How To Clean Glass Shower Doors With Hard Water Stains?

Glass shower doors come with many benefits. They are easy to maintain, add value to your bathroom and create a beautiful bathroom with openness and light. Glass shower doors have their best looks when they are clean. However, after some time, you might start to see white haze and spots, and this makes them less attractive. Hard water spots and soap scum cause all these stains.

How do you clean the glass shower door with hard water stains? Have you tried different methods in vain? I will show you how to get rid of hard water stains on your glass shower door without sweating or struggling. Before we get to that, let’s first understand what hard water stains are.

What are Hard Water Stains

As you know, hard water has a high content of mineral. When the water evaporates and dries, these minerals are left behind as spots. These spots are commonly referred to as limescale because they form spots that resemble scales. As a result, soap scum finds its way to stick on this residue and causes more stains on your glass shower door.


Water hardness will vary depending on your supply. There are those will have more hard water and this makes cleaning shower doors and tubs difficult. The harder the water, the harder it will be getting glass shower doors clean.

Because not every person can afford to install a water softener for the whole house, it is important to find out effective ways to clean hard water stains from your glass shower door.

Best Ways to Clean Stains from Glass Shower Doors

   Method : 1

Using Liquid cleaners

There are different liquid cleaners that you can use to get rid of stains from hard water on your glass shower door. Some of these cleaners include the following:

Ammonia and Basic Cleaning Agent

You can boost the performance of your regular cleaning agent by adding ammonia. This works well in cutting through stains that result from hard water.

Acidic Cleaners

Stains from hard water are alkaline. You can use a powerful acidic solution to remove the stains on your glass shower door. You can check cleaning products that contain hydrochloric acid, sulfuric or phosphoric acid. The acid contents in these cleaners work well in breaking down stains. It is important if you read the instruction provided about usage and safety to avoid hazards.

White Vinegar

This is an effective home remedy for removing hard water stains from glass shower doors. Mix water and salt to form a solution and use it to remove build of minerals on the glass shower door. The salt plays the role of scouring powder and works well in cutting through the stains. Apply the solution to the area you want to clean and rub in circular motion. When you are through, rinse the mixture well to get rid of the salt water residue.

Water and Salt

White vinegar is a versatile solution that you can use to clean different surfaces at home. Vinegar is acidic and it helps to loosen the stains. The fact that white vinegar is clear means that it doesn’t add any more stains when cleaning. It is also a natural liquid cleaner that is non-toxic so you do not expect it to burn your lungs or eyes like other cleaning agents.

   Method : 2

Using non-Liquid Cleaners

Apart from using liquid cleaners, you can also use non-liquid cleaners to get rid of hard water stains on glass shower doors. The following are some non-liquid cleaners that you can use.


Toothpaste works well as an alternative to baking soda. Apply the toothpaste on a moist towel and rub it on the stains in circular motions. Wait for a few minutes and then rinse off the toothpaste with water and vinegar to get rid of the residues.

Commercial Paste Cleaners

Different commercial paste cleaners work well in dealing with hard water stains on glass shower doors. As compared to liquid cleaners, paste cleaners do not leave watermarks or liquid streaks after using. The downside of paste cleaners is that they might leave a foggy haze.


How to Prevent Accumulation of Scum on Your Glass Shower Door

After knowing the methods you can use to clean hard water stains from glass shower doors, it is equally important if you know how to prevent the accumulation of scum. When there are too much hard water stains on your glass shower door, they can etch up the glass and this might call for a replacement. The best way to can avoid replacing your shower door is preventing the stains from forming.

The following methods will help in preventing stains from forming.

   1. Squeegee

This is one of the simplest ways you can use to get rid of hard water stains. Make sure that you squeegee your shower door after every use. Have the squeegee in your shower so that it will be easy for you to remember to use it after taking a shower.

If you do not want to use a squeegee, you can get the same performance from a microfiber towel.

   2. Spray-on shower cleaner

This is another effective way to prevent stains from forming on your glass shower door. You can buy different spray-on commercial cleaners that work well. You just need to spray it on the glass shower door once every day to prevent stains from forming.


One of the top-rated spray-on cleaners that you can get on the market today is the Rain-X 2-in-1 glass cleaner. It works well in preventing stains on any glass surface.

   3. Using a special coating

When you are purchasing your shower door, ask if they have a protective coating that will repel water droplets. A special coating is effective because hard water stains never form in the first place. In as much as this can be an expensive option, it will give you little maintenance in the long run.

Final Words

Glass shower doors add value to your home. You can get them in different colors and designs. They are also available in different shapes and textures. At first, clean glass shower doors look nice and make your bathroom neat. After using the shower for some time, you will notice stains caused by hard water and soap scum which end up affecting the look of your shower door.

Cleaning accumulated hard water stains can be hard. It gets even harder if you do not have the right cleaning products. I believe after going through this guide, you will find it easy to remove hard water stains on glass shower does. I have also highlighted some effective ways you can use to prevent stains from forming in the future.

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