe is not just harmful to your health but it can be costly for you. This is the reason. A lot of people prefer to bring food from their home. Bringing homemade food helps you to keep track of the calories you are taking and also assist you to stay in budget.

If you bring food from home, then you can eat it in the office kitchen, cafeteria, and break room or even in your desk. However, in most cases, the employer does not provide the employee a place for storing their lunch boxes. This is why most of the employees end up keeping their lunch box on their office desk.

The cold lunches are easier to prepare and store depending on the regular setup of the workplace. But, people get bored of eating the same thing every day.

In a study, it has been found that around 28 employees out of 100 resign from their office as they have no other choice than eating cold lunch. The problem is quite severe, but the solution is pretty simple.

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One thing can completely change your life, and that is an electric heated lunch box. The electrically heated lunch box makes it possible for the employees to eat heated lunch every day during the lunchtime. What’s more, it comes with several other benefits as well.

What Is An Electrically Heated Lunch Box

The electric lunchboxes are usually made of plastic and these come with a handle for the secure transportation. This is a lot similar to the picnic cooler. It features insulation along with a heating element that keeps the food warm for a long time.

The standard outlet plug powers the heated lunchbox. There are some that are available at 12 volts and can be plugged into the outlet of the car as well.

The size of the electric lunchboxes differs a lot. Some of these lunchboxes are small and enough to contain food for one person and some are large and round.

Many of the lunch containers come with silverware removable serving tray. These trays have dividers so can be used as the plate for eating.

So, can you imagine how a single electric lunchbox can change your everyday boring cold lunch to a warm tasty meal? You must be wondering if there is any difference between insulated and electric lunch boxes. Yes, there are differences between them.


How does an Electric Lunch Box Work

The electric lunchboxes have two primary functions. It completes its work with these processes:

Warming The Food

For warming your food perfectly, you need to follow some basic guidelines. It is very simple to warm your food using the electric lunchbox. You need to start by plugging the electric lunchbox into the wall power outlet.

There is some electric lunchbox which can be used with the car adapter as well but in such cases, you need to check the power requirement before plugging in. after plugging in, you are required to switch on the lunch box. Most of the lunch boxes come with a switch which helps to turn on and turn off.

After turning on, you need to wait for a certain amount of time for the food to warm. The switch will turn off on its own. This is the simple procedure by which the electric lunchbox works for warming the food.

Cooking The Food

Are you surprised? You should be because now you can cook your food with the help of the electric lunchboxes. Isn’t it amazing? This is one of the reasons I love electric lunchboxes a lot. There are some models of lunch boxes that can be used to prepare hot meals like soup, noodles, and rice.

In such case, all you need to do is add some water to the inner container of the lunchbox. Then the food is poured into the compartment and then covered using the lid.

The user then connects it to the electric power line and wait for a certain amount of time. The lunchbox will start cooking as soon as you will turn it on. After cooking, the lunchbox will switch off automatically.

Well, in case of cooking, you will need more time than warming the food.These are the ways by which an electric lunchbox mainly works. To know more about the electric lunch boxes keep on reading.

Electric Lunchbox vs. Insulated Lunchbox

The electric lunchbox is known as a smart lunchbox. Why? The reason is it offers an inexpensive, healthy and tasty alternative to the boring lunch at work.

These lunchboxes are much better than the usual insulated ones and can keep your food cold or hot for a much longer period.

When you use the insulated lunchboxes, the foods become clammy or lukewarm by the lunchtime. The sandwiches will become soggy, the leftovers will get stiff or clumpy, and the hot soup will be at room temperature.

When you are using an electric lunchbox, you are applying heat to keep the food warm. In case of the insulated boxes, you are just sealing the food in a container. The existing heat will be absorbed gradually by the container no matter how good the insulation is. However, the heating procedure of electric lunchbox is entirely different.

The electric lunchboxes heat the food when connected to the electrical source. With these lunchboxes, you can enjoy piping hot lunch at any time of the day. The heat in the lunch box is maintained evenly so your food will not be clumpy, soggy or stiff.

The food will be of takeout quality, and you will not even need to spend a lot on it. These lunchboxes apply low heat to the food, and it will prevent the food from sweating.

Electric lunch box

Benefits of Using an Electric Lunchbox

To me, electric lunchboxes are a sort of investment. Why? Of course, it saves money but what are the other benefits of using a good quality electrical lunch box? Here are the reasons why you should buy an electric lunchbox right now

Saves Money and Time 

You will spend a significant amount of your salary by not ordering takeout. The cost of typical takeout is around ten dollars. So, if you work five days a week, then your expenditure on food will be 200 dollars.

Can you even imagine that you are spending 200+ dollars every month for lunch? The hot meal from home will not also cost more than five dollars, and you know what you are eating. So, you can be assured that you are taking nutritious homemade food. If you are using a heated lunchbox, then it will save your time as well. You won’t have to wait in long line for heating your food using office microwave.

You can connect the electrically heated lunchbox to your desk using the plug, and by lunchtime, you will have your food ready. Therefore, you do not anymore need to waste time and money on takeout or restaurants.

Gives More Food Choices

How annoying is it to eat the same cold sandwich every day on lunch? When it comes to eating cold meals, there are not too many options. You either need to eat sandwiches or salad in your lunchtime. Eating same food is tedious and gets old quickly.

With the heated lunchbox, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of menu. This lunchbox makes it possible to bring different types of food to the office every day.

So, you do not have to eat your boring sandwiches anymore. You can enjoy scrumptious homemade food and that too at a very affordable price.

Easy and Convenient

All you need to do is plug the lunchbox into a wall outlet or the adapter of your car and your food will be heated in less than 30 minutes. As most of the lunch boxes use low voltage, overheating or burning food will not be an issue for you. The food will be at a correct temperature until you are ready to eat.

Which Food Items You Can Carry

The electric lunchbox can be used in preparing a broad range of foods. They are great for heating the leftover. This is an additional benefit because from now on, the leftover will not get spoiled in freeze as you can eat it during your lunchtime.

You can prepare foods like sandwiches, burritos and sautéed vegetables in your heated lunchbox. If your food is in the frozen state, then it might need more than 30 minutes to heat your food to reach the optimal temperature. For the best cooking time, check the instruction book.

Some of the models of electric lunchbox come with a built-in steamer. So, you can warm up foods like the rice dishes, potato dishes, pasta and lots more. With the streamer, you can add water and warm up your instant noodles as well.

Both the divided tray and crock pot electric lunch boxes are perfect for heating soups, casseroles, Hot dogs, plain rice, pizza slice, grilled cheese sandwich, canned meals, spaghetti or pre-cooked sausages can be cooked thoroughly with such electric lunchbox.

You need to keep in mind that, the electric lunchboxes use very low temperature and therefore, it should not be used in cooking foods that require longer cooking time. If you want to cook raw meats or seafood, then electric lunchbox should not be used.

Top Five Electric Lunch Boxes

Here is a list of the top 5 best electric lunchbox found in the market:

1. Crock Pot SCCPLC200-R 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer

With the Crock Pot SCCPLC200-R 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer, it is possible for anyone to enjoy a fresh and warm meal anywhere. You do not even have to move from your study table o office desk to warm your food.

This lunchbox works simultaneously as lunch tote and food warmer. Even, you can enjoy a delicious meal on the go. It has enough serving capacity for a single person. The handle makes it easy to carry, and the travel lid maintains the hygiene level of the food.

The unit is detachable, and the cover is safe to dish washing. The lunchbox is very light in weight so, even if you are planning to take it every day to work then, it won’t be an issue for you. We highly recommend this one.


2. Zojirushi SL-JAE14SA Mr. Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Jar

With the release of Zojirushi SL-JAE14SA Mr. Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Jar, the company gained the trust of the regular users of the electric lunch box. If you are looking for stainless steel construction, then this is the one for you. This lunchbox has excellent insulation for the optimum retention of heat.

In addition to this, you can carry a large quantity of food in it. The interior has a nonstick coating, and the exterior is easy to clean. It comes with a carrying bag, so carrying is not a problem. The lunchbox is available in various colors so you can choose the one that goes with your style.


3. Koolatron- LBS-01 Black 12 Volt Lunch Box Stove

If you are looking for a lunchbox that can be used with the cigarette lighter of your car, then you should buy this one. This is one of the best products of the Koolatron Company. It also functions with the power outlet of home. As you can use it in your car, so if hunger strikes while you are traveling you can eat warm, mouth-watering food inside your vehicle.

This lunchbox can be used to warm stew, soup and pizza slices. Without affecting the taste, it can heat the food up to 300 F. The best thing is, it is made of good quality stainless steel interior and has PP plastic exterior. It is suitable for both warming and cooking food. You can use it to warm baby food jars as well.


4. Tayama- EBH-02 Electric Heating Lunch Box

Tayama- EBH-02 Electric Heating Lunch Box is super cute, and it looks exactly like a usual lunchbox. This heating lunchbox can be used to enjoy healthy and fresh food on the go. It has been professionally built and features a handle for convenient carrying.

The 1.6-pound weight makes it easier to take anywhere you want. The unit only consumes 40 Watts, so the unit is very energy efficient. It comes with well concealed PTC heating elements so; you are safe from electric shock.


The lunchbox can withstand 70 degree Celsius, and it is resistant to high-temperature materials, so, no more shocks from the lunchbox. It will need just 20 to 30 minutes to warm the food. It is very to operate. This fits inside your bag, so you do not need to carry any extra bag along with this.

5. Taipove electric 110V/1.05 L Heating Lunch Box

This stainless steel lunch box is the best choice for those who are tired of eating monotonous cold foods at work. It is contrasted with food grade PP plastic, and the electric container is made of stainless steel.


The unit is healthy, and it does not have any toxic effect on the food. It takes around 20 to 30 minutes to warm your foods nicely. The temperature here is used uniformly, so the food remains warm and soft. It has a capacity of 1.05 liter; hence this is a perfect choice for you.

The light on the container helps you to avoid power wastage. The cleaning of this electric lunchbox is effortless.


Keep in mind that, you are what you eat. People are getting smart. With this, they should change their unhealthy eating habit and should try to maintain the calorie intake. All these become possible with the help of electric lunchbox. Buy one right now from the market to have fresh and warm food every day.

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