How to Choose a Tent?

If you ask me which outdoor activity can give the experience of adventure and fun both, the answer will be camping. You can enjoy this camping with a group of campers at a campsite or a trip with a backpack just you and her.

But whatever and anywhere you want to go, take a good quality tent with you.

It is for your good night sleep in the campground. By the way, you have to know how to choose a tent, selecting a good tent is really important for camping. Let’s look at what you have to know about the tent:

Selecting Tent Type


  • You have to pick the three season tent; they are popular for versatility. You don’t have to worry about weathers like summer, fall, and winter if you have this tent with you and your all kind of basic needs will be meet with this tent. Amazingly the tent is light, have good ventilation system and roof canopy. All are weatherproof features.
  • If you like driving to campsites, then a family tent is for you. Though the family tent is a little heavy, space and comfort level are unwatchable. Some shelter has a double room and tall walls. This type of shelter is the mainly a good choice for a car camping trip. You will not have to carry this tent in your backpack. This tent is a better option for the group of people who go camping frequently.
  • When it is winter, and you need to go camping badly, then you will need a four season tent. This tent is best for winter. When it is very cold, you can close the ventilation easily. The material of the tent is strong enough to handle snow and window. You can easily set up this tent in snowy place.
  • For the long trek, backpack tent is the best choice. This tent has accommodation for one, and it is light and easy to pack.

Choosing a Shape and Size

  • In a tent for one person, you will need 30 square feet of space. So you have to consider the tent size per the number of camping group. 
  • A 1.5m x 2.1mm foot tent is enough for two adults to sleep side by side and a 10×10 foot tent is enough space to change, keep things easy.
  • A big tent is not recommended. It is hard to handle.
  • There is some tent that is an A-frame tent. This frame can be easily used and give shape for the lightweight feature. But this frame is not for the windy place.
  • To enjoy good stability, a geodesic tent is the best option.  For winter time, this tent is just perfect.


Best Features

  • If you have large group than umbrella shape is recommended. You can stand in this tent easily as it is spacious and tall.
  • Don’t go for the tent that takes lots of energy and time to set up. After coming back from hiking or biking, there is the least energy saved to struggle with the tent. Don’t worry some tents can be set up easily. You have to ask for it.
  • Pick the tent that will protect you from any weather condition. You can’t afford different tent for different weather condition. Pick the one that is an all-rounder.
  • Keep the tent light and packable.

Quality Materials

  • You will find a tent made of poly cotton, cotton canvas, polyester, and nylon. All of these materials are fine, but it will be best if you can find a tent made of rip stop nylon fabric that is high dernier. This fabric makes the tent water resistant, lightweight and strong. Don’t even think of getting thin fabric.
  • Make sure the tent poles are made from aluminum. You will find a fiberglass or carbon composite made a pole, but aluminum one is the strongest and durable one. Though the pole makes the tent heavy, it is worth it.
  • There are zippers in some tents. They are for packing the tent when you are done with camping. Make sure the zippers are durable. If your tent has windows and doors than checking the zippers of them. They work as a protector when there is rain or snow outside. So quality matters.
  • The ventilation of the panel has to be mesh. This comes helpful in the summertime. Without it, you will feel suffocated if it is not there. Mesh panels should be installed on the tent window, door to ensure airflow.

Now it is easy to know how to choose a tent after reading this article. It is not a hard thing; you have to be careful while picking up a tent. Camping is not that easy task as it seems.

It is for them who loves adventure and loves to work with skill. Take the perfect tent, for better camping and enjoy your camping.

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