Choose Best Four Season Tent

How to Choose Best Four Season Tent?


A four season tent is for the environment like winter. Campers who love to go on a mountain trip in winter time, their best choice is the four season tent.

Why this tent? Well, this tent has less mesh, considerable rain-flies and canopies, strong pole structure and many strong features that make winter camping an exciting one.

But it is tricky to pick 4 season family tent. Don’t worry this guide on how to choose the best four season tent will help you to pick the perfect tent for your camping.

Basic Element of a Four Season Tent

In a tent these three basic elements have to be there, they are:

  • Poles:  the thing that helps the tent to stand up.
  • Flysheet: wind and rain stay out for this element.
  • Pegs: helps to keep things in place even the wind is blowing.

What to Consider to Choose Four Season Tent

You have to know what features make the tent best. The must-have features that a four season tent needs to have are:



Tent pitch is important. Campers have to choose the system. Everyone has their own thoughts about the system. Because some may find the system perfect and others worst.

So before getting it, you have to know about the system perfectly. Because either way you choose the pitch a tent, you have your own way to store, carry and pitching.

If you are new in this system, then for your information there is two types of system – inner pitching Geodesic and outer pitching tunnel. Let’s have a little information about these two:

  1. Geodesic pitch: Most of the four season tents come in geodesic design. The dome is amazingly stable for the interlinking crossover poles. The tent doesn’t depend on their stability on the pegs. But the inner part may get damp in the rain and in the wind the tent is hard to set up.
  2. Tunnel pitch: When you are going camping, you have to take less weight to keep the weight minimum. If your tent has two poles, less fabric, and peg than you will have a lightweight tent. The tent will save you from getting wet even strong wind is blowing during rain. But you have to check the pole quality.
four season tent


There different poles with size and shape. Today’s stylish tents have carbon fiber, metal and glass fiber made poles. But don’t go for glass fiber poles because they are not strong and durable.

The carbon fiber pole is strong and lightweight but not reasonable in price. So metal made pole is the best option to choose.


Flysheet works as a weather protector in the tent. Though the material is not fully waterproof nylon is the material that will give you the utmost support. The nylon made flysheet is strong, flexible, and lightweight and provides the best weather protection.

The weather protection mainly works for the coating of the flysheet. The thickness of the coating makes the material durable and waterproof.  But the thicker the material comes, the price becomes high.


To hold down the tent, you need a strong peg. You have to compromise between holding power, weight, and strength while selecting pegs.

Some pegs come in delicate design as they can be bend and some needs to set up with hammer and rock. This totally depends on the ground condition of the campground.


Groundsheet of a 4-season tent needs to be durable and waterproof. Nylon made groundsheet is the best fabric is the best groundsheet material. It is strong, durable and light in weight.



The size of the tent determines the number of the peoples. Don’t get a big size tent for fewer people and a small tent for many people. Balance the number and size.

Strong Parts

The full tent depends on all parts, not on one only. So many parts are weak then your camping will go wrong. So you have to check all the parts of the tent before taking it to the campsite. So you have to ensure the durability of every tent parts.

Warm tent

Mesh is important for ventilation, but lots of mesh will make the tent environment warm. Make sure to have strong nylon panel that will reduce airflow. Keep the tent door open to control the coolness of the tent environment.

Camping in winter needs lots of stuff and clothes than summertime camping, In case of family camping you may need other things, as a result you will need a big tent to have enough space for storage.

So more space needs more side panels. So after considering all points, a four season tent is the best tent for winter camping.  

Now I think you have a full understanding of the need for four season tent. If you are planning to have wintertime, then you have to take a four-season tent. I think it will be easy for you to pick the best one as you know how to choose the best four season tent.

Happy Camping!


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