How to Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean | Step By Step Guide For 2021

Deciding the right type of shower door to install can be difficult. If you are building a new house or renovating your existing house, installing a glass shower door not only boosts the value of your house but also gives it a modern look.

Many homeowners love glass shower doors as compared to shower curtains because the doors are easy to clean. Glass shower doors also come in different decorating schemes which improve the look of your bathroom.

In as much as glass shower doors are easy to maintain clean, they are subject to soap scum buildup. How will you ensure that your glass shower door is always clean and free from and soap scum buildup?

The following are some effective tips on How to Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean


Use a squeegee everyday 

If you want your glass shower door to stay clean always, then you need to do regular cleaning. One of the simplest ways you can keep the door clean is using a squeegee every day.

It doesn’t take a lot of time and the task is not demanding. After every use, squeegee the glass shower door for a spotless look.

The only problem with this method is that you need to have a daily routine for everybody at home.


Clean the shower door once a week

You need to set aside one day for a thorough cleaning. Do some nice scrubbing and this will help in maintaining your shower and the glass shower door clean.

Find the best cleaning syst​​​​em

After using the bathroom for some days, you will notice stains that result from hard water and soap scum. Look for the best cleaner that works well in removing stains and dirt buildup.

You can clean the shower door once a week. After finding out your ideal cleaner, take a paper towel and pour the cleaner on the paper towel. Scrub the door using the paper towel and all the dirt will disappear.

Next, use water to rinse the concoction. Then use a handheld shower device to spray the glass cleaner on the door and wipe it. You will have a gleaming shower door.

Clean with white vinegar


White vinegar is one of the most versatile cleaners that can be used to clean almost everything. It works well in cleaning glass shower doors too. Use a cup of warm vinegar mixed with some drops of dish soap.

Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the shower door. This mixture will remove the soap scum and the cloudiness on the shower door with ease


Barkeepers friend


This is an excellent cleaner that not only works well in the kitchen but also when cleaning shower doors. You can use it to clean dirty glass shower doors and get a good shine.

Use a magic eraser

If it has been long since you cleaned your glass shower door, a deep clean is necessary. A magic eraser does the job perfectly to remove mineral deposits and soap scum buildup.

The magic eraser gets rid of the stubborn stains and yucky residue on the shower door. You can also use it to clean the hardware and the faucets and give them a shiny appearance.

Dryer sheet

This is another effective way you can use to keep your glass shower door clean. Take a dryer sheet and damp it lightly. Use the damp dryer sheet to scrub the shower door.

This is a simple process and it works well. The ingredients that make your fabrics soft also soften the soap scum and then remove it from the glass.

Using pine sol and a soft t-shirt

Get a spray bottle and mix pine sol with water. Spray the mixture on your shower door and wipe it down with the help of a soft old t-shirt. You will get a clean and neat glass shower door.

Pam cooking spray

Did you know that you can use Pam cooking spray to keep glass shower doors clean? Use the pam cooking spray and wipe the shower door clean.

After using this spray to clean the glass shower door, it will repel stains from hard water and soap scum build up in the future.

Using cornstarch

This is a mild abrasive that works amazingly well to scrub your glass shower doors. Mix some cornstarch with a dishwashing liquid in the ratio of 1:2 and a cup of vinegar.

Spray the mixture on your shower door and scrub well using a cleaning cloth. Rinse and your shower door will look clean as new.

Grapefruit sprinkled with salt

Grapefruit contains citric acid that breaks down soap scum and grime on your shower door naturally.

You only need to cut a grapefruit into two, sprinkle some salt and then use it to scrub the shower door. Try this method and you will love the results

Grapefruit sprinkled with salt

Jet dry and dawn

This is another effective method you can use to keep glass shower doors clean. Take a teaspoon of dish soap in a dish wand and mix it with a drop of jet-dry.

Fill it with water and then shake. When the glass shower door is wet, scrub down and then dry it using a squeegee or cloth.

Use essential oils

Yes! Essential oils can also be used to clean glass shower doors. I recommend Thieves and lemon essential oils for the best result.

Mix the essential oils with hot water and use it as a shower door cleaner. Wipe the cleaner down the shower door using a washcloth. This will leave the glass shower door with a sparkling look.

Final Words

Maintaining glass shower doors seems like a very tiresome and time-consuming task.

However, if you know how to do it right, you will not have to spend many hours cleaning your bathroom glass shower door.Glass shower doors enhance the look of your bathroom.

The doors get dirty fast as a result of soap scup buildup. There are so many cleaning products on the market but not all will give you satisfactory results.

This is why I have given you simple tips that will help you have a sparkly clean glass shower door.

There are so many ways in which you can clean your glass shower door. Implement the above tips and you can be sure to have a scum-free and streak-free glass shower door always.

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