How to Choose a Blood Pressure Monitor?

High blood pressure is mainly a silent killer as it does not show any visible prior symptoms. It initiates more heart attacks and strokes throughout the world than any other diseases.

Regular testing of blood pressure is the only way to avoid any fatal outcome for those people who are diagnosed with borderline or high blood pressure.

So, it is essential to purchase a reliable blood pressure monitor. A person can easily check his/her blood pressure at the doctor’s chamber but to get a more accurate result, they must take multiple readings at home.

It is not mandatory to have a prescription to buy a blood pressure monitor, but any person should positively interact with a physician before purchasing the device.

Factors for Selecting the Best Blood Pressure Monitor

In the market, there is a wide range of blood pressure monitor available, but it is essential for a person to choose the best Blood Pressure monitor so that they can accurately judge their blood pressure level without getting over-dependent on the physician.


There are certain factors which should be considered before selecting a specific blood pressure monitor. So those factors are given below.

1. Company:

Primarily a person must collect information about the manufacturing company. It is essential for the people to select such a company which has a reputed background in the industry.

Company and brand name is one of the main things to consider while buying a BP monitor. Well-Known company’s product services most honestly that is why people trust them and makes a brand.

They must make sure that the company that they select must be associated with a manufacturer who has high support and records of the customers the industry.

2. Display:

The display of the blood pressure monitor should be easy to read. The buttons of the digital monitors should be significant. The device should come with an information guide that mentions all the directions for the proper usage of the cuff.


3. Portability:

The upper arm model of the blood pressure monitor is beneficial for those people who do not require this device while they are traveling.

Theoretically, the upper arm and wrist models are almost similar, but in actual practice, an upper arm model gives much more accurate and consistent result.

Wrist models are beneficial for those people who are traveling regularly and also for those who are little fatty with extra massive arms.

4. BP and Heartbeat Checking System:

The blood pressure monitoring device must have dual functionality. It should also detect an irregular heartbeat pattern apart from identifying the blood pressure level.

The method that can also detect irregular heartbeat pattern is more beneficial than the device which can only calculate the blood pressure level.


5. Automatic device:

A majority of people generally prefers a fully automatic device although those units are costly.  The fully automatic machine is usually preferred because it increases the chances of more consistent performance.

6. The function of connecting to PC:

Blood pressure monitors become more effective if they are connected to a Personal Computer. This option enables the user to view their blood pressure on the Personal Computer easily.

When the readings are taken several times within a particular time span, then the readings observed are more accurate than taking a single reading.

Some blood pressure monitor models give repeated measurements through a smartphone app which is also very helpful for the user.

7. Multiple Reading System:

Unless a person has a monetary issue, they must always look for a blood pressure monitor which can take three successive readings at a time and gives the average result. This technique generally provides a much more accurate result.

8. Extensive Memories:

Those blood pressure monitors are more beneficial which has a wide range of memory, and thus the data can be easily stored. This feature is further enhanced by the presence of date and time stamp option.  

While selecting a unit with ample memory, a person must make sure that it contains date and time stamp option.

9. Warranty o Guarantee:

Another factor that that must be considered before opting for a particular blood pressure monitor is about the warranty for that specific device. A 2-year warranty is generally preferred.

There are various other features as well which are not as essential as the one mentioned above but still, they are beneficial. Such characteristics of blood pressure monitor are listed below.

10. Traffic Light System:

The device which comes with a Traffic light system facility reduces the fatal effects of hypertension as mentioned by to the WHO standards. This characteristic is an added facility but not always necessary to have within the device.

11. AC Adaptor:

The device must come with an AC adaptor so that it can be used regularly and can also be plugged to desktop very quickly.

12. Extended Range Cuff:

Extended range cuff is another essential feature which ensures that the monitor can be used even by a large group of people without being concerned about their arm size.

This feature is necessary when all the members of the family use a single device.

Ecclempsia Measurement:

Another feature that the device should have is Ecclempsia measurement. This characteristic is valuable only for the pregnant woman.

This feature helps to determine the hypertension of a woman during their pregnancy. So this is a great feature but has limited application.


So it is essential to keep the above factors in mind to get high quality and highly efficient blood pressure monitoring device.

After determining the factors for proper selection of blood pressure monitor people should opt for the appropriate type of Blood pressure monitor according to their need.

There are two types of blood pressure monitor which are the android type and the digital type. So the above-mentioned blood pressure monitors are discussed below.

Two Main Categories ofBlood Pressure Monitor

Aneroid Monitors

Aneroid Monitors mainly consists of a rubber bulb, a dial gauge along with a needle, and a stethoscope. The rubber bulb inflates the cuff of aneroid monitors. Generally, a doctor uses this type of blood pressure monitor.

This device is not suitable for an impaired hearing person as it is mandatory for a person to hear the heartbeat with the help of the stethoscope to obtain a proper result.

Digital Monitors

Digital monitors have advanced technology through which it displays the blood in the numeric format on the LCD screen.

These monitors can be a fully automatic device, and can also be semi-automatic which is less expensive than the automatic ones. The automatic version consists of a cuff that gets inflated through button while in the semi-automatic monitor cuff gets inflated by the rubber bulb.

Various FAQs are related to a proper selection of Blood Pressure monitor which are discussed below. These FAQs should help even a non-specialist to select the best Blood Pressure Monitor.

Why is it important to select the right blood pressure monitor?

Hypertension is a chronic problem which needs to be managed properly to avoid any heart problems. A doctor can often ask his patient to take a regular blood pressure reading to keep track of the blood pressure level.

So to counteract hypertension and thus avoid any heart problems it is essential for a patient to select the right blood pressure monitor.


What are the things that need to be considered while selecting a blood pressure monitor?

While selecting a blood pressure monitor for home use, people must access the features and quality that should make the blood pressure monitor easy to operate.

People who travel frequently and are advised by a doctor to measure blood pressure several times should opt for a portable blood pressure monitor.

So this proves that it is essential to analyze the features and also the requirement of the patients before deciding to select a particular blood pressure monitor.

What are the main concerns that a person should be aware of while selecting a blood pressure monitor?

It is essential to check the size of the cuff so that it enough for the arm to fit. Most people would prefer a cheap blood pressure monitor but if it is devoid of the feature that makes it easy to use then the people will not get the proper benefit out of that device.

So by investing some extra money they can easily get those fantastic features which ensure total life security.

So, it is evident that people should be aware of all the possibilities before selecting a blood pressure monitor.

The above FAQs should help a person to opt for the right blood pressure monitor as it gives valuable information about the device and also highlights the issues that a person may face.

Some famous blood pressure monitors are listed below. People can easily select from these monitors according to their need.

  • Omron HEM-7120 Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Dr. Morepen BP 09 Blood Pressure Monitor
  • HealthSense Classic BP-100 Talking Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Citizen CH 650 Wrist Full Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Healthgenie BPM01W Digital Heartbeat Detector

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