How to Cook on a Fire Pit?

While buying a fire pit, you may not think of cooking on it. But did you know you can enjoy a warm evening with some tasty barbeque fried? Yes, a fire pit can be used for cooking if you know how to use it. In this article, you will know the ins and outs of cooking on a fire pit.


The dream of having a nice BBQ party over a fire pit without the necessary cooking accessories is quite impossible.

Below are some essential fire pit accessories that will come in handy while cooking in the backyard:

  1. BBQ Barbeque Gloves: When cooking on a grill, these BBQ Grill Gloves can protect your hands from burns. These are similar to oven mitts.
  2. Height-Adaptable Fire Pit Cooking Grate: This grill is ideal since it adjusts to the size and height of your fire pit, allowing you to raise meals out of the flames or lower them closer to the heat.
  3. Roasting Sticks: These cooking sticks are ideal for marshmallows, hot dogs, and any other item that can be burned on a bar over a flame.
  4. Bonfire Popcorn Maker: If you want to enhance the entertainment aspect of your backyard campfire, bring any of these out, and you will be a pro. However, you may need to train a little to use them correctly and avoid burning the kernels.
  5. The Dutch oven: Dutch ovens are versatile, long-lasting, and available in several forms.
  6. 11-Piece Firepit Cookout Utensil Set: This set includes all the campfire utensils you’ll need. It consists of a roasting stick, spatula, oil dripper, etc.

Here is One of the Best Fire Pits for Coooking!


Step by Step Guide to Cook on a Firepit:

To cook on a fire pit, you need to remember you can not cook actually on gas fire pits other than roasting marshmallows or hot dogs. So, cooking or grilling is only available on the wood-burning fire pit. Here are the steps for cooking on a wood-burning fire pit;

  • Step 1: Build the Fire in the correct way
  • Step 2: Ignite the Fire
  • Step 3: Prepare your cooking accessories and medium
  • Step 4: Cook the meal
  • Step 5: Be safe while cooking on the fire pit

Now Let's Know Them in Detail:

Step 1: Correctly build the Fire:

Building a fire correctly before cooking is essential to enjoying a good meal over a warm fire. First, clean the fire pit and make sure there is no debris or outer waste is not there. Then choose the perfect firewood. The firewood for your fire pit is critical to achieving the most satisfactory cooking outcomes. It is recommended to use dry wood with less than 20% moisture level. It is considerably more challenging to start a good fire with damp wood, and it will produce a lot of smoke. Keeping the timber in a solid log store will help keep it in good working order. Some woods are far superior to others in terms of durability. Among others, we propose ash, oak (seasoned for at least two years), and hazel. Avoid woodlands of horse chestnut, larch, and spruce.

Step 2: Ignite the Fire

To start the Fire, use twigs or a natural firelighter, which will keep your food from becoming tainted with chemicals.

Step 3: Prepare your cooking accessories and medium.

As we have already talked about the essential cooking accessories, it is also necessary to know how to arrange them. Place a grill grate over your fire pit for quick cooking. Use a matching one that fits perfectly over the top of your fire pit. Another method for cooking on a fire pit is to use a suspended saucepan above it. This ancient practice is ideal for preparing rich stews, chilis, and even cereal. Finally, you can use a hanging chain for BBQ meat or a dutch oven to grill little shrimps.

Step 4: Cook the meal

Note that cooking over an open fire is not the same as cooking in your kitchen at household. The heating is uneven, irregular, and at times extremely high. Try picking a cooking location on the Fire in the middle and aiming for medium heat. We know that it’s not that much easy, but that’s where your efforts come in.

Step 5: Be safe while cooking on the fire pit

Safety is always the priority in case of cooking. Wear gloves to avoid hand burning and maintain a safe distance from the Fire. Also, while barbecuing meat, keep a watch because sometimes the oil and fat of beef tend to burst in high heat.

Tips for Cooking on a Fire Pit:

While cooking on a fire pit, some advice may come in handy.

  1. Make sure the arrangement and the Fire s safe
  2. Always use the correct firewood, for example- dry wood
  3. Use cooking accessories to avoid any burn accident
  4. Cook while holding yourself back
  5. Do not burn anything other than firewood

Is it safe to cook over a wood fire?

Yes, cooking over a wood fire is safe. For centuries, cooking anything meant cooking over a wood fire, whether it was a steak or a pot of gruel. Even into the twentieth century, grilling meant roasting with wood. You may sear meat and vegetables on the grate or use it as a stand to support pans and pots while they are boiling, frying, or slow cooking. Cast iron cookware is ideal for campfire cooking because the solid metal holds and distributes heat more evenly. In addition, food tastes better when grilled on wood. It’s incredible how much of a difference a wood fire produces in the flavor of grilled meats, vegetables, and even bread.

Can you barbeque on a fire pit?

Yes, you can barbecue over a fire pit. It works exactly like any other grill. However, to smoke your meal, you must first read the instructions. Fire pit food is highly adaptable; anything that can be grilled can be cooked over a fire pit. However, unlike grills, fire pits require firewood and, preferably, some smokeless coal.

How do you cook steaks on a wood fire?

Cooking a steak perfectly over a fire pit may give you the title of chef among friends and family. And, cooking steak over an open Fire is very easy. The necessary items that will be needed to cook  a steak are:

Types of equipment and accessories:

  1. An read meat thermometer
  2. A fire pit grate or primary barbecue grill plate Long-handle, heat-proof tongs
  3. A fire stocker 
  4. Oil brush


  1. A thick and fine-cut steak, such as a bone-in rib eye, marinated at room temperature
  2. Salt and pepper
  3. Olive oil


Below are the step-by-step guides on how to cook it:

Step 1: Ahead of time, prepare your seasonings by placing them in a ziplock bag or silicone lid container. 

Step 2: Ignite the Fire! Brush oil directly onto the steaks, followed by your favorite seasonings. 

Step 3: Grill the steak on the grill plate over the embers and flip if needed. 

Step 4: Check the steak’s internal temperature with a red-meat thermometer and remove it from the heat just before it reaches the desired level. 

Step 5: Put the steak to rest for at least half the cooking time. 

Final Thoughts

Cooking over a fire pit adds an incentive to the enjoyment, so if you already have a fire pit, it is better to learn how to cook on it. Knowing this will help you enjoy family gatherings, and your guests and friends will be impressed. Before cooking, check the regulations and manufacturer’s instructions and take safety measures accordingly.

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