How to Clean Air Purifier Filters?

People spend time working, traveling and most of the time when not in any of these places they are usually at home. Most evenings, mornings and free days are spent at home with family and friends.

Home is a place that we can all relate to as our safe haven after completing our day to day activities elsewhere.

Safety at home is thus a priority for you since it is a place to relax, interact with family members, enjoy quality time, eat and sleep.

Safety includes some factors among them being safe against theft, burglary, and pollution. The most common form of pollution at home is air pollution from the surrounding.

The elderly and children are most affected by air pollution because their immune system is weak. The elderly due to old age, and the young ones due to underdeveloped body systems.

These pollutants are mostly microscopic and can pass through the tiniest of places and can be found anywhere. These pollutants include but not limited to dust, molds, pet hair, pollen and cooking fumes.

Once you breathe these pollutants, they pass through your nose and direct to your lungs. They are the leading cause of common colds, flu, and many respiratory problems.

The good news is that all this can be avoided and you can protect yourself and your family from air pollution indoors by having an air purifier fitted at your home.

How it Works

Air purifiers are made to ensure that air passes through them and as it does, all particles that may be present are removed from the air leaving it clean and safe for breathing.

It minimizes the chances of developing respiratory problems. You are assured to have and breathe fresh air using an air purifier.


First, the air filter has fans that rotate at a very high speed, and as they do, they bring air through the purifier.

Air gets into the purifier through the intake grill which is found at the front or the back of the system for some.

Secondly, the air passes through the filters which are several and found in the middle of the air purifier. Air is cleaned as it passes through these filters.

It is done by extracting any particles or pollutants that may have been in the air. The filtration process is through a series of filters that ensure even the smallest of the particles have been eliminated from the air.

After passing through the filters, the third process is that the clean air is supplied back into the room using a mighty fan. The particles and contaminants from the original air are left in the air purifier in a particular storage section.

Technology advancement has improved the performance of air purifiers. It is possible by releasing negatively charged ions with the clean air.

These ions combine with particles in the air and other contaminants which are positively charged making them more abundant and more accessible to be filtered as they pass through the filters.

Everyone is happy with good results, and an air filter has a system that helps you measure its efficiency. The efficiency is measured regarding the air cleaned and the volume of clean air released back for breathing.

It enables you to choose the best that has the highest output and performance. This efficiency test is named as a clean air delivery rate. (CADR).

Cleaning and Maintenance

The pre-filter which is washable should be checked every 2-3 weeks to see how the conditions of the filter are.

To examine it well, you need to open the front door and remove the pre-filter for a close and thorough examination.


As the air purifier passes air through the filters, dust particles collect in the filters. Once you remove the pre-filter, check to see if it has an amount of dust that is noticeable.

If it is, then you need to clean it. It is done by handwashing it in warm soapy water. It should be regularly washed as many times as possible to avoid too much dust from accumulating in the filter.

The maximum number of days should be 30 before the next clean-up exercise. Do not use any machine as it may destroy the filter.

Also, check for damaged parts that need replacement to increase efficiency in performance and durability.

After the pre-filter is clean, rinse it thoroughly and ensure no moisture is left on the surface before replacing it in the unit. You may feel that to make sure it is scorched, you need to use an automatic dryer.

Well, this is wrong, and the pre-filter should only be dried using a dry towel or cloth. Latch the pre-filter frame after you replace it in the door of the unit.

Cleaning a Permanent Filter

As much as a permanent filter is designed never to be removed, it is advisable to clean it regularly to ensure that it lasts longer and has a great performance.

Check the condition of the filter once in a while for optimal performance. To make it easy for you to check its condition and state, a filter clean indicator has been fitted to show when the filter is in need of cleaning.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean a permanent filter. It is because you are not supposed to use water or any detergents for cleaning.

Along both sides of the filter, run the brush attachments to clean in between the pleated areas. After using and cleaning an air purifier for several months, you may note that the filter changes color.

It is normal and no need to get concerned whether you should have it replaced or not.

How to Choose the Best Air Purifier?

Choosing the best air purifier can be challenging since there are very many types available in the market. However, below are points you should consider to get yourself the best one that suits our needs.


Size of the room

You need to consider the room where you are going to fix the air purifier. Rooms come in three, small, medium and large.

The size of the air purifier should match the size of the room to match the output of clean air expected.


Air purifiers come in different designs, and although the primary goal is to clean the air, they have other things they can perform.

Some are designed for other specific needs like dust removal, odor removal, and reducing germs. Choose the air purifier that is best suited for the purpose you need it to have in your home.


You will be happy and satisfied with a product that delivers and does what it is designed for in the best way possible. For air purifiers, effectiveness is measured by its ability of clean air delivery rate.

Choose the air purifier with the highest rate to ensure it meets your clean air needs as expected.

Safety Precautions When Cleaning an Air Purifier

To make sure that your air purifier is working properly all the time and as efficient as you need it to be, cleanliness is a must for this equipment. It keeps the air purifier working correctly and lasts longer.


There are some general factors you should consider before cleaning the air cleaner which include:

Unplug the air purifier from power before cleaning the unit. It is to avoid you getting an electric shock. Do not open the grill or change any of the filters if the power is on or the air cleaner is plugged. 

The best and safest way to unplug the unit is by pulling the plug and not the cord. Also, make sure that when no one is in the house and the purifier is not in use, plug it off.

Do not insert or drop any objects into the unit whether plugged or not. It can result in either an electric shock or the unit can stop functioning as it should due to interference from the external material.

Permanent filters are designed to clear and trap the small particles which makes it easier to clean since they can only be cleaned when inside the unit.

The pre-filters that can easily be washed are designed to trap the large particles. This design is essential since it extends the life and function of the permanent filter.

If anything is damaged in the cleaning unit, it is advisable to leave it be until an authorized electrician has had a look at it and rectified the situation.

To keep the air purifier in perfect working conditions, do not place other objects on top of it. It minimizes the chances of having the cleaner destroyed and prolongs durability.

Cleaning an air purifier can be a bit challenging especially if you are not conversant with electrical appliances.

It is because most including air purifiers are not supposed to be cleaned using detergents, polish or any other household solvents meant for cleaning.

For the ionizer, it should be turned and kept off during cleaning. It is because if it is kept on when the air purifier is not in use, there may be a build-up of static charge.

To avoid this, make sure the air purifier unit is properly grounded. Installing a ground adapter is also another way to ensure that the ionizer is safe.


Any appliance in your home needs care and maintenance to make sure that it has excellent and optimal performance as expected.

Air cleaners are no exception and need to be well maintained to ensure they clean air in your home to the best level there is. 

For maintenance purposes like replacing anything, it is advisable to seek professional help from electrical technicians.

Cleaning your air purifier unit on a regular basis helps prolong the unit’s life keeping the indoor air in your house at its best promoting good health.

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