All You Need To Know About How To Break In Basketball Shoes For 2021

When you go for a new shoe, there is a mixed feeling. One feeling is getting a new brand shoe, and the other feeling is getting ready to suffer from the blistered ankle pain and a sore toe.

Now the question is, are there any shoes that will keep your feet happy and pain-free? The answer is no and yes. No pump is different to avoid the pains, and yes there are ways to avoid the shocks.

In this article, I will tell about some easy ways to breaking in any new shoes and tips of how to breaking in basketball shoes. Hope all the information’s will help you to avoid getting blisters from the new shoe.

Easy ways to breaking any shoes

There are many ways you can breaking in the new shoes. Here you will get some incredible easy tips that you can do it quickly:


  •   Wear your new shoe in-house and do all household activities like walking up and down in stairs, walk and run. This method really works.
  •  Wiah a new shoe, we try to wear it for less time for getting sore feet. But this do not work at all. You have to wear the shoe to make it soft. The best idea is wearing the shoe for 10 minutes every day. Gradually increase the wearing time, this will help the shoe get soft quickly.
  •  If you are a busy person and have no time to try your new shoe at home, then take your shoe in your workplace and wear them there for some time to make it soft.
  •  Try new shoes with socks, this prevents any kinds of blisters. But the sock has to be significant in size and comes with thick material.
  •  If you don’t like to follow the above methods than try this technique. All you have to do is fill plastic bags with water and freeze them. After freezing, place the ice in the shoe than take a big plastic bag where you can keep the shoe. Place the bag with shoe in the freezer and wait for 3-4 hours. This makes the shoe expand and ready to wear without any problem.
  •  You can also do heating method to soften the shoe back. Use a hair dryer and heat the shoe for 2-3 minutes. Don’t wait after giving heat, wear the shoe instantly and walk or run with it.
  •  Try a shoe stretcher, it makes the shoe flexible.
  •  You can use a peeled potato inside the shoe. shoe gets expanded by this method.
  •  In the market there are some shoe stretching spray that stretches the shoe after applying.
  •  If all the methods that are given above fails, then go to a cobbler.  He will do your all work.

Avoid the methods that are given below

You will find many kinds of shoe stretching techniques, but all of them are not worth it.

  • Avoid alcohol. It leaves marks on the shoes and damages the oil of the leather.
  • Don’t ever hit shoes with a hammer or any hard objects. It breaks the shoe back.
  • You may think that a bigger size foot will make your shoe break, but it is a failure.

How to break in new basketball shoes

Basketball shoes come with the high top design that protects the ankle. As basket players have to lots of jumping and running with the shoe, the shoe has to be made from durable leather. So the shoe has to be soft before the game, or else your feet will suffer from blisters.


How to wear basketball shoes

  • When you have your new basketball shoe in your hand, then keep it in your hand palm. Grab the hill strongly and with the other hand move the toe up and down for 100 times. During the process keep the heel still. This makes the toe area, and when you wear the shoe, your toe will feel comfortable.
  • Try to wear the shoe in the home before your game. Walk or run with it; the shoe will get soft slowly. You can also go for jogging with the shoe on. But don’t jog for a long time. Your feet will get blisters.
  • It is better to get a new shoe before the game season starts. By this, you will get time to breaking the basketball shoe correctly.
  • If you have less time, try to wear thick socks with the basketball shoes.
  • First wear the shoe in-house for 10 minutes then increase the timing daily. Let me give you a little brief that will help you to understand.

For the first time try to wear the shoe for 10 minutes and keep this timing for three days. Add time in this three days. This makes you will be wearing this shoe for 30 minutes on the 3rd day.

Then wear the shoe for 1 hour in the next four days, this time do some workouts with the shoes on. Add 15 minutes’ time every day. By the 4th day, you will be jogging for 30 minutes with your new shoe.

Now extend your shoe wearing time for 2 hours for the next four days. Keep doing all the workouts and do it for a long time. Try to wear the shoe for a long time. Hopefully, by this time, the shoe will get soft and comfortable for your feet.

  •  Do jogging weekly with the new shoe on.
  • The most important thing you have to follow is, pick the right shoe for your sports. Don’t go for the look or the choice of your favorite player or it is high in price. You need a pair of comfortable shoe that will help you to be the star player in the court. As the foot shape comes in different shape, you have to pick the shoe that will fit your feet shape. Yes, you may say that the shoe will adjust the shape gradually, but it will not help. You have to spend a long time to make it adjustable and fit. So it is better option to go for a perfect size shoe for your feet.
  • If you want to wear the shoe immediately, then wear the shoe with a sock and keep the shoe on in your home. Do anything with the shoe on in your home. It will make the breaking process fast.

Break In Basketball Shoes

With shoes the wrong things we do

We do a lot of wrong things with shoes. Most of us don’t know what we are doing. Read the following and then you will say, “gosh, I was doing all of them till now”.

  • We don’t know the perfect size of our feet. This is very wrong. Our feet get the change over time. So when you are going for a new shoe, measure your feet correctly and get the proper size shoe.
  • Not knowing the arches of our feet. There are two types of arches, and you have to know what type of arches do your feet have. It is important while selecting a shoe.
  • Not having the shoe that matches our activity. As for heels or flip flops, you have to wear them by your walking purpose. You can’t walk longer with heels or flip flops as they are not made for that purpose. It is better to choose a shoe with a little heel with cushion and shape.
  • Selecting the shoe per the look, price. But it is wrong. The look or price don’t work with your foot shape or comfortable.
  •  Rush with the breaking process which is wrong. The shoe needs time to breaking as it comes with sturdy material.
  •  Staying barefoot in the home is not appreciable. It causes pain in the feet in the long run.  Try to wear slippers in the home.
  •  Avoiding insoles in the shoe is a big mistake. It works as a cushion for your feet.
  •  Wait for the shoe gets torn up. But it is wrong. Give up your shoe when you see it is getting worn up and the sole is getting holes.


Playing with the perfect type and size of basketball shoes makes you confident and winner in the court. But you have to follow some simple steps to make the shoe comfortable for our feet.

Yes, I know that it is fascinating to own a new shoe, but you have to know how to break in basketball shoes. Because if you wear a new shoe in your playtime, then sorry mate, you will lose the game for sure and you will go home with blister ankle and a broken heart.

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