How to Clean White Shoes With a Toothpaste – Clean Without Turning Them Yellow

We all want to always look the best we can. No matter what style you prefer, you always want to look neat and clean, whether it is casual, sporty or trendy look. Some things are easy to handle, but there is one thing that can be a part of many styles that exist, and it is hard to maintain the way you wanted to be. Yes, white shoes.

Many people avoid to buy such foot wear only because they are hard to keep them alive. It is not a big problem that can harder your life, but still it is so annoying that can make you feel irritated. So if you are a white shoes lover and you still want to wear them, even thou you have issues with their maintenance, you should know some of the tips that can really help you.

Fanatic white shoe lovers, went so far that they are buying constantly new pair of shoes on a short period of time, just to continue wearing them and they say that it is the best solution for them.

But that can cost you a lot of money and it is a not very smart investment. All you need to do is read some of the tips and you will have the brand new glow of your pair of shoes very quick and easy.

clean shoes with a tooth paste

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Nowadays when almost everyone has an internet access, it is very easy to find them on google or some web sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc. They have many tutorials and you can follow them step by step. But what if they are not good? What if they are not working for you?

It would be a pity if you try some of them and the result is not shown, or worse – there is a possibility of ruining them. You probably have heard of those tips with the baking soda and water, leaving them dry over nigh, or maybe about the tips with the blech, magic eraser or else. 

There are thons of them, but with only a little negligence, the whole thing can go wrong and you will regret it. So you are lucky to read this article and be able to use the real tips for your beloved pair of shoes.

Be ready to find the solution for all time and for good. And it is great that it has ability, OVER NIGHT to make your shoes look as good as the day you bought them.

Before we start with all the steps you have to follow, we must point that there is one small trick that can help you with maintenance of the white shoes. You have probably heard of that, because it is everywhere on the internet, but because of the lot of scam tutorials, you were sceptic to try it.  But it is real. And it is called water and stain repellent.

Where can you find it?

You can find it in the nearest store, or you can just order it from the internet.

How to use it?

1. Take your white foot wear

2. Take the water and stain repellent and spray them with it evenly on the surface of the foot wear.

3. Let them dry overnight and your shoes are ready to go.

It can help your shoes to look nice and smooth and it will protect them from the unwanted external influences. Of course, it is not that much a life savior, so if the weather is not nice, we still do not recommend you to wear your white shoes even thou they are sprayed with the water and stain repellent.

But what if you went out on a sunny day and after a few hours, you are caught by an unpleasant stormy weather? Will you think same as those fanatic that the best solution is to throw away your favorite pair of shoes? Of course not!

There is a way of cleaning them, no matter what kind of stain or spot had appeared on them. The revolutionary solution, believe it or not – is a tooth paste.

What do you need? For this tip, you will need exactly the same things that you need to clean your teeth. All the thing are cheap and available in your nearest store or maybe you already have them in your home.

clean white shoes with a tooth paste

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Here is the list:

  1. Tooth paste;
  2. Tooth brush;
  3. Towel;

It is very important to know that the tooth paste MUST BE white. So, for this process, do not ever use colored tooth pastes, or some other kind of gel-looking pastes.

How To Clean Them?

It is the easiest way:

  1. Take the shoes.
  2. On a tooth brush, grab a random amount of a tooth paste.
  3. Apply the amount of the tooth paste on the surface of the shoe with the tooth brush.
  4. Do it gentle with circular motions.
  5. Apply it evenly on a whole shoe.
  6. Once you done applying, repeat the same process to the other shoe.
  7. Leave them and let it dry for 10 minutes (it is very obvious when it is dry, because the aggregate state of the tooth paste is different, looking harder).
  8. With the towel, wipe the amount of the toothpaste off your shoes.


As easy as it is. Now your shoes are looking clean.

What about the soles? The surface of the shoe is clean, but if the sole is dirty, then the whole look of the shoe can be different. You have probably tried to clean them with hot water and sponges or other similar materials and it did not work.

Well, again the answer for this issue is the same as previous – tooth paste. It helps whitening your teeth – it helps whitening your shoes as well.So, you use the same things as you did when you were cleaning the surface of you shoes.

  1. Tooth paste;
  2. Tooth brush;
  3. Towel.

How To Clean The Soles?

  1. with a tooth paste on your brush, apply it on the soles with circular motion, but this time not that gentle as the previous time.
  2. Apply it evenly on both shoes.
  3. Wait for about 10 minutes.
  4. Wipe the amount with a towel.

Maybe you will have to repeat again this process when it comes to soles, because they are the most exposed on dirt from the outside, their material is different from the material of the shoe surface and more rubbing is needed.

And the last thing – shoelaces. Cleaning shoelaces with tooth paste too? Sound strange? But it is not. This time all you need is a tooth paste and a container with warm water. You can apply a small amount of a tooth paste on the laces, and this can help whiten them and it is helpful when cleaning some moles. But remember, this time you are not using your tooth brush.


How to clean shoelaces with tooth paste?

  1. Take the shoelaces off the shoes.
  2. Apply small amount on them, using only your fingers.
  3. Rub the toothpaste into the material of the shoelaces with circular motions.
  4. When you see that the color of the material is getting whiter and burgher, stop the process.
  5. Dip the shoelaces into the container with a warm water.
  6. Repeat the rubbing but this time in clean water, so that the whole amount of the tooth paste is out of the material of the shoelaces.
  7. Let them dry.

Now that all the parts of your shoes are clean, you are ready to go. This is an essential, the simplest and the most effective tip that you will ever get about cleaning your white shoes. So, that means that this is the best one. The other tips may took you longer time, maybe they will cost you more money and some of them can be really dangerous not only for your shoes, but for your health too. 

For example, the one with the blech: you must be the most careful because it can damage your skin, eyes or even your lings. Does it worth to risk? I don’t think so. Using a tooth brush and a tooth paste makes no harm and because you will use your old tooth paste that means that this will cost you no money at all.

Isn’t it perfect? Using your old tooth care set like a new shoe care set. Now you can carelessly wear your favorite white pair of shoes, always looking neat, clean and shiny.

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