How to Clean Running Shoes in Different Ways For 2021

To stay fit, there is no alternative exercise than running. Believe me, when you run for 30-50 minutes, you will feel refreshed and energetic. For this exercise, you will need a running shoe. As the shoes have to endure all kinds of the surface while running with you, it has to come with the best quality material.

But you can’t keep your pump clean and tidy always as they get dirty with puddles and mud. So you have to know how to clean running shoes.

But here cleaning means not washing them in washing machine, you have to clean them safely. You may ask – what’s even wrong washing them in washing machine. Well, a washing machine will take away the longevity of your shoe for sure. The dryer is also not good for your shoe health.

Oh wait, don’t even thinking of dunking your shoes in the water to clean them. Ok man, don’t get frustrated, this is why I am here to tell the perfect process to clean your exercise shoe. so stay with me and enjoy the show of cleaning your shoes.

Way of cleaning your shoe

Trust me, here the ways that I have focused while cleaning shoes, will keep your shoes intact and clean. There is no chance of getting damaged. By the way, it is easy so don’t get panic.


  • Before going for cleaning your shoes, you will need some things that will help you to clean your shoes.
  • Baking soda
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Sponge
  • Toothbrush
  • Soft towel
  • Paper towel
  • Water
  • Now let’s start cleaning all the dirty things from your shoe. At first remove the laces. As the insoles can be removed, get the tongue up and use some baking soda there. This baking soda will absorb all the bacteria and sweat from the insole. These are the main causes that make your shoe stink. It is better to look for shoes that allows to let the insole out. By this it will be more comfortable easy to wash inside your shoe.
  • Now take some baking soda like 2 tablespoons and make a paste with water in a bowl. After mixing it well, use a toothbrush to clean with. You have to dip the toothbrush in the solution and scrub it on the outsole. This process will go for some time until you finish whole outsole of your shoe.
  • Now make a solution with liquid dish soap and water. mix it well before using. Now take a brush then brush away all the dirt’s first from the fabric area of your shoe. Now dip the soft towel into the solution and wipe the areas with fabric.
  • To clean the outer surface, you have to use a sponge. Before applying on material fabric, you have to dip the sponge in the solution and let all the water out by squeezing it. Now wipe the shoe with the sponge until all the stains and dirt will go away.
  • Now it is dry time. You have to wipe the clean shoe with a paper towel to absorb the wet. You can also use a cloth to wipe the baking soda inside the shoe. Make sure you have wiped all the baking soda properly.
  • After brushing, cleaning and wiping, let your shoe dry in the Remember shoe has to be dry completely before use. Or else your leg will get stinky for bacterial activities.
  • As for the shoelaces, you have to clean them with liquid dish soap. Scrub the laces with a brush to get rid of the dirt. Clean them thoroughly with clean water and dry them in the sun.

After you have done all the cleaning and drying, you will get a new and fresh running shoe in no time.

How to clean sneakers in washing machine

Don’t get me wrong as I said before to avoid washing shoes in washing machine. It is for them who have less time to wash shoes or have a sport day after. But remember the blades of washing machine is not good for your shoes. Be careful when you have to wash your shoes in the machine.

How to clean running shoes

How to wash in the machine without damaging your shoes? Just use cold water and gentle soap while washing your shoe. Let’s discuss about the process:

  • Use pillow case or shirt case to keep your shoes in there. Make sure use two separate cases. After placing the shoes in the case, knot the cases to keep the shoe safe.
  • Choose the gentle cycle of your machine and the mildest soap detergent from the market
  • Wash two thick and fluffy towel with the shoe in the machine. It will keep your shoes safe from getting banged in the machine wall.
  • After washing the shoes, don’t dry them in the dryer. Let them dry under the sun. stuff some newspapers in the shoe to dry fast.

You have to make sure your shoe will allow you to wash in the machine or else you will have to get a new shoe.

Important tips to clean running shoes

  • Don’t wash your running shoes frequently. This will cause a great damage in your shoe.
  • Keep extra pairs of running shoes. It will help you to wear alternate shoes in rain or winter.
  • After washing, drying shoe is important. It effects on shoe health and your feet also.
  • Dry your shoes under the fan or warm place. Do not keep them direct under the sun or use hair dryer.
  • Insoles needs to be cleaned every day. They are responsible for bad odor.

Shoes are the best companion while walking or running. So it is obvious they get dirty in mud or water. some people only try to keep the shoe clean outside by scrubbing them on the grass or curbs of the sidewalk. But to keep your shoe long-lasting and fresh you have to know how to clean running shoes properly. The insoles need to keep fresh and clean to avoid stink. Follow the process above and keep your running shoes clean, fresh and new.

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