How Hot Does Fire Pit Get? -Detailed Chart

A propane fire pit can reach up to 800 °F or 426.66 °C, while a gas-burning fire pit will get 760 °F or 404 °C. The temperature can rise up to 1650 °F or 900 °C in flames for a wood-burning fire pit.


Stone or brick fire pit: Stone or brick fixed fire pits tend to be in the backyard or patio and are the most primitive way of enjoying a warm fire. Usually, a standing stone or brick fire pit usually gets way hotter than metal types. The flame temperature can be  1650°F or 900°C if the wood is used.

Metal fire pit: Metal fire pits are very popular for their portability and durability. A metal fire pit may use propane or natural gas and sometimes wood if it’s outdoor. The highest temperature it can get is 800°F or 426.66°F.

Propane Fire pit: It is used in tabletop or metal portable fire pits; the highest temperature it can get is around 800°F or 426.66°F.

Natural gas fire pit: Sometimes used in the backyard, and sometimes it’s used indoors. As we already know, the gas fire pit’s temperature is comparatively low; the maximum temperature it gets 760℉ or 404℃.

Wood-burning fire pit: Among all the types of fire pits, the wood-burning fire pit gives off the most heat. In the case of the wood-burning fire pit, the temperature can rise to 1650°F or 900℃ in flames.

Gel fuel fire pit: Gel fuel fire pit is considered the lowest amount of heat provider. It usually gives off around 450℉.


Types of fire pit

Temperature in ℉

Temperature in ℃

Propane Gas  Firepit



Natural Gas Fire pit



Wood Fire pit



Gel Fuel Fire pit




How hot does the metal body of a fire pit get?

The metal body of a fire pit can usually rise to (500-800)℉ or ( 260- 426.66)℃. So a metal fire pit usually gives heat for longer due to the metal getting hot. And the metal takes a little longer to get cold once it’s hot.

What is the hottest part of a fire pit?

The hottest part of a fire pit is mainly the base of the fire, where all the woods gather, and the color of the flame is blue. Nice thing to remember that blue flame is the hottest of all types of fire, and if you look carefully, the outer surface tends to be yellow or orange. The temperature can be around 1400℉ at the base of the fire for a wood-burning fire pit.

How much heat do you get from a fire pit table?

The amount of heat mainly depends on the size of the fire pit table and its fuel. For example, if propane is used, it can give off up to 800 ℉, and if gel fuel is used, it will give less. Also, the size of your fire pit will play a crucial role in total usage.

How hot does the ground get under a fire?

Temperatures around 212-572°F are found in the underlying soil of a fire pit. This much heat isn’t harmful to the ground or roots. However, using a heat-protective pad for portable or indoor fire pits is a great choice to avoid any fire disaster or damage to the deckings.

How do I get more heat from my Fire pit?

If you are using a wood fire pit and still want to get more heat from it, simply using quality firewood can improve the performance, as wood gives off the most heat among all types of fire pit.

In the case of a Propane fire pit, you might wonder how to get a little more heat from this type of fire pit. Try increasing the flame height, and here’s how you can do it;

  1. First, disconnect the propane tank from the pit.
  2. Remove the fire pit’s assembly with the control knob. Undo the screws that are holding it.
  3. You will find a gas outlet that is connected to the burners in the fire pit. 
  4. You need to increase the size of the aperture in the gas bib.
  5. Use a crescent wrench or a socket, and remove the gas bib. You don’t need to clean the threads. 
  6. Drilling out the gas bib with a 1/8” drill bit will increase the size of the aperture. 
  7. For the shavings to come out on the other side, you need to drill it from the inside out. Always use a crescent-shaped wrench.
  8. Finally, reassemble everything and make sure not to overtighten the gas bib when screwing it back in. 

For Gas fire pits, give a try these steps if you haven’t tried any of them:

  1. Add a lot of lava rocks to your fire pit. As you may already know, lava rocks come from ancient volcanoes and radiate heat on their own. So, adding large lava rocks will increase the heat steadily.
  1. Enclose the area partially around the fire pit.
  1. Finally, you need to increase the height of the flame to get more heat. For that, follow the below steps;
    • First, remove the rocks and find the gas pipes
    • Clean the specks of dust in the pipes and holes of the compressor.
    • Then, check for the flame adjustment valve if it is turned on fully. If not, then adjust it thoroughly.
    • Lastly, make the valve wider to increase the amount of gas tank pressure.

Is 40000/50000/60000 BTU fire pit warm?

It depends entirely on the number of people you need to keep warm. If it’s for 2-3 people, then 40000 BTU is OK to keep them warm; however, it is recommended to use 50000-60000 BTU for a colder month to get long-range heat for a handful of people.


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