How to Build a Small Wood Stove – Step by Step Guide For 2021

Sitting beside the fireplace and having a cup of coffee or soup with the beloved ones; who doesn’t love to have this experience again and again? The warmth of a fireplace makes the chilly winter days more enjoyable and fun.

We all know that a wood stove is more efficient and cheaper than fireplaces. A fireplace and its maintenance cost you a good load of money whereas a wood burning stove could give your big place the same heat like a fireplace while requiring a lot less of your money.

Also, you can cook on them. Sounds good? Then let’s see if you can get a small wood stove to replace the fireplace or not!

Building a small wood stove

The wood stoves are available in the stores, but you can make one on your own. That’ll save a lot of money, and you can get one that meets your requirements. There are a lot of methods to build a small wood stove. Among all of them, I’ll be describing three of the easiest ways. You’ll find them below!


Method: 1

This one’s the easiest method I could come up with. With this way, you can make a small, portable wood stove out of scrap. On your several lonesome camping, this stove can be your heating and cooking partner.

You need the following things for it:

  • One small can of a minimum diameter of 4 inches
  • One larger can of about 6-inch diameter
  • A can opener
  • Drill
  • Drill bits of 1/6” and 1/3”

Step-1: Preparing the cans:

  • Take both the cans. Wash them with dishwasher to clean out any residue.
  • With the help of a can opener, take off the lid of both of them. The cans will be one-side open then.
  • You can use the lid of the bigger can as a rim for the smaller can. It’ll make the organizing more stable.

Step-2: Drilling:

  • Take the 1/6” drill bits and punch a good number of holes around the top of the smaller can.
  • Now, take the 1/3” bit and drill some holes around the bottom side of both cans. With this same bit, drill holes on the base of the small can.

The holes allow air flow through the holes that help the pieces of firewood to burn.

Step-3: Assembling:

  • Put the smaller can inside the larger one with the open side above.
  • Put coal, paper, wood sticks, etc. inside the small can and lit a fire.

This wood stove is very lightweight, and you can carry it to anywhere. You’ll be able to do little cooking like boiling water, making tea and coffee, and some other things with it.

It’ll create enough heat to keep you warm. Every fill-up will last up to 15 to 20 minutes. This stove is an easy DIY wood stove which you can make in a bit of time.


Method: 2

While our first method didn’t require you to buy anything from the stores, this method will. This one will call you a few bucks and yield a portable wood stove that is small enough. This method will make you work a lot more than the previous one. Things you need for this one are below:

  • A cylindrical pot or an old recyclable cylinder (don’t take anything made of aluminum)
  • Metal frames
  • Screw, bolts, hinges, latches
  • An welding machine
  • Drill
  • 3-inch diameter metal pipe

Step-1: Shaping the pot:

  • First of all, find an old cylinder or a cylindrical pot. You might have one in your house. If you don’t have one, you can ask your neighbors for it or get an empty cylinder from local stores.
  • Take whatever pot you’ll be using and clean it thoroughly.
  • Take your metal cutter a portion from the middle section of the pot. This portion is cut to make a door on the cylinder. The size and perimeter will be according to your jar’s size.
  • Drill some linear holes a little below the door section.

Step-2: Adding the legs:

  • Take the metal frames. Cut and shape them as medium width metal stands. These will be used as the legs of the stove to make it stable. Also, they hold the heat of the furnace.
  • Attach the metal rods how you like them to be. Take the welding machine and attach the legs to the bottom section of the cylinder.

Alternatively, you can use any old, unused stove-bottom to use as the stand or legs of your new wood stove.

Step-3: Attaching the doors:

  • Take 4 metal frames and cut them into 2/3-inch pieces. They should look like little metal rods. These will hold the main door of the stove.
  • Attach every two pieces together with screws. There should be an angle of 45 degrees between them.
  • Take the drill and make holes in the middle of the frames.
  • Attach the two-piece frames with a small metal rod with bolts and screws.
  • With the help of the welding machine and screws, attach the door’s top and bottom portion with the hands of one side of that frame you made just now. The other hands will be connected to the body of the cylinder with hinges, latches, and screws. This is the door of the stove.
  • You need a handle to open the door and close it. Merely use a metal rod and bend it. Insert it on the open portion of the door to use it as a door handle.
  • You have to use another thin door for the linear holes that you drilled before. Use a metal frame and attach it to that area the same way you attached the door. This area will work as an air vent and help the wood burn easily.

Step-4: Attaching the flue:

  • Cut a large hole, enough to insert a 3-inch diameter steel pipe, on the upper surface of the jar.
  • Install the tube through this hole. The pipe will work as the flue.

And, the stove is ready. Now, put some wood sticks inside the stove through the door and lit fire to them. Open the air-vent door and enjoy your hard work. You can use this stove as a home and gardenfurnace, and also, a cooker stove.

a small wood stove

Method: 3

The two methods that I’ve described above were for making small, portable wood stoves. You can use them in your house too, but the 3rd method will show you how you can make a house wood stove.

I guess those days are gone when you used to spend a lot after the fireplaces and room-heating appliances.

Things you need:

  • A big barrel (metal barrel; avoid aluminum)
  • Welding machine
  • Drill
  • Screws, latches, bolts, and hinges
  • Metal frames

Step-1: Choosing the place:

  • Choose a place inside your home where you want to make a fireplace. You can use the space of your previous fireplace or where you have a chimney.
  • If you didn’t have a fireplace before, you’ll need to bring some changes to the area where you’re going to place it. You have to use such materials for the hearth that can sustain and stand the heat. Tiles or stones will be good materials for it.
  • Once you set up the place, place the barrel there. Vertically or horizontally, that you can decide as per your choice.

Step-2: Making and attaching a door:

  • Cut a portion on the middle side of the barrel. You’ve to make a door with this part.
  • Follow the same steps as you did while making the stove with a cylinder.

Step-3: Attaching the legs:

  • Take the metal frames and cut and shape them as metal stands
  • Weld them to the side of the barrel which is going to be the bottom of the barrel after placing it on the hearth.

Step-4: Making the vents:

  • Cut a circular hole, enough to insert the stove pipe, on the barrel.
  • Drill another hole on the barrel that is small, and through which you can attach a pipe that will draw air from outside of your home. If you skip this step, the stove will draw air from within the house and cause dangerous situations.

 Make sure that the first hole should be on the upper side of the barrel when you finally place the stove.

Step-5: Installing the stove pipe:

As this method is for an indoor wood stove, you’ll need to attach the stove to the chimney pipe or stove pipe otherwise your house will be filled up with smoke.

  • Insert the pipe through the vent of the stove and weld the bolts on.

Your home wood stove is ready, but if you want, you can now polish or paint the stove for a more sophisticated look. Test the stove before starting to use it regularly. If you face any problem, call a professional.

These were the three easiest methods I’ve ever known to make a wood stove. Now you can have your little wood stove for indoor as well as outdoor use. Before finishing, I’d like to give small pieces of advice.

That is, always use eye protection and wear protective outfit while working with electronic appliances. Keep the stove clean to get the total efficiency of the stove. Last but not least, stay safe.

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