How to Choose Tent for Backpacking – Guide For 2021

Want to go camping badly but in deep trouble to pick the right thing? No problem, this guide will help you to pick the best tent for backpacking.

Don’t think that it is a simple task; you will have to struggle to take a decision. Why? Because there are types of tents to choose and trust me all of them looks good.

As you are going camping, you already know that the tent will keep you safe and you will have to spend lots of time there. So, the tent needs to be protective and perfect.

If you are one of them, who is having a nightmare about picking tents than sitting back and relax. Go through this wonderful one and pick the one that will suit you and make your camping experience a wonderful one.

How to Choose a Tent?

Before starting with a guide, at first, you have to what type of tent you need. Still confused? Hopefully following things will be helpful to choose the right tent.

   What you want 3 seasons or 4 season tent

Yes, you have to know which tent you need? But first, you have to know what they mean.


This tent is for three seasons summer, autumn and spring. You cannot use this tent for the winter season. The material of this tent is flysheet made, and it can endure raindrop and hot air. Usually, they come in lightweight and can be set up easily. The panels of this tent mesh that makes better ventilation and spacious.



This tent is for the rest 4 seasons. But mainly it is for winter time. You can say this tent is a winter tent. The design of the tent is unique like it has a geodesic pole design, this pole keeps the tent stable even in fierce wind and snow. There is no mesh in this tent, and if there is one, you can close it with a zipper.

So, you can guess, when you are going to pick the tent you have to know, in which season you will go on camping. If you want to go in the winter time, then pick the 4-season tent and for other time 3 season tent is best.

How to choose tent for backpacking

   How Many Members in Your Group

As we are talking about backpacking tents, you have to think about the capacity. You will find tents with a capacity of 1 person to 4 persons. When you are going camping, make sure you know how many in the group.

But keep in mind that if the tent capacity is large than the tent will be heavy. Another thing is you have to consider the floor space.

The best range is 1.2-1.7 square meter. If you get more than this, it will be tough for bag packing.

If you go camping only by yourself, then take the 2 person tent. It is light, but if you are in a group then you have to manage a bigger tent.

   Single or Double Wall Tent

1. Single wall tents :

This tent comes with single wall tents, and the fabric is waterproof. They are light in weight and easy to set up. You will not have to face a problem when a storm take place. But you have to vent the tent perfectly.

2. Double wall tents :

You will find this double tent wall. The material is flysheet and outside is fully waterproof and the inner one is not. This is the best feature of this tent. This tent has multiple doors and has enough storage space. So it is obvious that this tent is heavy.

For dry camping and light in weight, single wall tent is the perfect one. For a rainy season, you can’t take any option than using a double wall tent.


   The Weight of The Tent

Weight is an important factor when you go for a tent. If you go for a 3 season tent, pick it little larger than your requirements.

And if you are going for 4 season tent pick the strongest one that will protect you from worse weather situation. So the weight of the tent depends on the weather condition.

  Best Features

The below features are needed to be in your tent. Make sure to check them:


 1. Entrance :

The entrance of the flysheet tent extends the door. If the entrance is good in size, then it is good. You can store your things easily. When a storm is happening outside, you can cook in this part easily. But be careful when you are cooking.

 2. Structure :

Among all the tents, the free-standing tent is easy to set up. Some tents have poles. You have to pick the one that will help you with camping.

3. Ventilation :

When you are camping in dry weather, ventilation of your tent is very important. Because it will ensure you breath ability when you are sleeping at night, and you will stay dry inside the tent.

4. Doors :

This feature is up to your personal preference. One is enough, but if the tent has two, then it will be the best.

About picking the best tent for backpacking, you have to know your budget, preference. Check the consideration points than decide which tents are best for your camping.  If you have less budget than go for the small and light tent.

And the budget is not a problem then go for the bigger one. If you want my recommendation than I will say pick the one that will keep you protected and makes our camping experience excellent.

It is wise to invest in a good tent as it will give you a service for a long time.

I know it is tough to decide to pick the right tent, but you have to think about your safety as you will stay away from home.

A good tent will stand for you in the worst weather condition like storm and snow. Don’t rush, do research and take experts recommendation. It helps.

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