How to Choose Air Purifier? (Step by Step Guide)

Who loves a cloud of dust at home or anywhere you go? Who likes to live in a place that is full of garbage and filthy things around? Who loves to live in a polluted home or a contaminated environment?

 The answer is, no one. Even if there are few in numbers but the majority wants to live in a healthy space full of quality air.

It leads me to the point that outdoor air is far better than indoor air considering the quality of air.

The reason is, indoor air produces a poor quality of air that may be dangerous for the health causing problems like asthma, respiratory issues or even allergy. So, what do you need to do?

The answer is simple. Buy the best air purifier, which makes your life healthier.

Now you know that you need buying an air purifier. So, what do you do? Firstly, you must know which one to buy which leads you to the query of how to choose an air purifier among all the air purifiers.

Secondly, wrap up all your thoughts and then, dig deeper to know more about air purifier. Start doing thorough research to get the only air purifier that you want so badly to accompany you in your home!

Know the Why

You must know why you need an air purifier. There are plenty of reasons for using an air purifier, and also there are different types of air purifier for different needs.


Allergy Relief Purifier: There is a kind of air purifier that is partially designed for allergy relief. Especially, it is for the ones those who have an allergy.

Some models have features like High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters or HEPA. It is useful because it has proven to remove more or less 100% of familiar airborne allergens that are the size of 0.3 microns or even larger.

Pet dander, dust mites, ragweed, mold spores, microscopic bacteria, etc. are the examples of microns. These are in high demand in the markets. Give it a trial, and I hope that it will not disappoint you.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities: If you are the one who wants to get rid of chemicals then consider buying an air purifier for multiple chemical sensitivities or MCS.

Odor and chemical removal filtration are in these models. These air purifiers are manufactured by materials that will not release gas chemicals in the air and as well as will not exasperate your symptoms.

Asthma Air Purifier: Suffering from asthma is your problem then consider using a specific type of air purifier which can give you relief from asthma.

Few asthma air purifiers are available in the market that are amazingly useful for asthma patients by purifying chemical contaminants from the air.

Besides this, they are also efficient to remove the smell of odor. Extra chemical and odor filtration make it perfect for a peaceful life. Such purifiers also contain HEPA filters to filter particles from the air.

Smoke Air Purifier: For removing smoke, fireplace smudge or any other pollution like gases in the air then, look for the smoke air purifier.

This model is conducive to respiratory conditions and also help you stay away from unpleasant odor.

Useful for Pets: You have a pet in your home, and you need to eliminate the bad odor that comes from those pets. The air purifier is also designed for this purpose.

Ionic Air Purifier: This air purifier is unable to use a paper filter to capture many kinds of particles. It cleans the air by discharging the loaded particles into the air that locks the toxins.

This air purifier can remove particles that are as small as .01 microns, that much power it is.

Know the Size

This one needs calculation. If you are someone who is afraid of doing the math, do not panic. This calculation is not at all the calculations you do in the classrooms.

So how do you determine the size of the air purifier that you need at home?

Look below; there lies your answer.


Square foot: Select a specific room that you want to purify the room air. Now, its time to calculate the room size. It will be better if you calculate the square feet dimension of the room.

Measure the length and the width area of the room in feet. Multiply those two numbers together. Put the measurement in mind and go to a shop who has a big collection of different types of air purifier.  

Then, find one considering your room size, your requirements and needs, and additional features of the purifier.

Air Change per Hour rate: If allergies and asthma is your problem then consider the air purifier’s air change per hour rate (ACH).

At least four times, if the air can clean the space per hour, is the best air purifier, especially for the allergy and asthma sufferers. You can breathe easily and nicely.

Shopping Information: Before buying you need to know the proper information. Check the websites of well-known manufacturers. There is plenty of information overloaded on the web.

Check out the reviews as well. Coupons come directly from the company of the manufacturers. So, it is better that you follow the coupons and keep yourself informed about the company’s promotions.

There are special occasions some days, and those are the times when the promotions are done. Shop around to choose the best air purifier and to get it at a reasonable price.

Get the detailed information like warranty or guarantee so that you do not have to face any problems in the future.

Ask about the Features

You might be thinking of specific features. There are plenty of features in a product. So, in the case of air purifier ask yourself, what you need.

You can get modern features with newly developed air purifier as like air quality sensors, filter changing indicators for changing removable filters, multiple fan speed settings for quick and slow result, programmable timer for automated activation, caster wheels to provide you comfort to shift the purifier from one to another room quickly, remote controls and many more.

Regarding features, they can help your additional wants. Try answering the questions, and you will get your desired air purifier.


Ultraviolet Light: The ultraviolet light operates by sending out electromagnetic radiation. So, by this, the DNA’s bacteria, germs, and viruses are broken down which makes it harmless for you.

This technology is completely safe for you and as well as for your pets.

Carbon Filter: This feature is helpful to eliminate all kinds of odors that are caused by smoke, molds, cooking or pets. Carbon filter can provide you with fresh air and let you relax.

Fans: the air purifier that works with fans work very well. There are reports that the ones without fans worked poorly.

So, adding fans in the air purifier should be one of the best results providing.

Number of Speeds: Determining the number of speeds is a needed one. While cleaning, you might need one kind of speed, or while sleeping, you might need the speed to lower down and sometimes you need the speed to be high when you are at high-density work.

Selecting Place in the House

You can put the air purifier wherever you want to. Consider putting it in your bedroom because you spend your most of the time in this room. Your bedroom is the place that is very easily accessible to you.

It works for only one room. If you think that you need to take it to the other rooms as well, then you need to consider additional features.

Like the portable features like caster wheels or handles so that you can shift it from one room to the other room comfortably.

The air purifier thoroughly purifies your indoor as you heat or cool it down or whatever you do.

How to Use Your Air Purifier?

While purifying you need to close your doors and windows. This way it will clean up space. An air purifier can filter so much air per hour that it can purify the toxins.

During the time it is better to keep the doors and windows shut so that the air from outdoor does not interrupt the process of purifying the air indoors.

While in the process be very patient. It takes time for everything to get into work. So as you are plugging in, the air purifier will take time to collect all the particles to clean up.

After all the dust or things are collected, it will start working and give you the efficient results.

Taking care of your Air Purifier

Read the manual so that you can maintain the air purifier properly. You must keep it clean and nice so that the external look does not give any lousy outlook.

Depending on the model of the air purifier you must do the maintenance. Be careful about replacing the filter whenever it is needed. You must keep it dust free to see it long lasting.

It is recommended to clean the air purifier regularly so that a little bit of dust does not stay in there.

Cleaning the underneath must be on your to-do list to maintain the air purifier. This way you can always take good care of it. Dust comes on a regular basis so you must clean it on a regular basis.

The air purifier which you are using with a filter must be replaced as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Depending on the number of filters your unit is using, you need to change them at different times.

Choosing the Best

You must consider selecting the best air purifier. Your how will lead you to the best one. You need to know your why and what, then you can choose how.

Consider all the following steps, and I promise you will end up buying your desired air purifier.

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